Three months of pregnancy, she was pushed off the cliff by her husband, fell into a broken flesh, and struggled for 12 hours.

"Is there any regret in your life?"

On June 9, 2019, on the cliff in Paton, Thailand, the husband who watched the sunrise asked the romantic words.Holding his wife behind him.

Unexpectedly, the husband shouted, "Go to death!" Then he pushed his wife down the cliff.

This is the prototype of the movie "Disappearing her". She is an ordinary Chinese girl who follows her husband with her husband for three months.

What she didn’t think of was that this trip became the most scary nightmare in her life.She was pushed off a 34 -meter -high cliff by her husband.

She thought she was going to die, but she was unwilling to die like this. She wanted to survive, for herself, and for the children in the stomach.She exhausted the last trace of strength to call for help, and was finally discovered to the hospital.

In ICU, she experienced 8 days of life and death, with 17 fractures throughout the body, damaged internal organs, and a lot of bleeding and infection.

The doctor said that her chances of survival were only 1%, but she created a miracle and she survived.Unfortunately, she lost the fetus in her belly, which was the only crystallization of her and her husband.She didn’t understand why her husband had to treat her like this. They had loved each other and had been happy.

This is a story about love, betrayal, life and death, law, and justice. She wants to know the truth, seek justice, and regain the courage and confidence of life.Let’s listen to Wang Ling’s personal experience.

Wang Ling never thought that she would meet her dream lover in Thailand.He is handsome, humorous, and talented. He tells her that he loves her, wants to marry her, and give her a complete family.

Wang Ling believed him, fell in love with him, and followed him to Thailand.However, what she doesn’t know is that all this is the trap he carefully designed. What he wants is not her love, but her life.

On May 19, 2017, at a friend meeting in Thailand, Wang Ling first met Yu Dong.

At that time, Wang Ling was in his 30s and was a successful female entrepreneur. He had his own business in China and Thailand.

She has always been focusing on her career and has no emotional experience.Yu Dong took the initiative to talk to her, claiming to come to Thailand to retire, and joked that she wanted to find a Chinese wife.

Wang Ling felt that he was very interesting and attractive, so he agreed to add his WeChat.

Since then, Yu Dong has often sent a message to Wang Ling, asking her to go out for dinner, watch movies, and go shopping.Wang Ling was gradually attracted by him. He felt that he knew how to take care of women and was very responsible.

Yu Dong’s love letter during love

Yu Dong also bought a insurance for her, saying that if there was any accident that happened, she could leave a sum of money.Wang Lin was so moved that he felt that he finally met a good person.

Two months later, in Bangkok’s sky bar, Yu Dong asked Wang Ling.Wang Ling finally agreed and decided to hand over his business in China to take care of his sister, and follow Yu Dong’s An An family in Thailand.

Yu Dong was also very happy, saying that she would give her a perfect wedding and a happy life.

However, all of this is Yu Dong’s elaborate lies.He didn’t love Wang Ling at all, but just looked at her money.After marriage, she slowly knew that he was a habitual criminal and had been sitting for 12 years because of robbery and theft.

After he was released from prison, he had not changed his self -renewal, but he was even more degenerate, obsessed with gambling, and owed a large debt.He came to Thailand to travel in order to escape the chase of the debtor.He married Wang Ling to repay debts and continue gambling to use her property.

Wang Ling didn’t know these truths. She only knew that Yu Dong after marriage became lazy, indifferent, and nothing to do.He is unwilling to go out to work. He only knows playing games, watching TV, and sleeping every day.

All the expenses in the family are borne by Wang Ling.Wang Ling did not complain about this. She felt that it might be that Yu Dong had not found a suitable job, or because of cultural differences, he did not adapt to the Thai environment.She hopes that through her care and encouragement, she can help Yu Dong find confidence and motivation.

However, Yu Dong did not appreciate Wang Ling’s goodwill and tolerance, but instead deceived and hurt her.He first confessed to Wang Ling that he had more than 2 million in debt in gambling, and asked Wang Ling to help repay the money.

Although Wang Ling was shocked and disappointed, he chose to forgive him and promised to help him pay off half of his debt.She also handed one of her stores to Yu Dong, hoping that he could make a difference.

However, Yu Dong did not cherish this opportunity, but stole her marriage certificate, bank card and ID card while Wang Ling was not at home.Go to gambling and lose all the money.

He disappeared for a week until he was caught by the police before returning.

He apologized to Wang Ling crying, saying that he missed the best life because he was in prison when he was young, but just wanted to enjoy it. He did not expect to lose the ground.He begged Wang Ling to give him another chance and not leave him.

Wang Ling was completely disappointed at this time, and she felt that she had married a liar and a loser.She moved the idea of divorce, but looking at Yu Dong’s pitiful look, she was soft -hearted again.

She thought that maybe Yu Dong was really impulsive, and maybe he still had a possibility of changing from new.She chose to forgive him again and pretended nothing.

This is Wang Ling’s biggest mistake.She didn’t know that Yu Dong had begun to plan to kill her.

On February 14, 2019, on Valentine’s Day, Wang Ling found that he was pregnant.She excitedly told Yu Dong’s good news, but found that he responded coldly and said it didn’t matter.

Wang Ling was a little lost, but he still had a great hope for his children. He felt that he would make them more mature and better.

Sure enough, in the future, Yu Dong no longer quarreled with her, no longer asked her for money, and no longer gambled.Cook her every day, accompany her to check, see her customers, take care of her.Wang Ling feels that she is the happiest woman in the world.

On May 30, 2019, Yu Dong flew to Thailand with Wang Ling, intending to pretend to be a bangkok house to welcome the arrival of new life.

The next day, Yu Dong proposed to travel to Wuwenfu, saying that there is a cliff over there to see the sunrise.Wang Ling agreed.

They played in Wuwenfu for a few days, and Yu Dong took her to many cliff heights, saying that it was appreciating the scenery.Wang Ling didn’t find strangeness, but felt that he was romantic.

On June 9, 2019, less than 6 am in the morning, they arrived at a cliff at the Patden National Park to prepare to watch the sunrise.That day, the clouds were too thick, and the sun was delayed. When it was around 8 o’clock, more than 10 tourists on the side left.

Yu Dong said that he took her to see the ancient human murals 3000 years ago, and they did not see them along the cliff.He suddenly asked her, do you have any regrets in your life?Wang Ling said no.On the way back, he hugged her behind him, kissed her cheeks, and pushed hard, and she felt like she flew out.

At that moment, Wang Ling felt unprecedented fear and despair.She understood why he took her here.She couldn’t figure out why he had to treat her like this.She felt like she was about to die.She can only pray that Cang will bless her and her children to survive.

The moment Wang Ling fell from the cliff, she thought she was going to die.She felt the air whistling in her ears, her body was constantly rotating, and her eyes blurred.

She remembered her parents, her friends, and her child -she was three months pregnant.She also remembered her husband Yu Dong, who pushed her down from the cliff.

However, Wang Ling did not die.She eventually fell in a dense shrub, and was built by branches and leaves.She felt severe pain from the whole body. She was bloody, and her bones were almost broken.

She wanted to call for help, but her throat could not sound.She wanted to move, but her body had no strength.She could only watch the sky open, watching the sun through the leaves, and cast a mottled shadow on her.

Wang Ling didn’t know how long he was lying there, and he didn’t know if anyone would find her.She felt that she was about to be unconscious, and her consciousness became more and more blurred.

Just when Wang Lingxun was about to give up his hope, she heard a shout.Someone said to her, "You Are Safe (you are safe), you are saf", and soon after, the rescue team came.

They pulled up Wang Ling from the cliff with a rope and stretcher.They made a simple inspection and bandage for Wang Ling, and found that she had 17 fractures all over her body, had severe visceral bleeding, and her life was dying.They immediately sent Wang Ling to an ambulance and rushed to the nearest hospital.

Although Wang Ling was lucky enough to be rescued by a lost tourist, he fell into a greater crisis.Before being sent to the rescue room, Wang Ling saw that Yu Dong also appeared at the door of the hospital and was notified by the rescue team.

Afterwards, I learned that after Yu Dong pushed Wang Ling down the cliff, he stayed on the cliff for forty minutes to ensure that it was everything.

Day 1: Wang Ling was taken to the hospital for rescue.Yu Dong also followed, and he cried with his wife.

Wang Ling asked him why he had to hurt her, but Yu Dong lowered his voice to intimidate her and said, "You shut up, don’t scream, no one can understand Chinese here. No one has a testimony and no evidence.I will not let you go. "Wang Ling understood his sinister intention and could only hold back the pain and fear.

Day 2: Yu Dong began to let Wang Ling discharge madly.He applied to the hospital, and after being rejected, he pulled out the monitoring equipment and oxygen mask, pushing the bed and rushing out.Fortunately, I was stopped by the nurse.

Day 3: Thailand Tourism and Police came to the hospital for investigation.Yu Dong stood beside Wang Ling and threatened her not to tell the truth with her eyes.Wang Ling had to lie that he was dizzy and fell down the cliff.After the police left, Wang Ling flowed helpless tears.

Day 4: Wang Ling took the initiative to acknowledge that he lost his feet and relaxed Yu Dong a little.Wang Ling took the opportunity to ask him to contact a common friend and said he wanted to hear the news at home.Yu Dong agreed, and did not expect that this friend became Wang Ling’s life -saving benefactor.

The friend rushed to Thailand overnight, came to the hospital to visit, and secretly recorded the conversation of the three.In the dialogue, Yu Dong acknowledged his crime.This recording became the only evidence in Wang Ling’s hands.

Day 5: Yu Dong began to relax his vigilance and leave the ward.Wang Ling seized the opportunity to ask the doctor for help.In order to prevent the grass and snake, she did not say that the murderer was her husband.

In the evening, she was transferred to the ordinary ICU ward, which was not allowed to accompany her family.After leaving Yu Dong’s surveillance, she immediately called the police.

Day 6: Police came to the hospital for a transcript.In order not to let Yu Dong doubt, the police dressed up and avoided the time of visiting.

Wang Ling gave the recording to the police and told her experience in detail.The police told her that they would apply for an arrest warrant as soon as possible.

Day 7: Twelve hours later, when he was visiting at noon, Yu Dong was caught by the police in his uniform.

He looked at Wang Ling in horror and couldn’t believe his plan failed.Wang Ling finally relieved, and she successfully escaped from the sky.

Yu Dong was arrested

The trial of the case was twists and turns, and three judgments were experienced, namely the first trial, the second trial, and the third trial.

As a result, Yu Dong was identified as an attempted killing of the killing. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and had to pay 5.2 million baht (about 1.06 million yuan).

The result of the second instance was that Yu Dong was identified as a murder without a pre -murder. The reason was that there were no murder tools such as ropes, knives, etc. at the scene.This reason is ridiculous, because Yu Dong’s killing behavior carefully planned to deceive insurance money and inherit property, and it is easy to expose his crimes if you use a murder tool.The second instance was sentenced to 10 years in prison and had to pay 5.89 million baht (about 1.2 million yuan).

As a result of the third trial, Yu Dong was identified as a deliberate killing attempt. He was sentenced to 33 years and 4 months in prison, and he had to pay 5.2 million baht (about 1.06 million yuan).

The Thai judicial environment is too tolerant of malignant criminals. Affected by Buddhist thoughts and monarchy, the death penalty for criminals can not be sentenced to the death penalty. It also often occurs the situation of amnesty, leading to the confidence of the criminals.

The results of these judgments reflect the different determinations and evaluations of the case in the Thai court, and also caused different reactions and doubts of the parties and the public.

This case provides a wake -up template for older single women. Do not get married because of the pressure of age. Because of loneliness and trusting sweet words, because the surface romance ignores the viciousness of essence.

Getting marriage is a lifetime. You must choose carefully, to see the true face and character of the other party, and have your own judgment and awareness of prevention.Don’t get married for getting married, don’t fall into greater danger to escape loneliness.

The case was not only a case of ordinary domestic violence and attempts, but also involved the differences in laws, culture and society of China and Thailand.The case caused a huge physical, psychological and economic loss to the victim Wang Ling, and also caused deep harm to his family, relatives and friends.


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