Two conditions of daughter -in -law who are pregnant#Family

The daughter -in -law talked about the conditions, and her aunt made her dumb.

My neighbor’s aunt’s daughter -in -law has been married for 4 years, and I went to the hospital to get pregnant the day before yesterday.He showed me the test sheet and said that my mother was pregnant.My aunt is so happy.I said excitedly that you have been married for four years, and this time I finally became pregnant.Just say Lili to his daughter -in -law, you can have a good child like this.Unexpectedly, my daughter -in -law said mother, I have two conditions to talk to you.Originally, the child I didn’t want to want to ask for two years later, but your son had to have it.But you have to promise me two conditions. You promise me to give birth, otherwise I don’t want to talk about it after two years.

First of all, our current economic conditions are not affluent, so in the future, children and my father -in -law must take part in the future.

The second is that after the child is born, it is impossible for my mother to bring the child. Now you have time to retire and have time.In addition, children should also take your grandson with your own flesh.For these two conditions, if you agree, you will be born, and you will go out if you don’t agree.See how hard my daughter -in -law speaks, I told you that my aunt is not jealous. I have done nothing for years of business and have not experienced anything.He is not an average person, and he answered very calmly. It is reasonable that you are very happy with our flesh and blood.In fact, I have planned before. If you have a child, I will do my best. I can help you bring your children to bring your children. If you can help you subsidize your home, you will subsidize your home.I do a business on my side and there is a pension, which is not a matter.But if you say this today, I might change my thoughts.

First of all, I ask you a few questions. I am busy outside the New Year. When I am tired of back pain, have you helped me once?You have been married for 4 years. When I celebrate my birthday, have you bought me a gift?I have been serving me for a day when I am sick in the New Year?You haven’t even entered the door of the hospital. Why do you let me help you, do you follow our family?Don’t forget that your child is born.You are a child, you are a healthy person, and you are your responsibility and obligation to have children and children. You have the right to determine the child. You still do n’t want it.People and people are mutual, there is nothing to do.In this world, only those who have you and you have to be responsible.

The child was born to his parents, not to come to his grandparents and grandma.So if this child still does not want, you can make a decision yourself. I have no right to interfere.

After speaking, my aunt turned and left. His daughter -in -law stood in that time without answering a word for a long time.You said that the young daughter -in -law now wants to think of conditions before the child is born, complaining that the mother -in -law will not pay the child after it.In fact, except for individual selfish and delicious mother -in -law, most mother -in -law is very considerate. He does not want to help but he dare not help.You say that your attitude feels what your mother -in -law should, and be so life -threatening to ask for people.Do you still dare to be a mother -in -law?In fact, mother -in -law and they were exhausted.I feel that he may not even have the place where he is in the end.So I also advise those mother -in -law. If you really encounter such a daughter -in -law, you can stay away early, and he can’t remember you as much as you do.With that kung fu, you might as well cherish your body, and you can walk around.Dance square dance and wife exercise and exercise. Why not live a good life?dont you agree

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