Trilogy: accidental pregnancy, planning pregnancy, abortion

[Sexual Blessing] Plan for pregnancy, how to increase the success rate

Generally, normal people have about 10%per month, so 12 months (one year) can reach a 100%conception rate. If you try to have a year without pregnancy, there may be problems. ThereforeIt is called infertility without pregnancy.In other words, if you have worked hard from the winter (January) until the summer (August), it has not been successful, and it takes about seven months. It is 70%of the chance of getting pregnant with mathematics, so it is possible to not get pregnant.

In addition to the regular work and rest and maintain a happy mood, if you want to increase the chance of pregnancy, it is recommended to calculate the first day from the day of menstruation and start sexual life on the tenth day.Period, this can increase the possibility of pregnancy.If you try it seriously, you still can’t get pregnant for a year, it is recommended to see the clinic early.

[Sexual Blessing Two Tribe] I don’t want to get pregnant and have no contraception.

Afterwards, contraceptives are a high -dose luteal, which will interfere with the bed, and lutein will also disturb the stability of hormones and endometrium. After eating, there will be common symptoms such as menstrual bleeding and nausea.Moon menstruation will also be irregular. If you continue to bleed, it is recommended to see the obstetrics and gynecology.

It is not recommended to use contraceptive pills, and the side effects are relatively large, and 5%of the opportunity will fail to contraception. It is still recommended to prepare measures before doing things.

[Sexual Blessing Trilogy] Accidental pregnancy, about abortion

This problem is very common in my country. It is recommended to go to the hospital to complete the examination to confirm whether it is in the uterus. Can you take medicine or surgery? It is best to discuss with the doctor.

Pregnancy is a big event for individuals and families, representing the arrival of new life.

Modern, non -planned pregnancy, and medical treatment.However, this is not a general disease treatment. This is a topic of life. Instead of accidental pregnancy and consider how to remove it, obstetrician and gynecologists still need to emphasize again. Correct contraceptive measures are the manifestations of respect for life. Take it to get.Children, ordinary people have no way to get themselves, and they need to use the hands of obstetricians.Obstetricians and gynecologists must cure diseases and welcome new life, but abortion is to give up their lives. In today’s society, emotional, ethics and religion are unsatisfactory in their hearts, so it is necessary to contraception!

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