Topics that should not be avoided

Wang Zhuqing Pharmacist at the Department of Pharmacy of Huangshan People’s Hospital for review: Zhu Zhonghua Deputy Director Pharmacist

Contraception is a topic that should not be avoided.However, due to the traditional thoughts of the Chinese people, contraception is ashamed to enlighten teeth, and contraceptives are like "floods beasts", so how many unknown girls have suffered from pain caused by miscarriage due to accidental pregnancy.For women’s health, how important popular science contraceptive knowledge is, today pharmacists talk about contraceptives.

Contraceptives are one of the most popular and most common contraceptive methods in the world. They are generally divided into short -acting, emergency, long -acting contraceptives and external contraceptives.

1. The difference between short -acting, emergency, and long -term contraceptives

Short-acting oral contraceptives is a conventional contraceptive pill, which is mostly compatible with artificial synthetic progesterone and estrogen. At present, there are 21 short-acting contraceptives on the market., Meixinle, etc., different brands of short -acting contraceptive pills are different, the contraceptive effect is similar, but the side effects and the price are slightly different, each with its advantages and disadvantages.It is recommended to see a doctor before taking it, and find a doctor to take a prescription.Clothes

Method: From the first day of the menstrual cycle, take about one piece of time per day, take 21 tablets, and then stop for 7 days, and take it again on the 8th on the 8th.Starting to take mild reactions such as nausea, headache, breast pain, etc.Generally does not affect continuing to use.Efficiency is> 99%.Short -acting contraceptives can also treat a variety of gynecological diseases, such as some abnormal uterine hemorrhage, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian failure, dysmenorrhea, preliminary syndrome, and so on.

Emergency contraceptives are also called afternoon contraceptives. Yuting is commonly used. Its composition is progesterone left pupaeurone (1.5mg), which is used to remedy measures after non -protective sex.Take one piece as soon as possible within 72 hours afterwards. Vomiting within 2 hours after taking the medicine, you must take it immediately.Note: 100%protection cannot be provided, with an efficiency of about 80%.The dose of emergency contraceptives is large, which is easy to cause endocrine disorders for women. The menstrual cycle changes. If it fails, you need to be alert to the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.It is recommended not to exceed 3 times a year, and not exceed once a month. It should not be used as conventional contraceptives.

Long -term contraceptive pills are rare in the market. Moon Yue’an (Zuo Nuo Peridone Femalenthalin) is commonly used in the first month.Take the second time for 20 days or the 5th day of menstruation and the 10th day of the menstruation. After that, the second medication date is taken for the second time.However, the progesterone dose of long -acting contraceptives is dozens of times that of short -acting contraceptives. Estrogen dosage is nearly 100 times that of short -acting contraceptives. The side effects are large, and there is a certain accumulation after stopping.Therefore, doctors don’t recommend taking it, especially unmarried women.Do not stop the medicine suddenly. The service must be stopped after three months of effect, so that the hormone in the body will be reduced slowly.Avoid major bleeding.It can only be considered for half a year to consider pregnancy, so it is more suitable for childcare women who have been born and have long -term contraception.It is 98%effective in correcting. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using it.

2. If you are still pregnant after contraceptive medication, can your child ask?

Short -acting and long -acting contraceptives are more than 98%of the correct efficiency, which is very small.Unless the leakage causes contraceptive failure.A large amount of evidence proves that taking contraceptives before and during pregnancy will not increase the risk of congenital malformations of the fetus, nor will it increase the risk of fetal death.The impact on the fetus is completely or ineffective, but it is not recommended to protect the fetus. By the way, it is natural to pay attention to the regular checkup.

But if you already know or doubt that you are pregnant, don’t continue to take it, please consult a doctor in detail.

3. Can I take contraceptives during breastfeeding?

Can’t take it.Both short -acting contraceptives contain estrogen, which can affect the amount and quality of milk, which can reduce the protein and fat content in the milk. It can be taken 6 months after delivery or after breast breaking.Emergency contraceptives should be suspended for at least 3 days, and the milk is squeezed out regularly during this period.Recommended external contraception: Sheung Wan or contraceptive.

4. What to do if the contraceptive is missing

The principle is that once you find that you will take a piece and immediately take a piece, and continue to take a piece of the day. At the same time, you may take 2 medicines at the same time. After thatThe problem is not big. Make up in time. There is no need to use other methods. If continuous leaks are repeatedly missed, it may lead to failure.For more than 2 days of leakage, it should be combined with other contraceptive methods to reduce the failure rate.

5. Why can short -acting contraceptives be used as conventional contraceptives?

If it is a healthy woman, it is still safe to use short -acting contraceptives under the guidance of a doctor.It is a very reliable contraceptive method.Applicable people are widely used, and all women with health and childbearing age can be selected, including new marriage and post -fertility.WHO Guide: Women from the beginning of menstruation to 40 years of age, no smoking, normal blood pressure, normal blood glucose, no obesity (normal body surface index), no history of venous thrombosis and family history can be used.

Under the correct use, the validity is as high as 99%, and the metabolism is very fast. It can metabolize more than half of 1-2 days and has no accumulation in the body.The impact on fertility is reversible. You can avoid pregnancy during taking medicine. After discontinuation, the physiological cycle and fertility ability can be restored.Disperture can be pregnant after a menstrual cycle.

6. Is the contraceptive taking pill?

The hormone contained in this contraceptive medicine is not the "hormone", but a few women have a slight fluctuations in weight. It may be the retention of estrogen and sodium in the contraceptive pills, or it may increase the cause of appetite, but these will not affect healthEssenceIn addition, the progesterone in the new contraceptive pill (You Siming) has a retention effect on water -resistant sodium, and contraception can control weight at the same time.

7. Who can avoid taking contraceptives

The following groups cannot take contraceptives and contraceptives: vaginal bleeding for unknown reasons; smokers over 35 years old; breastfeeding within 6 weeks after delivery; pregnant women who are pregnant or suspected of pregnancy;Intravenous thrombosis, long -term cannot move, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, migraine, diabetes, breast cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, hyperlipidemia, etc.; Allergic to contraceptives.When taking some drugs such as Lipurine, phenobarby, sleeping pills, antibacterial drugs, etc. will cause contraceptives to fail, and other contraceptives should be avoided or needed to be used.

The method of choosing contraceptives should be comprehensively considered based on age and disease conditions, and whether there are recent fertility requirements to involve individualized medication. It is recommended to consult a professional doctor before taking it.

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