These behaviors during pregnancy will be injured

The expectant mothers are very careful about pregnancy, because it is the prerequisite for being able to have a baby during pregnancy.In clinical practice, some details of life that pregnant mothers ignore are factors that cause certain abnormalities and affect the health of the fetus.Therefore, paying more attention to the following points during pregnancy is important for mothers.

Don’t go online for a long time

The modern society network is developed, and it seems unable to live at the net.Although it is not yet known whether the expectant mothers will increase the probability of fetal malformations under computer radiation, the words that expectant mothers sit in front of the computer for a long time can easily cause fatigue and spiritual tension of the body, which will affect the baby and increase the abortion.The possibility.

Don’t drive in the middle and late pregnancy

In the middle and late pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman will become awkward, and it will not be good when driving.When braking in emergencies, many can cause the lower abdomen to be stimulated and increase the possibility of abortion or premature birth.In addition, people’s response capabilities will be reduced during pregnancy, and it is likely that they will not be able to respond in special circumstances, which will cause problems.

Play less mobile phones in early pregnancy

The mobile phone becomes a must -have item for everyone, but in the first three months of pregnancy, it is the period when the embryonicization and the formation of tissue organs are often called with mobile phones. The radiation generated may damage embryonic development.

Don’t wear tight -fitting

Not all pregnant mothers like loose maternal costumes. Some expectant mothers will like tight -fitting clothes, but tight clothes will compress to the uplit’s abdomen. Not only will it increase the fatigue of the body, but it will also cause bad fetal fetus in the abdomen.Influence.

Don’t wear contact lenses

Gao Xueqing, a maternal and gynecologist at Chongqing Anqier Maternity Hospital, said that some expectant mothers would want to wear contact lenses in their eyes, and there should be no hindrance to the fetus.However, in the early stages of pregnancy, due to endocrine changes, wearing contact lenses can easily increase the keratin hypoxia, and during pregnancy, the secretion of tears will be reduced. Wearing contact lenses will make the eyes more uncomfortable, aggravate dryness and foreign matter.

Don’t use too thick perfume

Perfume is more and more popular with the public. However, if the smell of perfume is too strong, it will cause the pregnant mother to develop symptoms such as itching, and it will also cause dizziness, cough, headache and other discomfort.According to information, too strong perfumes can make birth babies prone to diseases such as diarrhea and ear infection.(Supply of Chongqing Anqier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)

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