These types of stomach pain during pregnancy can’t bear it, hurry up and seek medical treatment!

When it comes to stomach pain during pregnancy, almost every expectant mother will encounter. For the pregnant mother of the second child, it may be relatively experienced in this situation, and it will not be as panicked as the first pregnant mummy.

For stomach pain during pregnancy, some stomach pain may be suffered from cold or early pregnancy physiological reactions. These are common symptoms during pregnancy, and you don’t have to worry too much.But if there are these types of stomach pain during pregnancy, don’t stand it. It is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible!

Stomach pain during pregnancy 1: Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is also called ectopic pregnancy.If the symptoms of stomach pain during pregnancy: spasm and pain or tingling, usually start from one side, and then spread to the entire abdomen.Then expectant mothers must be careful, it is likely to have the risk of ectopic pregnancy.This is because the fertilized eggs did not enter the uterus in the uterus, but in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and other places.

Method: Go to the hospital for the first time. If the best treatment time is delayed, ectopic pregnancy will lead to danger of life.

During pregnancy, stomach pain 2: threatened abortion

Especially during the three months before pregnancy, if the middle abdomen is spasm or painful, the symptoms of fresh red blood in the vagina, then the probability of general aura abortion is relatively high.

Processing method: 1. It is recommended to rest in bed first to avoid walking. After the symptoms are relieved, you can get out of bed.2. If it is a threatened abortion caused by low luteum, in most cases, the time for luteal ketone to keep the tire is relatively prolonged, and the placenta function should be stopped before the fetal function can be stopped.

During pregnancy, stomach pain three: placenta aging

This situation generally occurs in the middle of pregnancy. It may be very dangerous if there are abdominal colic and a large amount of bleeding. The aging of the placenta will not only affect the fetal impact absorption, but also cause fetal suffocation and hypoxia.

Method: Once abdominal colic or bleeding symptoms occur in the second trimester, go to the nearest first aid center, and the situation is 120 emergency.It should be noted that if the abdominal abdominal pain has continued, it is necessary to conduct specific inspections to judge the final treatment method.If there is only a sign of miscarriage, you can rest in bed.

Although it has always been advocated to maintain proper exercise during pregnancy, it is good for fetal health.But early pregnancy mothers minimize the amount of exercise as much as possible to avoid abortion due to excessive exercise.If there are several stomach pain during pregnancy, Xiaoxuan recommends that expectant mothers must seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid missing the best treatment time, causing irreparable regrets.

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