Under what circumstances do cows have a miscarriage?What do cows do after abortion?After reading it, you will know

There are often many cattle farmers who come to ask. My cow’s cows are aborted without knowing what happened, and I didn’t give it anything. Is this going on?In order to help the bull farmers solve this doubt, today I will talk about the cows’ abortion.Everyone must collect it.

1. The reason for the abortion of cattle

1. malnutrition

When the cows are too thin during pregnancy, there will be abortion.Under normal circumstances, during the pregnancy stage, the sows should get fat with the increase of the fetus. If it is thinner and thinner, it must be related to its food.The cow is aborted due to lean and malnutrition.

In order to increase the nutrition in the feed, we can add it to its food: Multi -dimensional Pacific Bao, because it contains more vitamins and trace elements, which can prevent malnutrition of cows.

2. Mold poisoning

If the cow eats the moldy or expired feed during pregnancy, it will cause cottage poisoning, which will cause the cow to have a miscarriage.

In order to prevent the cows from abortion during pregnancy, the expired mold feed should not be fed, feed the good feed.At the same time, it is added to the feed: coclin is too guarantee, it can break down the mold in the feed, and it can also prevent mildew poisoning in cows.

3. Fighting, fighting

Bulls are animals and are not human. They will fight from time to time and chase. If they are pregnant cows fighting and fighting, they can easily cause cow abortion through external forces.

In order to prevent cows from fighting and fighting, we must try to raise it alone after the cow is pregnant, and do not raise a large group.It is also expected to use cows: Mother Anshow, it can condition the reproductive system of cow, which has the effect of protecting the fetus and fetal abortion.

4. Disease

We all know that the disease is a infectious disease. It not only contagious animals, but also infectious people, but also the main characteristics of the diseased disease is the abortion of cows.If the cow we raised is determined to be infected, it is generally not recommended to continue treatment and directly eliminate.

In order to prevent cows from suffering, we are advised to regularly immune to cows, which can reduce the infection rate.

2. Nursing after cow abortion

1. When the cow has a miscarriage, its body is very weak. At this time, we can feed it some brown sugar bran water to allow the cows to restore physical strength as soon as possible.

2. Within 8 hours after miscarriage, the tire clothes will generally be discharged by themselves. If it has not been discharged after 24 hours, we need to use it: Clear the row too much, it can quickly help the cows get out of the fetus.

3. When the cows have a miscarriage, we have to do anti -inflammatory work for it so that the cows can avoid inflammation.

The above four points are the abortion of cows. In order to prevent the cows that are raised, we recommend that we do a good job of preventing cows in advance. After all, the prevention is greater than the treatment.

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