Three -step "seed therapy"

Conception is a complex physiological process. It must have a normal egg from the woman’s ovaries. The male semen contains sperm with normal activity; the eggs and sperm can meet in the fallopian tube and combine it to enter the uterine cavity.By bed.As long as these conditions are abnormal, they can hinder conception.

The three -step seed therapy is the results of the expert team of the expert team of Shaanxi Guangci Men’s Hospital.The combination of organic combination has greatly improved the chance of conception and created a precedent for infertility.

Modern reproductive medicine has proven that there are many factors that cause no conception. If the cause cannot be clear, the treatment is very blind.

For a long time, infertility therapy in my country has depends on Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine.Yes, the traditional medicine of the motherland can indeed play a certain role in treatment, but they still have certain limitations. It still needs to rely on modern testing and treatment methods to fundamentally satisfy people’s desires.

How to integrate modern diagnosis methods, traditional medicine, high -tech equipment, and reasonable medication of the motherland, so as to achieve the purpose of conception with a comprehensive, comprehensive and three -dimensional comprehensive treatment plan.Many experts in the scientific research team have been breeding the goal of struggle for many years.

After more than ten years of hard work, it brings together a number of domestic and Western infertility experts’ rich clinical experience, and summarized the "three -step seed therapy" of several domestic and foreign reproductive medical research institutes at the Guangci Men’s Hospital in Shaanxi.born.Its appearance marks that infertility treatment will enter a brand new era. It combines modern diagnosis and treatment methods, traditional medicine of the motherland, advanced physical therapy, and personalized best treatment.The diagnosis, treatment, kidney, essence, seeds, conception, and fetal protection are integrated, adhere to clear diagnosis, symptomatic treatment, emphasize overall concepts, comprehensively test, internal and external combinations, and symptoms and cure.Different diseases and different manifestations are systematically located with high -tech equipment, and under strict digital monitoring, the woman’s ovulation cycle and the sperm survival of the man are formulated.Due to people and illness, the cause is clear in the short term. Finally, through the special interior seed equipment, the mature eggs are combined with preferred sperm to achieve the purpose of conceiving seeds in the uterus.

Our hospital uses high -tech testing instruments to take the lead in proposing the 27th cause of the cause of the cause of the 27th cause, and systematic positioning. It can quickly find the problem of the problem and the past treatment defects, thereby formulating an effective pregnancy promotion plan.

Twenty -four causes of the cause (infertility, you can get it well to cure well)

Men’s Fourteen Cause Causes of Causes of Causes:

1. Urine examination; 2. Prostate examination; 3. Sequinition voltage tubular examination; 4. epididyry examination; 5. Testoshenia examination; 6. Sex hormone examination; 7. Ejaculation function examination; 9. Immune factors examination; inspection;10. Endocrine examination; 11. Examination of sperm varicocele; 12. Inmoyer examination; 13. Radiation factors examination; 14. Sperm quality examination.

Women’s Thirteen Cross Causes of Conditions: Inspection and Inspection:

1. Vaginal examination; 2. Cervical examination; 3. Uterine examination; 4. Vampre tube examination; 5. Ovarian examination; pelvic examination; 7. Endocrine examination; 8. Insidation of sex hormone; 9. Inspection of immune factors; 10. Separation.Inspection of factors; 11. Inspection of psychological factors and psychological factors; 12. Congenital factors check; 13. Ovulation function examination; 14. sexual intercourse factors.

Whether you can conceive in addition to normal reproductive function and sound tissue organs, you must also have mature eggs and high -quality sperm to complete the conception process.Guangci Hospital uses a high -tech digital monitoring system to conduct a comprehensive tight monitoring of the reproductive system of both men and women, comprehensively analyze the data based on the monitoring data, and formulate a set of treatment solutions to quickly and accurately achieve the purpose of pregnancy.

Monitor the dynamics of sperm, screen high -quality sperm

Less sperm, weak sperm, dead essence, and deformity sperm are a major factor that causes the man infertility.

Traditional treatment methods only rely on traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine to adjust. The purpose and targetedness are not strong, and the effect is poor.

Now use the digital monitoring system to evaluate the testicular sperm function. Observe the number of sperm, mobility, survival rate, spawning ability, insemination ability, when is the spawning period and insemination period of sperm, formulate a set of sets of monitoring results.The scientific treatment plan gradually adjusts the sperm to the optimal state of essence. At the same time, it can prefer the best sperm to prepare for the subsequent palace seeds.

Monitor the growth status of the eggs

The development of women’s ovaries and whether follicle maturity is a prerequisite for conception.

Most of the traditional treatment methods use drugs to regulate artificial cycle. Because they cannot systematically track monitoring, doctors often only rely on experience in the process of medication. The methods are single, blind, and have poor results.

The application of digital monitoring system can carefully observe and comprehensively analyze whether the follicles grow in the ovaries, whether the follicles are mature, the number of follicles, the size, the quality, when the ovulation, when is the best period of conception, etc.The treatment plan is scientifically formulated, and the eggs quickly adjust the eggs to the best conception state to welcome the arrival of sperm.

Whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed

The problem of women’s infertility is 60%of the problem of female infertility. The fallopian tube is a bridge of sperm eggs. If the fallopian tube is not connected or not smooth, there is no way to combine the essence of the eggs, which can easily lead to the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.Traditional Chinese medicine enema, fallopian tubal flux or hysteroscopic guidance, but the effect is often unsatisfactory. Our hospital conducts four -step digital monitoring of the fallopian tube.What is unreasonable in), whether the fallopian tube cilia swing is normal, and whether the function of transporting the essential eggs is good, according to the results of the monitoring, the "segmented penetration guidance therapy" created by the scientific research team is used for treatment. 2-3This cycle can make the fallopian tube unobstructed and lay the foundation for the fine egg bridge.

Monitor the uterus situation

The uterine cavity is a place for the development of bed in bed. The environmental environment is poor in the uterine cavity, and the endometrium is too thick and thin, which is not suitable for the development of the pregnant eggs.The thickness of the endocrine of the uterine endometrium, and whether it is suitable for the development of the bed in bed, when is the best bed development period of pregnancy eggs, and the inner microwave and Chinese and Western medicine quickly regulate the environment in the uterus to the best conception state.Create a good environment for the fertilized eggs.

Use advanced palace seed equipment to send mature eggs and preferred sperm to the uterine cavity under the positioning of digital monitoring instruments to make it a fertilized egg to complete the entire conception process.Because the eggs are optimized and sperm are preferred, the chance of conception is greatly increased.

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