Vaginitis may affect conception. If you want to prevent it, the key is to do these 7 points

Vaginitis is a common disease of women, and there are many factors that cause vaginitis. Similarly, vaginitis has a great threat to women’s health.Let me tell you today: Will vaginitis affect conception?How to prevent vaginitis in daily life.

In general, whether vaginitis affects conception is determined by many factors, such as the severity of inflammation, the type of germs, etc. These may affect women’s conception.Therefore, women must do a good job before pregnancy before conception. If there is vaginitis or other diseases that affect conception, they should be cured before preparing for pregnancy.

(1) Don’t over -clean the private parts

To prevent vaginitis, do a good job of cleaning in private parts, but not overly clean.Proper cleaning private parts help prevent bacteria from violating. However, if the vagina is frequently rinsed, it will destroy the inner environment of women’s vagina, reduce the antibacterial ability of the vagina, and more easily breed molds, and make vaginitis "organic".

Generally speaking, cleaning the private parts with warm water every day can be cleaned.Do not abuse gynecological liquids. Frequent use of solution not only cannot achieve the purpose of preventing vaginitis, but can easily affect the balance of vaginal flora and increase the pathogenesis of vaginitis.

(2) Don’t wear tight pants

Some women in life, in order to show their figure, often wear too tight pants. Although wearing this is very beautiful and looks good, it is not conducive to ventilation in private parts, it is easy to breed bacteria, leading to vaginitis.Therefore, it is recommended not to wear tight pants to prevent vaginitis. You should wear loose and comfortable pants to allow the private parts to breathe smoothly.

(3) Wash the underwear separately

Women’s underwear should be cleaned separately. It is not recommended to wash it with other clothing, so as to avoid cross -contagion with bacteria and mold on the coat pants.Especially if the family or infectious skin diseases, such as ringworm, onychomycosis, etc., underwear should be cleaned separately.

(4) Don’t abuse antibiotics

The abuse of antibiotics can cause vaginal flora disorders, and pathogenic bacteria are more likely to breed and reproduce, and the incidence of vaginitis will increase.Therefore, we must be cautious when using antibiotics.

(5) Avoid sitting for a long time

Frequent sitting can easily make the private parts in poor ventilation, which causes blood circulation to be blocked, which causes infection and induce inflammation.Therefore, it is recommended that female friends usually pay more attention to exercise and participate in physical exercise. Do n’t always sit, you can get up and walk around, such as the toilet, pour cup of water.

(6) Good habit of washing hands before developing

Our hands have frequent contacts with the outside world, and it is easy to attach various microorganisms and pathogens. If you do not wash your hands before you are, the pathogenic bacteria will easily invade and cause infection.In particular, many female friends have the habit of wipe the vagina after they have, and they should pay attention to wash their hands before they are.

(7) Sexual life should be appropriate

The most direct contact with sexual life is our vagina. If sexual life is excessive, the chance of vaginal infection will increase, especially in the summer, the season of vaginitis is high, and sexual life should pay more attention to moderate life.

In short, for diseases such as vaginitis, we should pay attention to prevention in daily life and reduce the possibility of affecting women’s conception. I hope that the above introduction can help everyone.


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