Thousands of "ghost babies" in South Korea shocked the world. What kind of forcing a large number of mothers to kill newborns?

A "ghost baby" incident that shocked the world recently has occurred in South Korea.

The so -called "ghost baby" refers to a newborn that only has a hospital birth record, but is not officially registered.

This is called "Black Forest" in our country.

Because of these 1069 ghost babies, there have been 34 those who have clearly determined to die, 782 life and death are unknown, and more than a hundred people have not been investigated.

And their biological parents who killed and abandon these newborn were their biological parents.

This is particularly pointing.

The reason why the "ghost baby" was discovered was because of the "refrigerator hiding baby case".

On June 21, a 30 -year -old woman was arrested, and the woman was accused of killing her two children.

According to media reports, this mother already has three children. A boy and a girl born in 2018 and 2019, who gave birth to himself, killed them by himself.

For so many years, she has frozen the two infant remains in the refrigerator. The three children in the house do not know what her mother has done, and even her husband has never opened the refrigerator. He always thought that his wife took the two children again.Broken.

The remains of these two children have been stored in the refrigerator for 4 years, 7 months and 3 years and 7 months, respectively.

In December last year, the family moved once, and she moved with the refrigerator.

The police asked the mother why the mother had killed her biological child, and her mother seemed to be numb. She said that the family was too poor and could not raise it, so she killed it directly.

She put the child in a black plastic bag and frozen with food.

When the mother was arrested, she cried and cried: "My third child is thinking about embroidery as soon as I go to kindergarten, I haven’t taught her. The children will not cook, they will not fried eggs., I won’t stack their clothes, no one calls them to get up. "

The tiger poison does not eat the son, even if it is poor, it is not the reason for killing your child.

What is even more terrible is that this kind of thing happened largely in South Korea, and it really made people feel that it means to be mad.

On July 2, the case of killing the child was revealed together.

A couple died of a son who had just been born for 5 days and threw it directly into the river.

The police traced back to the hospital and found that the child was born in September 2022. The couple quibbleed that the child died the second day of birth.He.

On the same day, another 20 -year -old woman was arrested. She buried her child in 2019. She left the newborn child at home alone, and the child was starved to death alive.

At the same time, Gyeonggi South Road is investigating a 20 -year -old woman in China. In 2022, she handed her child to a netizen who knew it for a few days.Pets you don’t want to raise are given to others to raise.

The woman said that she didn’t even know the other party’s name. She had never thought about it in the future to understand whether the child was going well.

According to the first announcement of the South Korean Audit Procuratorate, from 2015 to 2022 and 8 years, a total of 2,236 infants and young children were not born.

The South Korean government only found 23 people for sample surveys, and at least 3 people had died.

This is not a case of abnormal parental murder, but a group of newborns who even have no names.

People trust their parents too much, and they do not expect that human nature can be so ugly. These "ghost children" have from birth to death. No institution has contacted their parents and asked the child’s situation.

Under the pressure of public opinion, the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea also announced that newborns have begun to investigate all over the country.

Finally, public officials responsible for social welfare and residents only visited these families one by one.

But everything looks weak, the life of these children is torture the conscience of the perverted society.

Most of these parents have similar backgrounds. They are poor, their social status is not high, cultural level is low, and they have no time to take care of their children’s education.

Poor is the root cause.

In addition to poor, there are two very strange systems.

One is the vulnerability of the national birth registration system: After the baby was born in South Korea, the guardian did not need to immediately register in the hospital, but registered within one month.

Then the baby that has just been born is easy to become an "item" that is unknown and has no surname and allows parents to handle.

No one will supervise their parents or urge their parents to quickly register for their children. If the parents who are not registered for their children are found on time, the fine is 50,000 won, which is almost equivalent to RMB 227.

This allows unscrupulous parents to have enough time to "operate".

Doesn’t the Korean people know that the system for registration within one month is unreasonable?Doesn’t they know that their country has such an institutional loophole?


If you are born in the hospital like our country, the cost of hospital management will increase significantly.The chaebol that controls the hospital has absolute right to speak, and they have been controlling and cannot reform.

Like the traditional concept of Chinese women, women who are not married in South Korea are ashamed to admit that they have children, and single mothers are more difficult than in South Korea than in China.

These women are not only difficult to get married in the future, but even find a job will be discriminated against.

So these women do not want to register in the hospital, they would rather not want these children.

So why do these young mothers directly kill their children when they are pregnant, but choose to kill people after giving birth?

Then talk about the "crime of abortion" in South Korea’s incredible "abortion."

Among my country’s criminal law, women who terminate the pregnancy themselves do not constitute a crime, but South Korea stipulates that if women have aborted by drugs or other methods, they will be fined less than one year or less than 400,000 yuan.

In 1973, South Korea formulated the "Mother and Child Health Law" to recognize the abortion caused by the following 4 genotype issues:

1. Pregnancy caused by rape and other behaviors;

2. Pregnancy between close relatives that do not recognize the law;

3. Medically, it is considered a harmful pregnancy to the mother’s body;

4. Perhaps infectious diseases through pregnancy.

Except for these four, other abortion are considered illegal.

The crime of abortion in South Korea was abolished because of constitutional unconstitutional New Year’s Day in 2021. Prior to this, women’s abortion was directly equivalent to crimes.

And even if it is abolished, women’s abortion is not completely voluntary. It still needs to meet certain conditions: my or spouse spirit and genetic disease; I or spouse suffer from infectious diseases; the situation of pregnancy between relatives who cannot get married;The situation of threatening maternal life due to maintaining pregnancy; compulsory pregnancy such as rape and sexual assault; other circumstances that have to terminate pregnancy in advance.

And South Korea also stipulates that if you have reached 24 weeks, even if the above conditions have been met, abortion cannot be performed.

The crime of abortion was canceled, but the Korean government still added a lot of limited conditions to abortion, which is not much different from the previous abortion law. Therefore, women still have no freedom of abortion, and they will still be forced to give birth to their children.

These children do not allow abortion for those children who are not raised due to economic stress and being unliked before marriage.

There is no way to get legal abortion, and the abortion is very risky, so such a group of mothers appear. They chose to kill the children after giving birth.

Isn’t it illegal to kill a baby?Of course criminal!South Korea’s criminal law stipulates that at least 10 years of imprisonment can be sentenced to killing babies. If the murder is identified, the sentence will be higher.

But these parents feel that killing their children and so small children will not be discovered and they will not be caught.

Facts have also proved that many parents who have killed their children are hidden in the crowd. They may kill a child after seeing a child, and they will kill the second and third.

In addition, South Korean society is extremely inclusive for orphans.

From the 1950s to the 1990s, hundreds of thousands of orphans in South Korea were sent to some countries in Europe and America for international adoption.

Some of these children are orphans left over from the war. There are illegitimate children born from unmarried mothers, disabled children who have been abandoned by their parents, and children who have abandoned poor families and children who are unaccompanied by divorced families.

In our concepts, no matter what parents, young children are pitiful and innocent. Most families without children will be willing to adopt orphan without their parents, and even treat them as their biological children.

But in South Korea, these children are regarded as the shame of society, and they will not get their due care and protection, even if they don’t understand anything.

The South Korean government will not bear the responsibility of raising them. They cannot provide these children with sufficient assistance and support, but just hand over them to some civilian organizations or church organizations.

These so -called charities use these children to circle money. They find that selling children to foreigners can get a lot of wealth, and even abduct children through various means.

So almost all single mothers have a heavy shackles at the moment of pregnancy. Their children have been labeled with shame. Under this pressure, they spend the pregnancy during the pregnancy. They have no expectation of the child.Just want to kill quickly for liberation.

The population crisis has become a major challenge in South Korea. South Korea is already one of the lowest birth rates in the world. There are so many children who are brutally killed by their parents as soon as they see this world.

The current Koreans are still arguing about the "ghost baby". Some people think that "ghost baby" is only a personal choice and should not be restricted by society or law.They think that as a child’s parents, they have the right to decide whether to register for a child, whether to register for the child, and whether they give them to others. They think that this is a private matter, and they cannot even be public or criticized.

Another person thinks that this is a social problem and should receive the attention of the society. "Ghost Babies" is not only the private affairs of parents, but the tragedy of society. It should standardize parents’ behavior and punish criminals.

The "ghost baby" exposes the sorrow of Korean society, and has huge problems and contradictions in economic and legal aspects.

These innocent children did not get the love and respect they should have, not to mention normal life and education, they did not even have the opportunity to live.

In our opinion, children are part of the country and nation. They should not face indifference and harm. They will have their own life and their own value.

In addition, there is a detail in the case that reflects the phenomenon of Korean social phenomena: After the refrigerator’s case of the Tibetan baby broke out, the mother was arrested and prison, but the father was intact.For many years, the father has never opened the refrigerator, and the police also defaults that he is unknown.

Family poverty and pathological relationships, exposing more problems in Korean society, it is also very sad.

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