Those things about vaginitis during pregnancy …

Maybe you or the expectant mothers around you are worrying about vaginitis during pregnancy. Many pregnant women worry about whether vaginitis during pregnancy will affect the health of the fetus.On the morning of October 18th, the Affiliated Central Hospital of Shenyang Medical College was connected to the outlets of Zhaijia Branch of China Post in China.The health lecture hall activities are together to solve the doubts and hardships of pregnant women.

The cause of vaginitis during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, the pH of the vagina is prone to corresponding changes. Therefore, vaginitis is prone to during this period, that is, vaginitis during pregnancy.It is generally divided into vaginal fake silk yeast vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, and bacterial vaginal disease.The pathogen that causes vaginitis during pregnancy is nothing more than two sources, namely the flora that was originally parasitic in the vagina, or the pathogens from the outside world.

Under normal circumstances, the vagina is dominant with vaginal bacteria, as well as a small amount of anaerobic bacteria, mycoplasma, and Narcotus. These flora forms a normal ecological balance.However, due to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, the pH of the vagina is prone to corresponding changes. When the ecological balance of the vagina is destroyed, these permanent flora will become pathogenic bacteria, breaking through the vaginal barrier and causing infection.

Infections from the outside world are mainly toilets, bathtubs, baths, towels, and towels in the infected public places. Using unclean toilet paper can cause infection.

The main symptoms of vaginitis during pregnancy

The leucorrhea is thin or bean dregs, which is gray -white, gray -yellow or milky yellow, with a special fishy smell.Itching of the vulva, redness or scratch.During pregnancy, bacterial vaginal disease, if bacteria go up along the cervix, it may cause premature breaking fetal membrane and cause premature birth.In terms of treatment, we will conduct screening according to the severe symptoms, and then determine the treatment measures according to the mother’s own condition.Therefore, the treatment of vaginitis should be timely.

Treatment of vaginitis during pregnancy

For the vaginal vaginitis of vaginal fake silk yeast during pregnancy, in general, no treatment is required in the early three months of pregnancy.If the development is severe, we will treat it as appropriate after 3 months of pregnancy, and we will not cause infection to the fetus.Before childbirth, it is usually cured.When treating the vaginal vaginitis during pregnancy, it is important to choose the correct drug and medication method.Oral drugs are in danger of harsy fetal teratogenic, so it is best to use local treatment. It can also be practical for local treatment for practical molds.If the vulvar itching is severe, do not scratch or scrub it with scalded water.Change the underwear.Mold has strong resistance to dryness, ultraviolet rays, and chemical preparations, but they are afraid of high temperature.Therefore, it is best to soak or sterilize the replaceable underwear daily with hot water above 60 ° C.

For another kind of trichomoniasis vaginitis during pregnancy, like the vaginal fake silk yeast vaginitis, we do not advocate treatment in the three months of the first trimester.After that, we will take a safe medication for pregnant women according to the degree of severity.Gynecologists go to a small amount of secretions at the posterior dome, and trichomonas can be found after experimental.The special effect of treating trichomoniasis is to extinguish the titers, but taking the Ditting Spirit in the early pregnancy may cause fetal malformations. The Diluing Spirit can also enter the fetus through the placenta. Therefore, it should not be taken before 20 weeks of pregnancy.Local treatment can be used during treatment.

In the end, Dr. Li reminded that regular obstetric examinations are very necessary. For the prevention of vaginitis during pregnancy, we recommend that the underwear is boiled daily or sun exposure to avoid repeated infections.After pregnancy, the vaginal secretion is strong, pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva.The hygiene of sexual life is very important, and it must be cleaned before and after the same room.During his wife’s inflammation, sexual life is strictly prohibited.

After the lecture, the majority of community residents have stated that the lectures in this issue are very meaningful.The aunt of the Kingdom of Grandma said happily through the video, "Now the level of living has improved, all pay attention to eugenics. Today, after listening to lectures, if my daughter is stained with vaginitis during pregnancy, I can tell her what to do!"


Li Yibo attended the physician of China Medical University, a doctor of obstetrics from obstetrics at the diagnosis and treatment of regular diseases of obstetrics; it is more experienced for patients with obstetrics and patients with diabetes and gestal hypertrophy;Published a national core journal of the year and presided over a subject of the Shenyang City Health Bureau.In 2016, he was awarded the title of "Excellent Teacher" of Shenyang Medical College

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