These four common behaviors of pregnant mothers will damage fetal intelligence. If you want to have smart baby, hurry up

Everyone knows that the child’s intelligence is affected by genetic genes on the one hand, and on the other hand, the day after tomorrow.In addition to the intellectual development after the baby is born, the fetus is also a key stage of their intellectual development. If you want the baby to be smarter after birth, the mother should work harder during pregnancy.Because pregnant mothers will directly affect the health of the fetus, if you want to make him better intellectual, these four behaviors should not be available.

Picky eaters

After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones in the body, some changes in the taste of pregnant mothers will also change, and some will even have picky eaters.However, the development of the fetus is inseparable from sufficient and comprehensive nutrition. The pregnant mother loves to pick up eaters, which will definitely lead to lack of certain nutrients in the body, which will directly affect the normal development of the fetus.Especially in the early middle of pregnancy, the fetal brain nerves and organ development may cause abnormal intellectual development.Therefore, mothers must ensure the balance of nutrition and eat more foods that promote the intellectual development of the fetus, such as fish and bird’s nest.

The nutritional value of bird’s nest is very high. It is a good product that is very suitable for pregnant mothers, especially the bird’s nest acid contained in it. It is called "brain gold".Development makes the baby smarter after birth.However, there are many types of bird’s nests on the market. Moms must recognize regular brands and manufacturers to avoid buying fake products. Not only is they waste money, they may also affect fetal health.

Dietary during pregnancy

After some women are pregnant, they are worried that they are facing obesity after giving birth. They will deliberately diet during pregnancy. This is a very bad behavior and is more selfish.Throughout pregnancy, all the sources of nutrients of the fetus are obtained from the mother. If the pregnant mother is diet for a long time, it will definitely cause malnutrition in the body. The fetus can develop healthy development, and even directly affect intellectual development.Therefore, pregnant mothers must not have such behavior. As long as they do a good job of repairing after giving birth, the recovery of body recovery is not a problem.

stay up

In life, many people have the habit of staying up late, but long -term staying up late will only damage their health, especially for pregnant mothers, it will also affect the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, mothers must eliminate this bad habit. Only by ensuring sufficient sleep, whether it is the fetus of the fetus or the body, can it develop normally.

Contact the pollution environment

If you want to be better in your fetal intelligence, pregnant mothers must contact the pollution environment less, such as places with more radiation, houses just renovated, etc. There are some harmful chemicals in these places, which are easy to guide fetal intelligence.In addition, pregnant mothers must stay away from second -hand cigarettes, otherwise they will damage fetal intelligence, so be sure to pay more attention.

The fetal period is the golden period of the baby’s brain development. If you want to have a smart baby, the pregnant mother must pay special attention to her own behavior. The above 4 things that damage the fetal intelligence should not be done.

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