Try these methods to determine whether you are pregnant

Do you want to conceive a baby?But, do you know how to see if you are suitable for pregnancy?If you have the following symptoms, your pregnancy will be very difficult.

The hair of the private part is "crazy"

If the hair on the inside of the thigh is getting thicker and dense, there is a tendency to metastasize the abdomen, and the longer the triangle, the longer it looks like a square, it may indicate the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).This may be the imbalance of hormones in the body, and the male hormones occupy the upper hand."PCOS will stimulate the growth of hair and disturb ovulation. Many women cannot conceive normally." Katherine Johnson, a professor of science at Harvard Medical College in the United States, "Generally, I will ask these patients to take hypoglycemic drugs to reduce insulin levels and lose weight.With balanced hormones, rebuild ovulation functions. "

It will turn white after pressing the nails

Everyone will turn white after pressing the nails.But if it does not recover for nearly ten minutes, it may be a sign of anemia or iron deficiency."Many women, especially those with more bleeding during menstrual periods, will have anemia. Those with severe anemia will have decreased sexual desire, and even if they are pregnant, they may affect fetal development." Catherine Johnson suggested that anemia women should eat more iron -rich foods, and anemia women should eat more iron -rich foods, and anemia should eat more iron -rich foods.Take some iron under the guidance of a doctor.

Easy to dry lips

This is either lacking water or lack of vitamin A.If it is the latter, it may cause fetal birth defects.Caroline Jacob, a professor of dermatology at Chicago, pointed out that young women need to consume at least 20,000 international units of vitamin A a day. In addition to eating more eggs and milk, women should also consult experts and choose the nutritional supplementary agent that suits them best.Essence

Inexplicably swollen fingers

Demonstrating the reasons such as high -salt intake and taking contraceptives, it is necessary to consider whether the calamity of the thyroid dysfunction is caused.It can affect the level of thyroid hormone and cause metabolic disorders, and it will affect the development of the fetal brain after pregnancy.Women who have this symptom must seek medical treatment in time.

There is white dandruff at the corner of the mouth

Mold infection will not only occur in the lower body, but may also infected the mouth, and may even "spread from the bottom up."If there is a white dander in the corner of the mouth for a long time, you should look at the dermatology or general doctor to clarify the cause.

Other issues that need to be noted: If the skin of the chest looks dental, bruises, reds red, or feels swelling, itchy and warm, it may indicate breast disease, or even breast cancer, and must be seen as soon as possible.Check whether there are small white or red dots on your mouth and tongue. If it does not fade for more than two weeks, it should be suspected to be oral cancer.


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