These signs indicate to be pregnant?

Nowadays, many women cannot notice that they have already been in the future. If they ca n’t know that they are already in the first time, they will have a lot of unlucky impact on themselves and fetuses.Next, I will tell everyone about the top ten symptoms in the early stage, which provides a scale for expectant mothers. If the invention itself has some of the following symptoms, it can be tested at home at home to determine whether itself itself is itself.There is a body.

1. Headache

Headache frequency growth is probably caused by hormones flowing in the body. These flowing hormones can make you irritable and moody.

Other other causes of headache: dehydration and some other reasons.

2. fatigue or weakness

Many expectant mothers will think that they are very tired within a few weeks that they have only been in the other weeks, and they feel fatigue because of the reason. The reason for the occurrence of this environment is probably related to the hormones that have a large number of activities for your child.

Other rough reason: I think it is very tired due to tiredness or illness.

3. Bloating

The reasons for abdominal distension are the dry system with the hormones mentioned above.During this time, you will probably be more close to your own clothes than usual, and at the same time, you will feel that your body becomes very fat.

About other reasons: just happen to encounter the time of abdominal distension.

4. Swelling and painful breasts

After 1-2 weeks after conception, the swelling of the breast is probably painful!

Other causes of the reason: probably just in the ovulation period, probably due to taking contraceptives, which will probably cause breast pain and pain.

5. Touch the disgusting heart vomiting

For most mothers, the early pregnant response will have a period of 2-8 weeks in the environment. The time period of early pregnancy response is probably very short, but some early pregnancy response will be for a full consecutive pregnancy.

Other causes of the reason: food poisoning and illness are probably a lot of pressure on things and survival itself.

6. frequent urination

Do you think you often want to go to a latrine during this time?Starting from the difference between the back of the body, many expectant mothers will invent itself to become more and more frequent.This is important because after having a body, there are more liquids stored inside, and at the same time, the uterus is under pressure, so it causes the liver to deal with more urine.

Other causes of the reason: urethral dyeing and diabetes are probably just because of drinking too much water.

7. Body bleeding

6-12 days after pregnancy, the embryo is actively implanted into the uterine wall. This time will probably cause you a bit of bleeding or spasm.

Other reasons for the reason: in the physiological period, there are probably been dyed.

8. Growth appetite

You do n’t like ice cream with peppers, but at this stage, you will want to eat ice cream with pepper. This is also a common symptom.

About other reasons: lack of some kind of nutrients, bad dietary customs.

9. Nipple (areola) becomes darker

After having a body, the areola of most expectant mothers will become big and deeper, which is often wide and white.

Other reason why the other reason is: hormonal imbalance has nothing to do with itself.

10. Different from normal physiological period

This can be regarded as the most prominent labeling behind them. Although many women will bleed in their body time, they are usually less and shorter than the normal physiological period.

Other reason why the other reason is: too much pressure, excessive weight loss or weight gain, is probably due to taking contraceptives.

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