Tianzhen County Tiancheng State -owned Asset Operation Co., Ltd. 2023 Public Recruitment Staff Announcement Announcement

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Tianzhen County Tiancheng State -owned Asset Operation Co., Ltd. 2023 Public Recruitment Staff Announcement Announcement

Tianzhen County Tiancheng State -owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. was established on February 21, 2023. It is affiliated to the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Bureau of Tianzhen County and is a wholly state -owned enterprise.

In order to meet the high -quality development needs of enterprises and ensure that various tasks can be carried out more efficiently, according to the company’s development planning and the overall planning of manpower needs, after research, it is decided to openly recruit staff from the society. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. Recruitment principle

In accordance with the principles of both German and talented and the principles of "openness, equality, competition, and selection", public recruitment is publicly recruited, and the combination of examinations and inspections is carried out.

2. Recruitment of basic conditions and scope

(1) Basic conditions

1.With the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;

2.Comply with the Constitution and Law of the People’s Republic of China;

3.Follow the discipline and law, be correct, honest and honest, diligent and dedicated, united and cooperative, have good professional literacy, no bad records;

4.Good health, good psychological quality, strong career and responsibility;

5.Have the degree, professional or skill conditions required for the post;

6.At the age of 35 and below (born after January 1988), college degree or above; in 2023, fresh graduates should obtain a graduation certificate and degree certificate before the qualification review.

7.At the same time, those who have the above conditions and have the experience of working experience in the state -owned asset system of Tianxian County can be relaxed to 40 years of age (born after January 1983).

8.The location of the work is in Tianzhen County, and only household registration personnel are recruited.

9.Have other qualifications required to apply for the post.

(2) Recruitment scope

For public recruitment for the society, those who meet the qualifications of recruitment positions can register for participation.

(3) Personnel in the following situations shall not apply for the exam

1.Active soldiers and non -fresh graduates (of which, non -graduate students who have graduated in 2023 must not apply for a undergraduate or graduate degree and degree certificate that they have obtained) and cannot apply for the exam;

2.Those who have been punished for criminal punishment and were expelled from the Communist Party of China and public office; those who were not lifted during the case review or did not terminate the party disciplinary or political discipline.

3.Persons who have been identified in the recruitment of civil servants at all levels and the recruitment of public institutions that have serious violations of examinations and recruitment disciplines such as fraud, and cannot apply for the exam;

4.If the staff of the public institution has a service life and the service period is not full, the exam shall not apply;

5.Persons who have been listed as a joint disciplinary target of the dishonesty and laws and regulations that do not meet the requirements of this public recruitment, and cannot apply for the exam;

6.Direction and commissioned graduates shall not register;

3. Recruitment plan

A total of 17 staff members.For the recruitment positions, number and specific requirements, please refer to the "List of Public Recruitment of staff in Tiancheng County Tiancheng State -owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. in Tiancheng County" (see Annex 1).

Fourth, recruitment procedure

(1) Release recruitment announcements

The various types of information recruited this time are published on the portal of Tianzhen County People’s Government (http://www.dttz.gov.cn/) and will not be notified separately.Those who meet the conditions can register. Each person is limited to 1 position, and the multiple reports are deemed to be invalid.Candidates are requested to pay close attention to and keep the contact information unblocked. If the candidates fail to obtain the recruitment information in time due to their own reasons, the consequences are at their own risk.

(2) Registration and qualification preliminary review

1.Registration time: June 2, 2023 08 to 18:00 on June 6, 2023.

2.Registration method: This recruitment takes online registration. When registering, you must use a second -generation ID card, and consistent with the ID card used during the exam.

3.Fill in the information: Candidates log in to the website (http://www.lizhongrcw.coom), register to fill in the resume information (required to fill in the intention of intention, the place of the household registration, (the ID number is filled in the self -evaluation column), academic qualifications, professional, work, workExperience), uploaded photos (applicants should prepare in advance to prepare the recent electronic photos of the front blue background, 35mm * 45mm, jpg or jpeg format, the file size cannot be greater than 80kb), and submit resumes according to the registration position.The registration form is sent to the mailbox.

Download and fill in the "Tianzhen County Tiancheng State -owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. 2023 Public Recruitment Staff Registration Form" (see Annex 2) and upload photos in the registration form.Send to the mailbox: dtzchs @ zyrwork.com).

Employees exceeding 35 years of age must provide the scanned parts of the "Basic Situation Form of the Employer’s Labor Relations Personnel" stamped by the Enterprise and Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, and send it to the mailbox: DTZCHS @ Zyrwork.com.

4.Qualification preliminary examination: After submitting the application and sending the registration form and filing form, the applicants are waiting for the notification of the review results. Those who pass the qualification preliminary examination can enter the payment session and no longer modify the registration information or apply for other positions;If the preliminary examination is conducted, you can modify the registration information or report to other positions before 18:00 on June 6.

5.Payment: After the candidate submits the registration information review and approves, the payment will be based on the notice before June 7, 2023.According to the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance’s "Notice on Re -issuing the Administrative Toll Standards and Related Issues of Human Resources and Social Security Department" (Jinfa Reform Price [2016] No. 467), the payment standard is50 RMB.After the payment is successful, the payment cannot be replaced, and the payment is successful as the successful registration.If the payment is not paid on schedule and the amount of the amount, it is deemed to have given up the exam automatically.

6.Candidates who have passed the preliminary examination of qualifications and pay the fee in accordance with the regulations shall receive the admission ticket based on the announcement.See the written test announcement, see the written test location and related requirements for details.

Candidates must carefully read the relevant content and precautions of the admission ticket to prepare for the examination in advance; please keep your admission ticket properly in order to prepare for the use of the recruitment and other links in this recruitment.

(3) Written test

1.The total score of the written test is 100 points, and the test papers are strictly confidential.

2.The scope of the written test is timely: "Public Basic Knowledge" + "Test", the test time limit is 120 minutes.

3.Written test time and place will be notified separately.

4.According to the written test score, press 1: 3 to enter the interview session.If the proportion of insufficient number of people is determined by the recruitment unit, the minimum is not less than 1: 2 (if multiple candidates have the same written test scores at the end, they will enter the interview link at the same time).

(4) Qualification review

After the written test is over, according to the order of the written test score from high to low, the candidate for the qualification review is determined in the ratio of 3 times the number of recruitment positions.The number of people is determined.Qualification review is arranged uniformly by the company and organized and implemented with relevant departments.

Qualification review runs through the entire process of recruitment. Anyone who finds that applicants are not in line with the qualifications required by the position to be hired and provide false materials, and immediately cancel their qualifications.The recruitment leadership group will qualify for the registration materials provided by the candidates.

The on -site qualification review needs to provide the following materials:

① The original of the second -generation ID card, original account book and photocopy of the second -generation ID card;

② "Tianzhen County Tiancheng State -owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. 2023 Public Recruitment Staff Registration Form";

③ "Integrity Promise" (see Annex 3);

④ The original and photocopy of graduation certificate; the "Electronic Registration Form for Education Certificate of Education Certificate" during the verification period; those who return to China for study abroad must provide the "State (Land) Academic degree certification" issued by the Chinese Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education; "EducationThe Ministry of Degree and Graduate Education Development Center Certification Report "(inspection at the Chinese Degree and Graduate Education Information Network), download and print the paper version;

⑤ The qualification certificate must be provided with the original and photocopy;

⑥ Original of student archives may be archived in the archived archives of archives in the competent department at all levels (graduate employment guidance service centers), talent exchange service agencies at all levels, public employment service institutions at all levels, and graduation colleges.

⑦ The work experience of relaxation to the age of 40 proves that during the qualification review, it provides a certificate issued by the original unit and covers the official seal of the County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

:Agree to apply for a certificate: On -the -job personnel shall submit the consent certificate issued by the useful authority authorities or units.

The above qualification review information needs to be provided with one copy and copy of the copy. The original will be returned after the verification.Candidates need to go to the designated place on time to participate in the qualification review.If you fail to participate in the qualification review according to the prescribed time and place, it is deemed to have given up automatically.

(5) Interview

The interview adopts a structured interview method to record the whole process.The interview questions are issued by the third -party recruitment unit entrusted by the company, which is strictly confidential.The interview time and place will be notified separately.

(6) Summary of results

The recruitment work leadership group is based on the comprehensive score of the candidate (comprehensive score = written test score × 60 % + interview results × 40 %), written test scores, interview results and comprehensive results retain two decimals (fourth houses and five entry), and the minimum comprehensive scores are qualified.The score line is 60 points, and the comprehensive score does not reach 60 points.Combined with specific post requirements, the list of personnel intends to be determined from a comprehensive score from high to low scores (if multiple candidates have the same interview scores at the endChoose the candidate for the inspection).

(7) Physical examination, inspection

The physical examination of the personnel to be hired is conducted at a comprehensive hospital at the county level. Those who do not participate in the medical examination or the medical examination will not be employed.

The physical examination is based on the general standards of the medical examination staff of the institutions and institutions of the institution to ensure that the hired personnel have the physical conditions that can fulfill their duties normally. If the company or candidate has doubts about the results of the medical examination, the re -examination may be submitted in accordance with relevant regulations.For those who cannot complete the medical examination items due to pregnancy, it is implemented in accordance with relevant national policies.Those who do not participate in the medical examination on time shall be deemed to be qualified.The cost of medical examination is borne by the candidate.

Inspection of the proposed personnel who qualified for the medical examination, the inspection was inspected by the relevant departments of the application company.Investigation content: It mainly investigate the political ideas, moral quality, abide by discipline and law, self -discipline consciousness, ability quality, work attitude, learning and work performance, and situations that need to be avoided.Those who do not participate in the inspection in accordance with regulations shall be deemed to be qualified.

Due to physical examinations and inspections, posts that are not qualified are supplemented in turn according to the comprehensive results of each position; if the overall scores are consistent, the written test score is preferred.

(8) Publicity and hiring

1.The personnel to be hired were publicized for 3 working days.Those who have been found to be hired after verifying the issues reflected will be disqualified.It is difficult to verify the problems reflected for a while, and the employment is suspended.

2.Notify the personnel to be hired to go through the entry procedures within the prescribed time.If the hired person is not reported within 5 days without justice (from the employment notice), the qualification for employment is canceled.

3.The personnel to be hired implement the probation period in accordance with the regulations, and the probation period is included within the term of the employment contract.Those who have passed the expiration period of the probation period are officially hired.If the assessment period is not qualified during the probation period, the trial period will be terminated and will not be formally hired.

(9) remuneration and benefits

The employed personnel shall issue salary in accordance with the company’s salary system.

5. Precautions

(1) The phone left when the candidate must be unobstructed. If the phone cannot be notified due to the poor phone call, the responsibility shall be responsible for the responsibility.

(2) No matter what the major matters or or plan involved in this recruitment work will be studied by the recruitment leadership group.

6. Consultation and supervision

1.This test does not specify the test counseling book, does not hold or entrusts any institution to hold an examination counseling training course.

2.Consultation Tel: 0352-556882413028048683

Email: dtzchs t zyrwork.COM

Attachment 1: Tianzhen County Tiancheng State -owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. 2023 Public recruitment staff position .xlsx

Attachment 2: Tianzhen County Tiancheng State -owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. Public recruitment staff registration form in 2023

Attachment 3: Integrity commitment. DOC

Tiancheng County Tiancheng State -owned Asset Operation Co., Ltd.

June 2, 2023

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