These medical examinations are abnormal, you don’t have to panic

Cervical plaques, arrhythmia, premature cardiac fighting, and increased transaminase index … In the medical report, some abnormal results make many people feel mood, but in fact, there is no need to worry too much, and some do not even need to be treated.

What are the common medical examinations that are not suitable for excessive treatment?How to deal with such abnormalities correctly?Take you to take a look at those mild abnormalities that don’t have to panic.

Milderticotherapy plaques

Seeing the medical examination report shows that there are "carotid artery plaques", many people feel panic. Does this mean that it is easy to stroke?

"Cervical arteries have a layer of wax -like lipids deposited on the wall of the arterial tube, which reduces the elasticity of the arteries and narrows the lumen." Xu Aimin, deputy director of the medical examination center of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and hyperlipidemiaDiabetes, smoking, alcoholism, and less exercise are risk factors formed by carotid plaques.On the whole, the formation of carotid plaque has a closer relationship with age. As the age increases, there may be cervical plaques even if there is no risk factors mentioned above.A person’s cervical porridge hardened plaques have been faintly occurred from adolescence. After the age of 40, it becomes obvious. After 60 years of age, there are almost different degrees of carotid plaque.

Experts point out that most of the cervical artery plaques do not need surgical treatment. Only when plaques grow to a certain degree, cause a certain degree of blood vessels to a certain degree of stenosis and affect the normal blood supply of the brain, can surgical treatment be performed.

"If it is slight plaques, for example, there are only 1-2 hard spots and the area of vascular stenosis does not exceed 50%. While regular review, it is particularly important to actively control the risk factors that cause cervical artery plaques." Xu Aimin emphasized that it is necessaryHealthy eating habits with less oil and less salt, eating more vegetables, eating less fat, and strengthening exercise appropriately. By improving lifestyle, you can slow down the growth rate of plaques.

Premature heartbeat and arrhythmia

In the abnormal heart examination of the medical examination report, "premature heartbeat" and "arrhythmia" belong to high -frequency vocabulary. Are these abnormal diseases?Do you need treatment?

Occasionally Heart Battle

Xu Aimin introduced that the beating of the heart is regular. If the sudden jump in advance, it is called premature beat (premature fighting).Generally, the number of premature beats per minute is less than 6 times for occasional premature beats, mostly physiological premature beats, and it is easy to appear under the conditions of strenuous exercise, excessive fatigue staying up late, smoking and drinking, drinking too much coffee tea, and emotional excitement.

With the increase of age, some people will have premature heartbeat. If the dynamic ECG assessment is occasional, and there are no clear symptoms. Most of them can pay attention to observation. Usually there is no need to treat drugs.If the early fight is frequent, accompanied by chest tightness, shortness of breath, or suffering from other heart diseases, you need to go to the cardiac departmental medicine in time.

Sinus arrhythmia

"There is a sinus knot on the right atrium on the human body. It can automatically produce currents with rhythmic real estate. Each impulse occurs in the sinus node, and the heart is beating once.It is called sinus arrhythmia. "Xu Aimin introduced that the rhythm of sinus arrhythmia is relatively regular, but the number of heartbeat is that the heart rate changes at all times."Sinus arrhythmia" is a normal physiological phenomenon. It may be related to the emotional emotion when people do electrocardiogram, such as anger, nervousness, and excitement. After taking certain drugsCan be relieved.

If there is no obvious symptoms such as panic, sinus arrhythmia does not require special treatment.Children and adolescents often have sinus arrhythmia during development. They do not need to treat special treatment. Most of them will return to normal as they grow.

Blood routine slightly exceeds the standard or decreases

In the medical examination report, after the conventional inspection items such as blood routine, the corresponding reference value will be marked. The reference value usually represents the normal range of the inspection.According to experts, when a certain indicator exceeds or lower than the reference value, "↑" and "↓" will appear on the medical report.The value of exceeding the standard or reduction is only a little (less), and it is called critical value in testing medicine.

"The critical value of routine blood tests is very common, because there are many factors that affect the results of blood testing." Xu Aimin introduced, such as the location of blood collection, preservation method, and inspection time.Including the changes in the seasons may interfere with the test results.Therefore, when the indicator is only a little higher or lower without any symptoms, doctors generally believe that there is no problem.

Experts remind that if there are some uncomfortable symptoms, even if the gap between the detection results and the normal reference value is relatively small, it may be an early prompt of the disease, and further examination and diagnosis need to be checked.

Three types of urine routine indicators abnormal

After the urine is given to the doctor, you can get a routine urine report form with dozens of indicators. Experts point out that the following indicators may be normal even if the results are abnormal –

Positive urine is positive: drinking less water may cause abnormalities

The urine is concentrated, and the urine color is dark, and the urine is positive.For example, when drinking water is rare or for the first time in the morning, the color will be deeper.If bilirubin is also positive, you need to check the level of bilirubin in blood to eliminate hepatobiliary pancreatic diseases.

The proportion of urine is high/low: insufficient drinking water or too much may be abnormal

The proportion of urine reflects the concentration of urine.When sweating a lot and insufficient drinking water, the urine gravation may be higher than the normal value, that is, false positive; on the contrary, after drinking a lot of water, the urine is diluted, and the urine ratio may be lower than the normal value, and false negatives occur.

Positive urine ketone: hunger may cause abnormalities

The ketone body is a product of fat decomposition metabolism. It should be negative in urine normally. Positives in urine in patients with diabetic ketone acid poisoning will appear positive.However, if there is no positive urine and sugar, if a person with a thin body is not eaten for a long time, it may also be positive due to hunger. At this time

Occascia transaminase index increases

In the blood drawing checklist, the word "aminotrasemes ↑" makes it easy to be nervous.Xu Aimin introduced that taking certain drugs, drinking, staying up late, or strenuous exercise will cause elevation of transaminase. After stopping or resting, transaminase can return to normal.However, if transaminase continues to increase, it is necessary to suspect that it is a problem of hepatobiliary diseases and further examination.

Symptoms without prostate calcification

"The prostate calcification is like a small mouth that cuts the hand, infected with inflammation, leaving scars after the inflammatory response." Xu Aimin introduced that prostate calcification is leaving scars after prostatitis, which has no negative impact on the body.Most people do not have any symptoms and signs when they are checked. Generally, they can be reviewed regularly without excessive worry and treatment.However, if there are symptoms of prostate inflammation (such as frequent urination, urgency, inexhaustible urination, perineal discomfort, backache and back pain, etc.), the cause should be clearly clarified and treated.

Symptoms of bone spurs

"Bone spurs are actually a protective response of the body, that is, the body is in the process of aging. Because of the unevenness of the force, the local bones are unevenly stimulated, which will cause the bone spursBone spurs are actually a kind of protective change to the body. At this time, you can ignore it at all.

Experts remind that if bone spurs have grown, try to delay the aging of the joints.Avoid harmful movements, follow the "nine character principles" -This, use, save use, not stubborn, and do not deliberately climb the mountains and climb.

Most cysts without compression or inflammation

"The cyst is a kind of benign block, some are separate, and there are multiple ones. Generally, it has little impact on health, and it is not necessary to be nervous." Xu Aimin introduced that the cysts generally have no clinical symptoms, and the cysts grow slowly, the cysts grow slowly, the cysts grow slowly, and the cysts grow slowly, and the cysts grow slowly.The opportunity for evil changes is small. As long as the cyst does not cause compression symptoms, organ dysfunction or inflammatory infection, etc., it is basically not required for a regular and regular review.

According to experts, common cervical cysts, liver cysts, and renal cysts.Among them, most of the cervical cysts are caused by chronic inflammation. The probability of cancer is very low. Generally, there is no need to treat it. Regular review can be reviewed.Most of the liver cysts are congenital, the incidence is low, and it does not affect liver function.As long as the cyst does not exceed 5 cm and does not cause physical discomfort, there are some clinical symptoms, no drug or surgical treatment is required.Just follow the clinic to observe its size changes.

If liver cysts and renal cysts are too large, they may compress adjacent organs and cause discomfort symptoms. Active treatment should be actively treated.Such as complications, such as the rupture of cysts, bleeding in the sac, etc., surgical treatment is required.(Wang Meihua)

Source: People’s Daily -People’s Daily Overseas Edition

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