Toothache during pregnancy can not take medicine randomly, what should I do if it hurts?

As the saying goes: "Toothache is not a disease, it is a life pain," but for the mother -in -law: The most painful thing in the world is not toothache, but toothache after pregnancy!IntersectionIntersection

During pregnancy, I have worked hard, and I have toothache. The most annoying thing is that I ca n’t take medicine easily. What can I do?

Don’t worry, let’s see why you have toothache during pregnancy!

1. Change changes

After pregnancy, hormones in expectant mothers will change greatly, and it is easy to cause the capillaries of the gums of expectant mothers and weakening elasticity, which will cause blood stasis of the gums and changes in the permeability of the blood vessel wall.Therefore, expectant mothers will develop symptoms of inflammation of the gums.

2. pathological changes

About 4 months during the expectant mother, there will be tumor -like hyperplasia at the gums. If you encounter it, you will bleed. This thing is called "gingival pregnancy tumor".Don’t worry if the expectant mothers have this thing, because this pregnancy tumor is harmless to the human body, and most of them can heal after giving birth.

3. Eating habit

If the expectant mothers eat too acidic or sweet food during pregnancy, they will have certain damage to their teeth.While paying attention to diet, expectant mothers should also pay attention to oral hygiene ~

If you toothache, you must remember that the expectant mother must not be used at will!Be sure to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, because some painkillers may cause malformations or abortion in the baby!

What should I do if it is invincible or toothache?

October fungus teaches you a few tricks to relieve toothache!

1. During the toothache, you can contain a bite of water close to the body temperature in your mouth. After rinse your mouth, you can spit it out, which can temporarily relieve the pain;

2. After eating things, rinse your mouth with salt water can effectively kill the bacteria in the mouth;

3. Ginger and peppercorns have the effects of anti -inflammatory and analgesic. Specific mothers can cut a piece of fresh ginger or pinch a few peppercorns during the toothache, and bite the painful teeth to relieve the pain;

4. Squeeze the garlic, pour the water inside, stir well, and apply it to the painful teeth.

In addition to the above methods of relief, expectant mothers should also pay attention to: diet should be as light as possible, choose brushing toothbrushes with soft brushing toothbrushes, drink plenty of water, pay attention to oral hygiene and so on.

If the pain is really unbearable and the relief method is useless, you still have to go to the hospital to find a doctor, and the doctor will also do some local treatment according to the situation!

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