These secretions appear in pregnant women’s underwear. This is a prompt given to you by the baby. Don’t care!

"October pregnant, once childbirth" expectant mothers want to have a healthy and lovely baby, so they pay special attention to the safety and health during pregnancy.Among them.

Xiaoyue (pseudonym) is my neighbor. I didn’t get pregnant for a long time. The family was very happy. When I was more than 40 days of pregnancy, Xiaoyue found that there was blood on the underwear when I went to the toilet in the morning, but I scared her to scare herWhen it was broken, hurriedly went to the hospital to check with her husband, did a B -ultrasound, showed that there was a gestational sac, and the fetal heart could not hear it. Then the doctor prescribed the fetal protection medicine and let her relax. Pay more attention to rest.It is likely to be a signs of miscarriage, or it may be a small amount of bleeding in bed in the fertilized egg. Go home and lie down and rest. Take some fetal medicine. If you bleed, it is okay. After ten days, you can check if you have a fetal heart.

After returning home, Xiaoyue was still very embarrassed. Fortunately, she had not bleed after returning home. After lying down for ten days, she went to the hospital for review. B -ultrasound was visible to the fetal heart sprouts. Xiaoyue was relieved.In the next few months, he spent peace. By eight months of pregnancy, Xiaoyue had abdominal pain and hurried to the hospital. If the doctor said, Xiaoyue almost!"

It turned out that Xiaoyue had a little brown secretion on the underwear for a few days, and there was not much amount. Because there were usually a lot of secretions, brown ones were not red, so I didn’t care. After eating dinner, I felt uncomfortable.Abdominal pain, then hurried to the hospital. The doctor said that the fetus was embarrassed in the uterus. The fetal heart monitoring became weaker and weaker.Essence

Xiaoyue never expected that because of her negligence, she almost killed her baby. The brown secretion appeared in the vagina was a health reminder that the baby gave her, but she ignored it!

So Ma Bao asked, which secretions of pregnant women are normal?Which secretions are abnormal?

1 Due to the changes in hormones due to pregnancy, the vaginal discharge of pregnant women increases, but its properties and color are the same as before pregnancy. They are white transparent or slightly yellow. These are normal vaginals.Underwear, keep the genitals dry.

2 When the leucorrhea is yellow, green or blood wire during pregnancy, then it is not normal. Consider the infection of inflammation. At this time, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment to eliminate inflammation.

3 Early pregnancy embryos have not yet entered a stable period, and it is easy to abortion. Pay attention to the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage and avoid excessive exhaustion and severe exercise. If you have bleeding, seek medical treatment in time.

4 The third pregnancy is the most prone to problem. Pregnant mothers should strengthen fetal heart monitoring, regular production inspections, avoid the same room, and observe vaginal secretions.

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