Too many plays!Wang Xiaofei is new, Zhang Yingying shouted scum male giant baby, big S publicly publicly miscarriage the truth

On May 10th, Da S issued a statement late at night, and disclosed his sour journey between four pregnancy between 2011 and seven years between 2011 and 2018.

The statement also mentioned the specific time of the two abortion of Da S, and attached medical records of gynecological clinics.Big S Studio also explained that the statement was rumored to respond to Taiwan media reports more than once.

While she officially issued a statement, Wang Xiaofei was photographed with a beautiful woman on the street.Perpass said that the two had not been loosened for more than an hour, which was quite sweet.

Looking at the two abortion time announced by Da S, they are during the period of marriage with Wang Xiaofei.Although the two have divorced for a year and a half, Da S has seamlessly connected to remarry for more than a year, and suddenly responded to such a privacy. This is undoubtedly that the ex -husband and the current party have nothing to face.

Combined with the above two news, netizens also shouted President Wang: "Delivery with beautiful women must take safety measures. You see what the big S body is like."

But the character of the big S has always been daring to love and hate, and his own life is responsible.Now the bald head around him has no right to speak, let alone Wang Xiaofei, who has divorced and no longer meets.

In fact, their divorce war has been a few hundred rounds after the great S remarried, and the victory and defeat are not distinguished.

From Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying, to the mattresses of Da S and Ge Junjun’s sleep, and their monthly property and water and electricity costs of their homes, mortgages, etc. are public.

Perhaps there are more melons that netizens across the country eat than them.

And in these right and wrong, the biggest winner is Zhang Lan.She rolled these housework every day in the live broadcast room, and by the way, the goods were sold.Popularity and sales are straight into the clouds.It belongs to an inspirational old mother who scolds people while making money.

Winners have losers.Aside from the parties, the biggest victim should be Xiao S. After all, Wang Xiaofei did not dare to say anything hard to say to Da S after fighting.She said that she did not dare to speak up in the backyard, but she was in the high popularity of her sister every day.A little worried.

No wonder Xiao S now mentioned that he had only endless eyes.

Just half a month ago, Wang Xiaofei finally went to Taiwan after the divorce and gave the baby daughter’s birthday.Da S sent an emotional intelligence Simp, who came to tricks forever. As soon as the banquet started, Wang Xiaofei excitedly pulled Xiaomei to call his mother -in -law.

He also said that family members are always family members.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he returned with the child, Big S stated that he sent him to the cusp.

The Taiwan media also repeated the old things again, saying that Da S did discovered that Wang Xiaofei and the opposite sex were constantly being sorrowful to bear to choose to divorce.

However, even if Zhang Yingying was not afraid of being scolded by netizens, it is estimated that Zhang Lan’s shouting.Seeing the hope of getting started, she could only accompany Wang Xiaofei all day long, and she chose to break up.

That is, after breaking up, the relationship between Xiao Fei and Da S began to show signs of ease.

But the good times are not long.

In May, Wang Xiaofei had a scandal with Zhuang Simin again. He brought the list crazy in the live broadcast room of Zhuang Simin in the middle of the night, and also experienced the happiness of a big brother of Wang Sicong.

Unexpectedly, just a few days later, the girl around me changed her appearance again.

This scene not only made Da S can’t help but speak, but even Zhang Yingying couldn’t sit still.

She shouted publicly, and the girl around Wang Xiaofei insisted on "blessing" and took care of the "explosion affectionate giant baby".

He also said that during this time she and Wang Xiaofei were separated, Wang had "slept" more than a dozen, and at the same time continued to save her?

This affectionate and grabbing person settled, really only Wang Xiaofeng can hold it!

But having said that, the abortion of the big S must not be blamed on Wang’s head.After all, they really wanted their children at that time, but the reason why the Big S body could not be kept.

This statement was shocking, mainly because her first abortion surgery was the first four days before the wedding.The reason why Da S said is that the fetus is dead, and the wedding must be scheduled for a long time.She is so hard -working, it is not surprising that this arrangement is.

The point of the second miscarriage is to accompany Wang Xiaofei to record variety shows.The show should also have a contract.

In fact, there are already too many people in their stories.

So you can’t evaluate yourself at the time with your current feelings.

It’s just a pity that some people’s feelings come to the end.

Their feelings are really like a joke!

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