These things are "leisurely" during pregnancy, so as not to bring a "mark" to be born. Pregnant mothers must remember

When I went to the morning market to buy fritter soy milk, I saw her again. A pretty woman was a obvious birthmark on her face. Listening to the neighbors that she was picked up by her parents, but it was also fortune -telling.Qian eliminates the obvious mark on her face, but in the past, the technology was immature, and it was still seen.

In fact, many people around me have birthmarks, but the position is different.From my perspective, as long as it is not long on the face, the birthmark can be changed.But in the past, in the eyes of some elderly people, the appearance of birthmarks was the symbol of unluckyli. No matter where they grew, they would have corresponding legends and meanings.However, the real situation is that during pregnancy, the improper behavior of pregnant women has led to the formation of the fetus during fetal development.

1. Falling birthmark

If women have lived in a radiation and contaminated environment for a long time, the probability of fetal fetal mibes in development will increase.Therefore, after pregnancy, we must understand the surrounding environment and avoid radiation and pollution of our fetus.For example, stay away from the radiation tower, stay away from the printer, play less mobile phones during pregnancy, etc.

2. Pay attention to diet

Although we Chinese people pay attention to "people’s food as the sky", we also pay attention to "diseases from the mouth", especially for women during pregnancy. With the changes in progesterone estrogen, they will definitely become able to eat and love.But for the healthy development of the fetus, you must pay attention to eating.

Eat less garbage foods that can produce toxins in our body.For example, foods with a large amount of chemical elements, perhaps irritating foods, and so on.

3. Prevent bumps and bumps

When you enter pregnancy, you must pay attention to safety, especially your own belly, and you must prevent it from being squeezed by hard objects.Although the fetus is protected by the uterus and amniotic fluid, heavy impacts may also hurt the fetus. Once the fetus has a capillary rupture, the birthmark will be formed.

Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to too much after pregnancy, try not to go as much as possible to prevent people from making more errors, bump, and don’t even know.This is definitely not good for the fetus.When conditions permit, we still ask other members of the family to work more.You can leisure while you can leisure during pregnancy. After all, after your child is born, you are the main force of parenting education, and you are tired.

In other words, it is actually a word.We must protect ourselves in many ways during pregnancy. Only in this way can we avoid the fetus on the fetus. We have a birthmark on the body, affecting the child’s future value and good luck.

Of course, the baby who has a birthmark. Moms should not be treated randomly. They must choose a regular hospital to find a professional doctor to prevent the more tricky problems from dealing with the problem.At the same time, do the psychological construction of children!Intersection

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