Uterine effusion, look at these complications

The uterine effusion is also known as the uterine effusion. The clinic of uterine effusion is not common. Patients with uterine effusion with different ages can be caused by different reasons.The uterine effusion is mainly caused by inflammatory exudate, which means that it has a certain relationship with the infection of inflammation. It has nothing to do with physical therapy.The inflammatory secretions in the uterine cavity cannot flow out or drain, and the uterine cavity pus can be formed, but it may be caused by the inflammatory infection of the cervix.The uterine effusion and small abdominal pain are due to the result of pelvic inflammatory disease. Generally, intravenous infusion therapy is recommended.Because the pelvic area is large, and inflammation can affect the peritoneal, the effect of intravenous administration is far better than oral.It is recommended that the semi -lying position high -calorie, high protein, high vitamin liquid or semi -current correction electrolyte disorders and acid -base imbalances, physical cooling is used during high heat.Abdominal distension should be decompressed by gastrointestinal gastrointestinal.

Hard effusion may cause complications

1. Uterine effusion causes infertility

If the uterine effusion is not suitable for treatment, its harmfulness is large, which can easily lead to pelvic adhesion and fallopian tube blockage, leading to infertility.For example, there are usually lower abdomen pain, lumbosacral soreness, increased leucorrhea, abdominal tenderness, and thickening of strip -shaped thickening, etc. Considering chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, you need to actively treat inflammation to prevent inflammation and increase the amount of effusion.

2. Uterine effusion cause pelvic inflammation

Most uterine effusion is caused by inflammation, which is caused by chronic pelvic inflammation.There are also a few caused by ectopic pregnancy rupture, luteal rupture, pelvic abscesses, chocolate cysts, and ovarian cancer.The effusion caused by pelvic inflammation is best to check the post -dome puncture to identify liquid properties.

3. Uterine effusion affects fertility

If there is a chronic infection, it may be the inflammation of the gynecological system, such as the ovarian and fallopian tubes, or it may be caused by tuberculosis or tumor.It is easy to cause pelvic adhesion and fallopian tube blocking, etc., and it will affect fertility over a long time.


1. The main symptoms are lower abdomen pain, which can be accompanied by systemic symptoms.

2. The pus that gradually formed by chronic uterine enditis can have no obvious symptoms.

3. The uterine is enlarged, soft, and tender.The connective tissue of the palace may have a significant thickening, and may have attachment to inflammation.

treatment method

Hystech effusion: uterine drainage

1. Cervical adhesion, endometriosis, and uterine tuberculosis (pus) caused by tuberculosis.

2. Uterine effusion occurs after radiation treatment such as cervical cancer and endometrial cancer.

3. Understand and determine the nature of uterine effusion.

Prevent care

Early diagnosis and active treatment of infectious diseases should be diagnosed and actively treated; for patients with malignant diseases, the "three levels" prevention work of patients with tumor should be done.

After preventing women in childcare, after entering the elderly, due to the atrophy of reproductive organs, the ovarian secretion of estradiol is stopped, and the immune function has gradually decreased. Therefore, gynecological diseases are prone to elderly women.

The following preventive measures are proposed for the disease characteristics of this disease:

(1) Strengthen the sanitation of women after menopause, take a bath, change underwear, and keep the vulva clean and dry.

(2) Participate in physical exercise appropriately.

(3) Keep your mood comfortable and enhance immunity.

(4) Remove the in -palace during the menstrual period. If there is any discomfort, seek medical treatment in time.

(5) Regularly routine gynecological examinations every year, pay attention to controlling their own diseases such as diabetes.

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