Top ten gestures of pregnant women’s skin care products, how do expectant mothers choose skin care products?

The minimum point of pregnant women’s skin care products is safety!

But now many skin care products have too many chemical components, too irritating to the skin, and even affect the health of the fetus.

The expectant mother does not need skin care products, it is too unfair, because after pregnancy, the endocrine of pregnant women will be more disordered. In addition, the estrogen secretion is strong, and the skin may have many problems.Skin care conditioning is too late.

The question that expectant mothers are most concerned about is: Will skin care products affect the fetus?

Skin care ingredients may also be absorbed into the blood through the skin.In this case, we must use some ingredients.

Taboo use ingredients for skin care products for pregnant women:

1. Vitamin A acid and its derivatives

Vitamin A acid can be anti -inflammatory in the skin and treat acne muscle.At the same time, it can promote collagen production, improve sebaceous gland function, fight aging, and repair light aging skin.

However, pregnant women orally can cause fetal malformations, which are drugs strictly prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding.The use of vitamin A acid is also high -risk during pregnancy.

2. salicylic acid

Orally intake of high dose of salicylic acid has been proven to cause birth defects and various pregnancy complications.However, there is currently no data to indicate whether skin care products containing salicylic acid are risky to pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, but for safety reasons, try to avoid using such ingredients.

3. Hydrogen

Hydrogen is mainly used to whiten and remove freckles, and it also needs to be used in pregnancy, although hydrogen cymbals cannot be used in the domestic cosmetics market.But it can still be used in the United States. If you have a whitening freckle product purchasing foreign freckle products, you need to pay attention.

Hydrogen is a Class C risk in the grading of FDA in the United States FDA. This level means that animal tests are harmful to embryos.

4. Plant essential oil

Plant essential oils are high -purity plant hormones and have strong permeability.There are many types of plant essential oils, and many of them are disabled during pregnancy.If you are not sure, and do not have the guidance of a professional aromatic master, use it with caution.

So how should pregnant women choose skin care?

In addition to the above taboo components, try to choose skin care products without preservatives and spices. The simpler the daily skin care products, the better.

As mentioned earlier, the ingredients of skin care products are also likely to be absorbed into the blood by the skin, so it should be streamlined during pregnancy. Basic cleaning+hydration and moisturizing.

Anxin product collection

You should choose a gentle facial cleanser during pregnancy to avoid problems due to excessive cleansing. Therefore, it is recommended to choose amino acid facial cleanser. It is weakly acidic and close to the human pH value to achieve a gentle cleansing.

For example, ELTA MD amino acid foam facial cleanser, Fulfang silk clean facial cleanser, FANCL smooth moisturizing cleaning flour, and soothing face repair cleansing milk.

To gentle, the weaker facial cleanser is: skin philosophy, three -in -facial washing milk, Thrilogy facial cleanser, and lameli soybean facial cleanser.

It is not said that you ca n’t wash your hair during pregnancy. It is important to keep cleaning, but it is best not to use ordinary shampoo and alkali. It also contains silicon oil and preservatives, which can cause hair loss.

For the health of pregnant mothers and babies, it is recommended to choose a special shampoo for pregnant women. Many pregnant women brands, such as Germany Nenfu, Kangaroo Mom, Belli in the United States.

Water shampoo in Germany tender folic acid amino acids

Folic acid pregnant mothers should be no stranger, and they must be supplemented during pregnancy, which has the effect of preventing fetal malformations.

The application of folic acid in shampoos is a super moisturizing agent that can lock the water of the hair without loss, making the hair more full and full.And this shampoo extracts folic acid imported organic vegetables in the Netherlands, with higher nutritional value.

In addition, 8 kinds of Japanese -imported amino acid nutritional ingredients are added to supplement protein nutrition for mothers during pregnancy.1 bottle of shampoo is equivalent to cleaning+oil control+hydration+nutrition to protect the health of pregnant mothers.

The entire composition of 8 is not added. After EWG security certification in the United States, two words: rest assured!

Canada Attitude Plants and Bathing Bathing Two -in -One

The biggest feature of Canada’s TTITUDE focuses on babies washing is that it uses a full herbal formula.In fact, this shampoo is used for babies, and the degree of safety is guaranteed, so pregnant women can also use it.ATTITUDE’s safe washing products do not contain carcinogenic chemicals, and the surfactants contained in the product comes from plant sugar and fattyol.

Attitude’s Baby Leaves series of shower gel, moisturizing cream and moisturizing milk have won the PTPA award. Their ingredients are also EGW security certification, green and environmentally friendly, and pregnant mothers can use it with confidence.

Tender Folic acid pregnant woman shower gel

Like shampoo, it mainly focuses on folic acid and has a strong moisturizing effect.Different from shampoo, the surface activator not only uses amino acids, but also reproduces glycoside, which is more gentle and cleaned.Moisturizing ingredients are added to Japan’s 8 major amino acid moisturizers. At the same time, patent levels of Tremellagia extract. This is a hyaluronic acid moisturizing agent with hyaluronic acid. It is 5 times that of hyaluronic acid.

It is also added with fragrance -free and preservatives. The foam is rich in use.

October Mommy Pregnant Women Shower Gel

The "October Mommy" brand was founded in 1999. It is a well -known domestic professional brand retailer in the well -known domestic products.This shampoo is also not added with hormones, mineral oils, alcohol and pigment. The ingredients are added with calamus chrysanthemum extract and wild rose fruit extract, which can improve skin dryness and nourish the skin.

There is no fake slide to use, the foam is rich, and the dirt on the skin can be removed.

Sensitive muscle lotion

This is a hydrating item suitable for young skin.Also without alcohol, mineral oil and flavors.The texture is slightly sticky, wiped on the face, and immediately feels moist, suitable for soaking mask paper, and it is also suitable for daily hydration.It contains double hyaluronic acid, the moisturizing water lock effect is great, and the mild and non -irritating weak acidity ingredients are very suitable for sensitive skin.

Lifang Spring Sutian Shujuan Embrie Water

This lotion contains a unique Richstone Hot Spring Water, which is the first moisturizing softening water for the skin that is tolerated.After streamlining the formula, the composition that can cause stimulation and allergens, providing a complete cleaning process for skin with poor tolerance and moisturizing the skin.

FANCL water milk

Japan has a well -known brand without adding brands and many different series. It has been studied for pregnant women’s skin care. All products are added without preservatives, flavors, and other stimulating substances. It can be said that it is true for pregnant women.The series of water milk introduced by FANCL today is divided into three types, blue high moisturizing, orange collagen repair, white whitening, and also divided into refreshing and moisturizing type suitable for oil skin and dry skin.oh!

Avene water milk

Other products of Avenes are also adhering to the concept of mild and unparalleled, and have received the love of many sensitive muscles, pregnant women, red blood, and thin skin.If it is during pregnancy, I do n’t know what skin care products to use, and only need to replenish moisturizing and moisturizing. Choosing Avenes must be right. This water milk is refreshing and not greasy to use it.The same cream is also very sufficient.


Sitapzin Moisturizing Cream 9.5 points

Cerave moisturizing cream 9.5 points

Cerave baby moisturizing cream 9.5 points

Care Silicon E milk 9.5 points

Miaosile Silicon Cream 9 points

FRESH Poetry Repair Nourishing Cream 9 points

Avene soothing special cream 9 points

Facial mask

FRESH Poetry Ancient Source Repair and Nourishing Honey Mask 9 points

Avene soothing moisturizing mask (Avene Hibiscus Honey) 9 points

The above products can also be used, and the product description will not be carried out one by one.

How do pregnant women care for skin?

) Wash your face

For skin, cleaning is not important:

1) The longer the face washing time, the cleaner the face washed —-> the more dry the skin

2) Similarly, the longer the makeup remover time —-> the more dry the skin

Therefore, pregnant women can use only water to wash their faces, warm water temperature, and can retain the oil on the face to moisturize themselves. This can reduce the use of moisturizing products and increase safety.(Of course, if your face is very oily, you can wash your facial cleanser)

2) Moisturizing

The skin needs moisturizing, especially in the dry season or dry environment (such as air -conditioned room).Water creams and pure products can be used for moisturizing.No need to use a lot, 1-2 is enough.

3) Avoid light

During pregnancy, because hormones fluctuate in the body, it will be more sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so it is easier to grow spots.EssenceEssenceTherefore, pay more attention to avoid light, use clothes, umbrellas, hats, sunglasses, masks, etc. to cover the light.

4) Makeup

Foundation products are like painting walls, which must be colored.Poor powder may make the skin discomfort, and may enter the pores.

When you must use it in some occasions, choose a product that does not require makeup removal (the powder content is relatively small) to reduce the burden on the skin.

5) Other efficacy products

Resolutely stop, for you and your baby.

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