Three months of pregnancy, my wife died in a car accident. I want to kill the child. What should I do if I don’t agree with my in -laws?

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Fan Xuan Xuan asked me for help, saying that she now encountered a special tangled and made her a dilemma.

Xuan Xuan told me that she met her husband through a blind date.Although the way of knowing is very traditional, the two are very good. After talking about one year of love, they entered the marriage.

The mother -in -law and her in -laws are not far away. In the words of the elderly, in the words of the elderly, it is known.The father -in -law Xuan Xuan’s husband was a son. Since Xuan Xuan entered the door, it was really good to Xuan Xuan.

Xuan Xuan said that she was fortunate to be able to meet her husband and be able to meet such a unreasonable in -laws.I do n’t know if I ’m too happy to have a happy life. Even God was jealous, and she took her husband away without any warning.

When it rained that day, Xuan Xuan’s husband went out to do business. As soon as he walked at the fork, he hit the kind of small truck with a galloping cargo on the front of the fork.Xuan Xuan’s husband was hit directly out. When the ambulance came, people couldn’t.

When Xuan Xuan’s husband had an accident, she was just pregnant for more than a month.Not long ago, I still chatted with her husband and talked about it. Discussing whether the child was male or female, whether she looked like Xuan Xuan or her husband, but in a blink of an eye, he was separated by heaven and man forever.

After her husband came out, Xuan Xuan once felt that the sky was about to collapse, and all day was crying or crying all day.Xuan Xuan’s in -laws were dead, and their hearts were particularly uncomfortable.Fortunately, Xuan Xuan’s parents helped, and then he handled Xuan Xuan’s husband behind him.

The funeral is finished, and the next thing to consider is Xuan Xuan and the child.

Although Xuan Xuan’s parents like the son -in -law very much, they are gone, and they have to keep their daughters consider first.Xuan Xuan is still young, only 27 years old, and there is a long period of life to go in the future.Xuan Xuan’s parents mean that while the child was young, Xuan Xuan beat the child.

Xuan Xuan’s husband has passed away, and the child in the stomach is doomed to have no father as soon as he is born.A single mother is not only difficult to raise children, but it is not easy to marry in the future.Even if Xuan Xuan is willing to give birth to the child, it is unfair to the child himself.Regardless of whether he was married with Xuan Xuan or following his grandparents, the child was destined to have a less complete and pleasant childhood.

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Xuan Xuan’s in -laws hoped that Xuan Xuan would give birth to the child.

They promised Xuan Xuan that they did not need to worry about the children’s spending in the future. Xuan Xuan only needed to give birth to the child, and then take the child to the children.But Xuan Xuan also has her own consideration. She is very clear that as a mother, she is not just as simple as the birth of the child. If the child is really born, if the mother -in -law has a problem in the futureWhen she refused, her in -laws would definitely say that she was selfish, saying that she was ruthless, and said that she had no obligation to be a mother.

What will happen to children?Will he hate her mother.

Xuan Xuan said that in fact, she was also very contradictory.Standing on her and her husband’s former relationship, she also hopes to leave a trace of blood for her husband, and her in -laws have been good to her since she entered the door, and she could not bear to refuse her in -laws’ request.On the other hand, she also knows that it is not so simple to have children and children. As long as this child is born, it is a trip to life. She is still young. She does not know if she can bear such heavy pressure and burden in the future.Essence

Xuan Xuan said that she had been dragging for a while because she had always been unpredictable.Now that the child has been three months old, her parents have been urging her to get her idea, but she always hesitates, for fear of the decision to make it is the decision to regret herself.

Xuan Xuan didn’t know what she should do, so she thought of asking me for help and helping the Internet.

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For Xuan Xuan’s entanglement, I understand, because I am also the mother of the two children. I know the kind of natural connection between the child and the mother is difficult to make people choose.But at the same time, on the basis of understanding Xuan Xuan’s in -laws, I also respect any choice of Xuan Xuan.

It is not a trivial matter to give birth to a child. As long as the child gives birth to this child, it means for decades in the next decades. The daughter wants to send her to marry, and the son wants to handle his family. These are not the problem that can be solved.As a child’s mother, Xuan Xuan has the right to think about her future, and has the right to determine the abdomen to stay.She chose to leave the child, that was her courage. She chose to give up and was forced by reality. She should not be blamed.

Xuan Xuan is not wrong, and others are not qualified to judge and abduct moral abduction.As an outsider, I can’t give Xuan Xuan’s reference suggestions or opinions, because it is Xuan Xuan’s own life, and Xuan Xuan can only choose.

If you are Xuan Xuan, would you choose to leave a child or give up the child?

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