Unstable in the early stages of pregnancy.Learn 4 causes and signs of bleeding

In the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo is still unstable. Pregnant women should not be too tired, observe their own conditions, and regularly accept the production inspection, which can reduce the occurrence of bleeding.

Reason 1: The embryo bed is unstable

Symptoms: The amount of bleeding is not large, and the color is not dark, usually with the painful pain when menstruation comes.

The unstable embryo bed is the most common cause of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. When the embryo moves into the uterine cavity from the fallopian tube and is embedded in the endometrium, bleeding will occur when the uterine is not close.

It is usually related to the lack of lutein itself and overworked. As long as the doctor is confirmed, the embryo sac is in a stable state, and the fetus has a heartbeat. The cervix is eliminated by internal diagnosis.

The main treatment method is recommended that pregnant women have more rest, or giving luteal to slowing symptoms, and supplementing lutein in an appropriate amount to help the endometrium to become more stable, help bed, and reduce uterine contraction. For pregnant women, it is more like a pregnant woman.A placebo that allows pregnant women to relax and naturally improve the symptoms of bleeding.

Reason 2: Cervical problem

Symptoms: A small amount of bleeding, the perineum is easy to feel uncomfortable or more secretions.

Through internal diagnosis and examination, doctors can judge whether it is a cervical problem that causes bleeding. The most common is the cervical polyps, or the endometrium is thickened, and the cervix can be diagnosed through sliced examination.Due to the thin polyps, friction and collision may cause bleeding, but most of the polyps are benign tissues. Pregnant women can decide whether to remove it now.

In addition, the hormone changes during pregnancy, and some of the mothers of the constitution will prone to cervix and vaginal inflammation, especially if they have bleedingSlowing symptoms,

There is no habit of examination before pregnancy. Indeed, patients have found cervical cancer during pregnancy, but the probability is relatively low. If you have any questions, it is recommended to see it in time.

Reason 3: The quality of the embryo itself

Symptoms: Trace bleeding does not necessarily accompany abdominal pain.

It is necessary to judge that the state of the embryo is good or not. When you are pregnant in the early stage, you can only judge through the fetal heartbeat. Generally speaking, the fetal frequency of about 7 weeks is about 120 times / divide.It is about 90 ~ 180 or about 9 to 10 weeks.Especially after 8 weeks, if you have the opportunity to see the embryo are moving, you can rest assured.

Most of the pregnant women will hear the fetal heartbeat at 6-7 weeks, but such factors such as the mother’s intestinal flatulence, the thickness of the mother’s belly, the position of the uterus, and the resolution of the B-ultrasound will affect the time point of the pregnant woman hearing the heartbeat of the fetus.After many inspections, the heartbeat still failed to hear. It is confirmed that the embryo state is not good. Most of the body will eliminate the embryo and abortion naturally.It is discharged.

Reason 4: Ectopic pregnancy

Symptoms: Causes bleeding in the abdominal cavity, and the abdomen of pregnant women will feel severe pain.

According to research, the chance of ectopic pregnancy is 1/200.Ectopic pregnancy means that fertilized eggs do not bed in the uterine cavity correctly, 90%will appear in the fallopian tube, and the rest are any position of ovarian, cervix, intestine or abdominal cavity.

Although the ratio of incidence is not high, pay special attention in the early stages of pregnancy, otherwise it will not pay attention, causing the patient’s abdomen bleeding, and there will be danger of life.

After confirmation of pregnancy, doctors will confirm the embryo position through B -ultrasound. If they are diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy, after the correct treatment, if there are no other factors, it is generally not a problem to conceive a child.

The uterus was originally abnormal.Is it easy to bleed during pregnancy?

Many women have gynecological diseases before pregnancy, such as uterine fibroids, muscle diseases, etc., will it increase the chance of bleeding?There are many causes of bleeding. Of course, gynecological diseases are also considered to be considered, but clinically, it is important to check clearly. There is no need to worry about early troubles. In terms of experience, the impact of gynecological diseases does not have much imagination.

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