Under what circumstances can’t we get teeth?These 7 are all taboos, don’t care about it

As a creative operation, tooth extraction has a certain stimulus to the body, and anesthesia drugs and antibacterial drugs need to be used. In some cases, it is not suitable for extraction. Let’s find out together.

1. Cardiovascular system diseases, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, etc. If patients are suffering from these basic diseases, because conventional tooth extraction needs to be injected with anesthetic, for such patients, they should choose anesthesia without adrenaline.If the use taboos of anesthesia, you can consider anesthesia such as pressure and acupuncture. The premise of the operation is when the patient needs to be stable. For example, blood pressure controls in a relatively safe range.Original disease.

Second, blood system diseases, such as platelet reduction purpura, hemophilia, renewable anemia, etc., may occur after extraction and bleeding, and it is necessary to consider the stable control of the disease.

Third, liver diseases, such as liver cirrhosis, severe liver function abnormalities, etc. The liver is a factory that synthesizes all kinds of coordinase and cellulose. Some liver diseases can cause reduced synthesis of these coordinates, and may be more than bleeding after tooth extraction.

4. Three months and breastfeeding during the female pregnancy, there will be wounds and stimulation after extraction, and antibacterial drugs need to be taken to prevent infection.Three months before and after women’s pregnancy and breastfeeding their own coagulation function, it may not be able to use drugs, or tolerance can not be tolerated, and they need to avoid these situations.

V. Endocrine diseases, such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc., because tooth extraction is a creative operation, it can be experienced in the machine experience. Patients with endocrine diseases may cause the original disease to worsen.After the comparative stability, tooth extraction is considered, and you need to pay attention to changes in the condition after surgery.

6. Patients with acute infectious diseases. Such patients generally have poor autoimmunity. After extraction, the wound healing is slow, it is easy to merge infection, and it is not suitable for extraction.

7. For women in the physiological period, the level of hormone in their bodies has changed to a certain extent. If you are extracted at this time, it will easily cause bleeding.Coupled with the stress ability of the patient’s body at this time, if the wound is in contact with saliva after the tooth extraction, the wound healing will be slower, and then there are bacterial infections.

In addition, for women in the first three months of pregnancy and the latter three months, it is not appropriate to perform tooth extraction at this time.If the expectant mothers are stimulated by the outside world during this period, it will easily cause abortion and premature birth. For those who have a history of abortion and premature birth, they should pay more attentionThe occurrence of necessary hazards.

Guidance expert: Liu Anfang, deputy chief physician, Futukiology Department of Suizhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Good at: He has been engaged in clinical work of the Five Officials for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in the five officials.

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