Unexpectedly pregnant with the second child, is it born?

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I feel very aggrieved in misunderstanding; good things come, I want to share it with more people; entangle something, I want to find someone to talk about it … In life, there are things that are mourned and sad every day.I don’t know who to talk to?Come and find us!From now on, this newspaper has launched the "Talk" column. You are welcome to call the newspaper reader hotline 968820. Our neighborhoods are willing to be your most sincere listening and recorders.You can also leave a message through the official WeChat "Xiamen Daily", and we will contact you for the first time.

>> Talkman:

Qingqing, 32 years old, company clerk

I am a only daughter. Although I meet the second child policy, I have never thought about having two children, and I think there is a girl.Niuniu was my daughter. When she was pregnant with her, my mother -in -law came to take care of us from a foreign country. The due date was less than two months. My husband suddenly proposed to send her mother -in -law home. I asked the reason that he never said, so he did not say the reason.A rare.Because of this, when Niuniu was born, her mother -in -law didn’t even call a phone call, which made me sad.Niuniu is now on Friday. It has always been our husband and wife, and my mother takes care. I feel so bad about my mother.I always thought that no matter what, I would definitely not have a second child, and so is my husband.Because he knew that his family couldn’t help it, he was also very hard from Niuniu’s birth, so he was a little scared.

My husband and I are firm and don’t want

But none of the drug flow was not successful

Just last month, I was pregnant unexpectedly.At that time, the first feeling was that the sky collapsed, and it was unlucky.I learned that I was pregnant again, but my mother was very happy.She felt that since she was born, this was a fate.I said it was too tired, but she said that taking one as a band, and two are also bands.Besides, when I was a child of my second child, the old man could go to kindergarten.The main thing is that my mother wants to let me take a good confinement again when the second child is.But reason tells me that it is still not suitable for this child, whether it is economical or mentally.Because it was an accident, my husband also agreed with my thoughts.In the end, we went to the Maternal Maternal and Child Hospital together.I went to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound. The doctor said that the child is still too young and there is no way to get the medicine. We can only come again after a while.

After about two weeks, I went to the hospital again.This time it was smooth, prescribed medicine, and was ready to take at home.Because of this situation for the first time, we were very nervous.Especially my husband, what should I do if I have always worried that I have a lot of pain in the stomach?Will he bleed?I was very scared by him as asking me. In the end, the medicine was not taken.

(Kidone: Your husband has never wanted this child, isn’t it?) Actually, my husband wanted a bit at this time.In fact, he was also very contradictory, and went to talk to his classmates.Unexpectedly, his classmate told him that the second child was very good. The child was accompanied by, and the parents could take time to do their own business.He was persuaded.But because of my persistence, he can only respect.

Family’s expectations

Let me change my mind

After more than half a month, I started to react pre -pregnancy and vomit.I went to the hospital again to prepare for abortion surgery.The doctor said that my examination was expired. If you want to re -examine, you have to re -appointment for the operation time.Forget it, the child was almost three months later, and my pregnancy reaction was estimated to end. Being a crowd, wouldn’t sin be suffered?In an instant, I really wanted to cry, and I was very frustrated.At this time, my husband held me and said firmly, "Keep it! Give Niuniu a younger brother or sister, let her have a companion, and there will be a dependence on what he grows up in the future. Some people discuss it.So lonely. And, don’t you think this is really a fate? The due date of the second child is the same day as Niuniu’s birthday, do you notice it? "I started to shake by him.When I got home, my mother knew that I had not killed the child, and it was bad. I kept saying, "That’s right"!

Watching my favorite family look forward to the child’s arrival, I think, what’s the reason I don’t want him/her?Birth!Now, the size of the family is waiting for the second child.

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