This move from the shit officer caused the mother hamster to eat her child!

When hamsters are three months old, they gradually enter the estrus period. Once the mother and rats are conceived, they usually only need to give birth to babies in about 15 to 20 days.At this time, they are often busy picking up shit officers.Female picking offers is okay. If a male picked up, he may have the phenomenon of "emergency and chaotic medical treatment."

Last time we talked about the characteristics of the mother and hamster during pregnancy and the precautions for care during pregnancy, so today we will talk about how the mother hamster has become an excellent "grandma" or "nanny".

Many pick -up officers for the first time to give birth to hamsters, and they will inevitably be excited.When we accompany the mother and mouse through the production link, our hearts are curious about the newborn mouse.Driven by strong curiosity, many pick -up officers will open the nest of the mouse mother, spy at the rats that have just been born, and even take out the rats to observe carefully.

It is understood that the love of mice is understandable, but it is necessary to prevent the mother and mouse and cubs from being harmed due to their unwillingness.When the mother hamster gave birth to a rat baby, there are the following points to pay attention:

1. Don’t let your curiosity and knowledge be killed.During the 2 weeks of the mother hamster after giving birth to a cub, the picked officers must not be exposed to the hamster cubs as described earlier.In this way, it can effectively prevent the young mouse from getting human smell and cause the mother and mouse to do not recognize relatives, and even eat the behavior of the young rat.

2. Let the mouse "eat well," live well, and the specific thing is that the picker should provide enough food for the mother’s hamster after pregnancy. If necessary, we can even open a small stove.Feed a little high -protein food for the mother’s hamster, such as: goat milk powder, nutrition paste, egg whites, etc.The second is to "live well". After the mother hamster is produced, pay attention to keep warm, keep the ambient temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius, keep the hamster’s living environment and clean up the dirt generated in a small part of the hamster cage.

3. If the hamster cubs can not find the nest after leaving the mouse, artificial intervention can be used at this time.We can guide the mother and rats to find their own rats, but we can also seduce the hamster cubs back to their nest through a cotton swab with a mouse cage.

After the mother hamster is produced, the picked officers must ensure that the young rats and mice are full for a month.After the full moon, the hamster cubs are complete and the digestive function of the intestine is complete.If the hamster cub leaves the mouse after 2 weeks, it will be difficult for the cubs to survive.The best solution is to wait until the full moon of the young hamsters and let them separate their mothers.At the same time, do not let the rats live in a cage for a long time to prevent each other from breeding each other and close relatives.When the young rats are almost developing, find them a good family!

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