These three kinds of food are "sugar king": you can’t control your mouth, and it is useless to hit more insulin

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Diabetes patients are too bitter.Many things you like to eat are dare not eat. You can’t sleep because of thirst at night.

Because how much water is drinking, the longer the disease time, the more uncomfortable the body is, the weakness, the amount of meals is very large, and it is always unattainable.Lao Zhang is a diabetic patient. He has been diabetes for 10 years. Not long ago, Zhang found that blood sugar was still relatively stable.

It doesn’t matter if he wants to eat less.Lao Zhangte particularly likes to eat sweets, so I bought a few sweet cakes. This sweet cake was stuffed with sugar, and the taste was very good. Lao Zhang ate for three days in a row.

Lao Zhang also had the problem of cough, and recently coughing is relatively powerful, so Lao Zhang also drank a jar of honey, but did not expect it because he didn’t control his mouth.

A few days later, Lao Zhang’s blood sugar value began to soar, and his thirst was even more thirsty at night. Sometimes his body was numb, and his chest was sore.

Lao Zhang was admitted to the hospital. The doctor gave him insulin, but the blood sugar dropped very slowly, and Lao Zhang regretted it.

One, three kinds of food sugar lift effect is terrible

Bread is a fermented food.Sometimes it will be added with a sweetener, and sometimes honey is added. Now people are pursuing natural food. Many manufacturers and hawkers have launched honey bread when they sell bread.

Do not use artificial food additives.Many food manufacturers add sugar and brown sugar to the bread to make fancy bread.You know, as a fermented food, bread is very easy to digest and absorb.

Therefore, the high sugar -containing bread will almost be completely absorbed, that is, almost all the sugar contained in the bread enters the human blood vessels and other tissues.Raise blood sugar.

The reason why candy is sweet is because there are a large amount of sugar, and the types of sugar contained in different raw materials produced are different. However, after these sugar enters the human body, the probability of metabolism into glucose is relatively high.

Eating candy frequently will cause people to consume a lot of glucose and raise blood sugar. Therefore, do not feel sweet in order to make the mouth feel sweet and be caught in a desperate situation.

Honey is a natural food, which is very sweet. It is widely used in the food industry and is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicinal material. When traditional Chinese medicine is processing Dali Pills, honey is used as an important auxiliary material.

However, honey will also be converted into glucose after entering the human body, so for patients with diabetes, do not eat honey, and usually control the number when eating honey.

Of course, when treating the disease, do not refuse the large honey pill processing with honey, because the traditional Chinese medicine composition may have a chemical reaction with the sugar composition, so that these sugar will not be converted into glucose.Eat as little as possible in patients with the above three foods.

Second, these three kinds of foods have good hypog sugar effects

Some foods can increase blood sugar, and some foods have better hypoglycemic effects, and can also improve the symptoms of diabetic patients.

There are a large amount of starch in Pueraria powder. It stands to reason that starch can be converted into glucose, but practical experience proves that Pueraria powder has hypoglycemic effects.

In addition, Pueraria also has the effect of Shujin Tongluo, so Chinese medicine often adds Pueraria when treating diabetes to improve the symptoms of limbs of diabetic patients.

Bitter gourd has been proven to have the effect of hypoglycemic, so patients with diabetes can often eat bitter gourd.But bitter gourd may sometimes cause diarrhea.

Therefore, do not eat bitter gourd on an empty stomach, but also process bitter gourd before eating. When the symptoms of diarrhea occur, stop eating bitter gourd.

Yam is a Chinese medicine and a food.Yam is also a food with a large amount of starch.

However, the hypoglycemic effect of yam is also relatively obvious. It has become a traditional Chinese medicine for traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. Diabetes patients can eat more dishes processed by yam.

3. Diabetes can not be eaten.

Cold food

The peripheral cycle of diabetic patients is relatively poor, which means that the situation of qi and blood stasis is relatively serious, and cold foods can slow blood circulation and increase blood stasis. Therefore, diabetic patients should eat less cold food.

Spicy food

Spicy foods can speed up blood circulation, but patients with diabetes should not eat more.Because diabetic patients often have thirsty symptoms, and spicy food can increase internal heat, thereby aggravating the symptoms of thirst.

fried food

Patients with diabetes are best not to eat fried foods.On the one hand, fried foods may increase blood lipids. If the sugar content in the blood is high, the fat content is high.

Then the blood is very viscous, which will aggravate the symptoms of numbness and even cause coronary heart disease.on the other hand.Fried foods can cause diarrhea and cause lower immunity for patients with diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can produce a variety of complications and cause danger. Patients with diabetes must take medication for life.

Although traditional Chinese medicine can improve the symptoms of diabetes, the effect of hypoglycemic is not stable. Therefore, diabetic patients should take western medicine hypoglycemic drugs for life.

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