These small actions of pregnant mothers during pregnancy are likely to affect the health of the baby, it is best not to do it again

For a woman, maybe the happiest time in life is the period of pregnancy?After all, this little guy is the crystallization of love with her husband, and it is also the palm of the family.Most of the pregnant mothers may go through one or two times in life, so during pregnancy, in order to be able to give birth to the baby’s healthy and smoothly, pregnant mothers always pay attention to their own health, but it can affect the baby’s health.It is not just a diet. The small movements of pregnant mothers also affect the health of the baby.

First of all, a lot of women like to stir Erylang’s legs. I believe this is also the habit of many people’s subconscious development?I always feel that sitting on the legs of Lijiro will be more comfortable, but for the pregnant mother, the legs of the Erlang will affect the blood circulation of their lower limbs, which will cause edema of the lower limbs, so that the pelvic lumbar spine of the pregnant mother will cause varying degrees of damage.It may even compress the fetus, causing the consequences of hypoxia and suffocation in the fetus.

Also, stretching may also threaten the baby’s health.Everyone has experienced, stretching laziness is to stretch the muscles of the waist and abdomen to achieve the purpose of soothing and tired, but the pregnant mother’s belly is relatively large during pregnancy. If you still stretch your waist like ordinary people, you will definitely excessively stretch the waist and abdomen.Muscles cause damage to the waist and abdomen muscles, which may not only affect the fetus in the abdomen of the pregnant mother, but also a damage to the pregnant mother’s own body.

Another most important thing is to mention heavy things.I believe that many pregnant mothers will feel that they are actually pretty good during pregnancy. Can everything do?After all, there are so many older predecessors who will persist in work even if they are pregnant.Speaking of which, pregnant mothers can still do some simple job work during pregnancy, but if it is a job such as a heavy object, it is best to call people with great strength.The heavy objects will definitely use the muscles of the waist and abdomen. The waist is likely to strain. If the abdomen is too large, it will also stimulate the shrinkage of the uterus, which may cause abortion.Therefore, if the pregnant mother wants to give birth to a baby peacefully, it is best not to do these small movements during pregnancy.

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