This is a very serious topic: Why do pregnant women have to fart?I was serious!

Today, I want to share with you a very serious topic: Why do pregnant women always fart?And why do pregnant women have to fart?

Before choosing this topic, I considered it carefully.After all, this topic is too cold and may be scolded, or the reading volume is very low.It doesn’t matter, I am very happy to have a friend to read, really.

What is fart?

The so -called fart is qi.

What is it?Mainly nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, and about 1 % of "odor".

Although the proportion of this 1 % "odor" is very small, it is the main reason why "fart" becomes bad.Because the main ingredients of this odor are: ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, 吲哚, and dung odor.

Just listening to these names, everyone can guess why there is the word "stinky fart"?It makes people passing a little bit.Therefore, when it comes to "fart", there is a little hard to settle in the elegant hall. It is not a good thing.

In fact, this has a lot to do with the personal emotions of pregnant women, the laws of pregnancy, and the dietary structure of pregnant mothers.In simple terms, there are mainly the following reasons.

■ 1. It is related to the continuous development of the fetus

After women are pregnant, as the fetus grows continuously during pregnancy, the uterus is also growing.The size of the uterus before pregnancy was only about 7.5 × 5cm, and the thickness was about 3cm.However, at the third trimester of pregnancy, the uterus was gradually expanded by the fetus, and the maximum can reach about 50 to 60 times the level of pre -pregnancy level.

The fetus is long, and the uterus has to follow.The uterus was originally in the pelvic cavity, and then slowly entered the abdominal cavity of the pregnant mother.The uterus is getting larger and larger, and the organs in the abdomen, including the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant mothers, are squeezed.The digestive capacity of the gastrointestinal tract is weakened and the peristalsis is greatly reduced, which will cause pregnant women to indigenize and gastrointestinal flatulence.

The internal organs after pregnancy are squeezed

These flatulence is mainly difficult to digest and accumulate in the intestine, and then decompose and ferment under the action of E. coli, and then produce more gas.When the gas continues to increase, the anal sphincter reacts with a loose sphincter, and the fart is released.

Of course, the impact of fetal and uterus growing is far more than that of fart.It also includes the decline in appetite, frequent urination, constipation, and so on.The constipation of pregnant women is also very easy to cause an increase in exhaust.

■ 2. It is related to the diet structure of pregnant women

It is necessary to increase nutrition after pregnancy. For example, it is necessary to increase the nutrition of meat and egg milk in an appropriate amount. These are the main sources of high -quality protein during pregnancy.However, if pregnant women have too much protein intake and too little dietary fiber intake, then nutritional unevenness.Similarly, this will also lead to an increase in exhaust (PI) for pregnant women.

For example, milk, milk contains high protein and lactose.When pregnant women are not digested with too much protein, they will form a hydrogen sulfide gas.And lactose is not resistant, it also leads to gastrointestinal flatulence, which will cause increased exhaust (PI) for pregnant women.

In the same way, meat is also high -protein food.In particular, lean meat also contains a certain amount of sulfide, which causes the hydrogen sulfide content in the gas to increase the hydrogen sulfide content. This is the main reason for "stinky fart".

In addition to excessive protein intake, foods that are prone to gas production also include various high starch foods, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, and various sweets and beans.However, although these foods have a lot of gas, most of them will not have much odor.

But some foods will make your excrete gas smell smoked, such as cold onions, ginger, raw garlic, and white radish to eat these, which will cause the fart to taste bad.

Therefore, it is still recommended to maintain the balanced nutrition of the diet structure.Do not consume too much protein nor too much plain foodism.Usually, if the pregnant mother is 2 two thin meat per day, 1 egg, 350ml milk every day, with 1 catties of fresh vegetables per day, and about 200 to 400 grams of fruits.It is supplemented by eating less meals and exercise per day, so that the pregnant mother is healthier, and the exhaust (PI) will be reduced in large quantities.

■ 3. It is related to the personal emotions of pregnant mothers

After pregnancy, the level of estrogen hormones in pregnant women rises, which will cause some fluctuations or changes in pregnant women.For example, tension, anxiety, less words, even depression during pregnancy, etc. All these are all kinds of manifestations of mental stress during pregnancy.

Stress, why do you cause a lot of farts?Those who have taken the plane have this feeling. When the plane flew away from the ground, our eardrum was impacted, and the pressure on our abdomen would increase, so the plane would make people easily fart.

The same is the same as the mental stress during pregnancy.For example: When we are mentally nervous or anxious, we will swallow not consciously; or when we do not want to talk to people when our emotions are low, we are easy to bow our heads alone.

Therefore, in traditional Chinese medicine, if human emotions are low or anxious, it will cause "liver qi stagnation and turbid air downward". This "turbidity" means that it actually means that it is easy to cause more farts.

Therefore, you can’t be angry during pregnancy.When pregnant mothers have a low mood during pregnancy or a tendency to depression, the family must give more companionship and care, and if necessary, you can find a psychologist for psychological guidance.When you find that your pregnant wife has a lot of exhaust, in addition to adjusting the diet, she should also give her more support in spirit.

■ 4. Other reasons

Other reasons that lead to a lot of fart during pregnancy include: intestinal flora disorders caused by diarrhea caused by diarrhea; pregnant mothers are usually used to drinking some soda or carbonated drinks; and pregnant women who usually chew less during dinner, eat too fast, and like to talk when eating.This leads to too much swallow.These air will also lead to an increased exhaust of pregnant women.

Although farting can be promoted to a person’s quality or moral level, you can evaluate or condemn normal ordinary people.For example, you can despise him with your sharp eyes. How can you do this?

But for pregnant women, it really doesn’t work.Pregnant women must put farts!Although farting is really a little embarrassing for pregnant mothers or a woman.

Why should pregnant women be proposed to put farts?

Fart can actually be held up.But fart itself is a gas in our body digestion and metabolism.The gas is still in our body, and it does not disappear.So the fart that was clicked back will eventually be absorbed by our intestine, and then enter our blood circulation.

The fetus in the pregnant woman’s belly, the nutrients required every day, include the blood circulation of oxygen mainly from the mother’s body. After the placenta, the navel of the fetus is transported to the baby.So in this way, can pregnant mothers still hold back?Obviously, it doesn’t work!

Secondly, holding the gas that will be excreted will lead to increased blood pressure and accelerate heart rate.Not only that, if you do n’t let it go for a long time, it will cause the abdomen to form severe gastrointestinal flatulence.Pregnant women who are pregnant cannot withstand this toss due to their own immunity.

Therefore, pregnant women must "put it with qi (PI)", don’t hold it!

I am a dad who is unreasonable, a reliable and a little serious headline.If you have any questions about maternal and infants or parenting, you can leave me a message in the comment area below.Thank you for your likes and reposts, I wish you a good pregnancy!

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