This road is unreasonable, you don’t hurt!Uterine fallopian tubal angiography, the most concerned and worried is here

There are tens of millions of roads in the world, and there is only one way to give birth to children!

The fallopian tube and uterus are the only way for pregnancy and breeding. Although the fallopian tube length is only about 8-14cm and the size of the uterine cavity is only 5ml, it plays a decisive and irreplaceable role in the process of conception and breeding.If the fallopian tube is not connected, the sperm and egg cannot be combined naturally; the poor environment in the uterine cavity will affect the breeding of the embryo, leading to plant failure, biochemical pregnancy or fetal stop.

The most common infertility in the clinic, tubal factors account for a large proportion.If the couple of infertility are checked, the first is the husband’s semen examination, followed by whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed.

What are the test methods for fallopian tubes?

1. Donatta to check this method is simple and easy to go, and the cost is low. At the same time, it can clear the lumen effect of the liquid.

2. Uterine fallopian tubal angiography is a first -line screening method to check the shape of the uterine cavity and the smoothness of the fallopian tube., Adhesion, obstruction, water accumulation, and other abnormal conditions, the degree of judgment of the pressure of infusion of pressure — adhesion, unspoken, and completely obstructive.The application of the X -offline uterine fallopian tubal angiography is very widely used, and it has the ideal repeatability, but may occur in a iodine allergic reaction. There is risk of pulmonary embolism when countercurrent.Pregnant.

3. Increased liquid tubes can directly observe the observation of fallopian tube blocking, unobstructed, and distorted morphology. Simulture treatment is synchronized if necessary.However, the inspection method needs to be hospitalized, surgical trauma, and a certain risk of anesthesia. The time required for the inspection is longer and the cost is high.

4. The uterine fallopian tube digital reduction blood vessels can dynamically display the uterine, fallopian tube morphology and obstruction site, and DSA is under the guidance of the prolong fallopian tube re -operation.The diagnosis can be clearly diagnosed and treated according to the nature of its lesions, which can re -pass the fallopian tube of some infertile patients and conceive.However, technical and equipment requirements are high, expensive, and traumatic operations are prone to fallopian tube perforation.

5. Ultrasonic Uterine tubal examination can be dynamically observed to clarify the specific parts of the fallopian tube lesions. At the same time, the hydrogen peroxide can have a certain dredging of the lumen effect. The trauma is less traumatic, the powerless radiation, and the allergies.

6. Merrobic tube interpolation under the uterine laparoscopy can directly observe whether the fallopian tubes on both sides are obstructive, the lesions in the uterine cavity, whether there are adhesion, polyps, and malformations.High costs, high technical equipment requirements, traumatic operations are prone to risks such as uterine perforation and overwhelming, and generally need to be hospitalized.

Washing tubal can be a small gynecological surgery, which requires preparation before surgery. There are the following precautions:

1. Before surgery, you need to do leucorrhea routine and blood routine. If there is inflammation, you cannot perform this examination, and you must also prepare a sanitary napkin to use it, because something will come out.

2. It is necessary to check within 3-7 days of menstruation, and you must not have the same room after 2 weeks after surgery.Poor urine before surgery, do iodine allergic experiments and exclude acute reproductive tract inflammation, systemic diseases, pregnancy, etc.

3. Within 1 week after surgery, there may be a small amount of vaginal bleeding. If there is no other discomfort, there is no need to go to the doctor, such as the amount of bleeding more, the time is more than 1 week, and the doctor will be visited in time.

4. How long can I get pregnant after taking pictures?Two weeks after taking photos, you can get pregnant in the next menstrual cycle.

Many female friends are afraid of making uterine fallopian tubes. They are mainly afraid of pain. The legendary fallopian tubes in the field will be painful such as angiography, but the facts are like this.

If your fallopian tube is unobstructed, you may have a little bloating discomfort during angiography, and there will be no strong pain.If the fallopian tube does not communicate, it may feel pain.That is, the ancients said that they did not hurt, and the pain was not through!

Other women are too nervous when they do inspection, causing tubal spasm, which can cause no pain, thereby misjudgment of the fallopian tube.

So don’t push yourself on the road of pain!

Face it calmly, your own experience is better than others!

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