Three months during pregnancy, I want to keep secrets and the fetus, pregnant mothers may wish to try so

My elementary school classmate Lin Lin has been married for more than two years now, because the relationship is better, so we will talk about each other, so we can solve the knot.But her girlfriend has not been pregnant for more than two years, but she suddenly told me a few months ago that she was pregnant.But now I don’t want to let everyone know so early. After all, the children in the first three months are not too stable, so I want to wait for the stability and tell you.So how can I do a good job of confidentiality, but let outsiders know early, and at the same time conducive to myself to raise their fetus with peace of mind?Pregnant mothers may wish to try so!

1. Usually pay attention to return to the dinner more

In fact, in the early days of pregnancy, some improper behaviors will likely affect the growth and development of the fetus, especially in terms of diet, do not avoid the mouth, eat everything, and do not pay attention to the combination of vegetables.The disease from the mouth affects the development of fetal treasure, and even causes women to abortion.

Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay more attention to protect their bodies. For some meals in the evening, they can reject it.Drink some wine.Alcohol damage to the fetus that is still in the early pregnancy, which will affect the nervous development of the fetal treasure.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to try not to eat outside the first three months, and it is better to make some nutritious meals at home.

2. Do not exercise strongly

After being pregnant, the fertilized eggs in the uterus of the pregnant mother are not very stable. After a period of time, it will slowly develop into embryos.After two months, the embryo will slowly develop into a fetus.In the first three months, the connection between the placenta and the mother is not so close. Pregnant mothers have some improper behaviors or actions, which may cause the placenta to fall off and then have a miscarriage.Therefore, the first three months is the critical period of pregnant mothers’ fetal protection. During this period, do not mention heavy objects, do not do heavy housework, and do not participate in too severe

3. It is also necessary to eat more vomiting foods

Many pregnant women will have obvious pregnancy vomiting in the early days of pregnancy. Some pregnant women really spit out what they eat, so they will be worried that it will affect the baby in the belly.In fact, in the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus development is very slow, and nutrition must keep up with.Pregnant mothers are best to eat some foods that can relieve pregnancy during this period, such as sour plums or ginger soup, which have a good relief effect.

It can be understood that people who do n’t want to know too much about the first three months during pregnancy know what they are pregnant. If the pregnant mother wants to keep secret, if you do n’t see it, you may try these methods. Not only is it in front of outsidersCan avoid signs of pregnancy cleverly, and can secretly give birth.

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