Various changes during pregnancy, pregnant mothers have depression!3 Method to avoid bad emotions

In the process of breeding a new life, pregnant mothers usually hold a complex mood. Although they look forward to the addition of new members, they will also feel anxious because of facing a series of changes in life.

‘what to do?I’m not ready to be a mother yet!‘Do I have a way to take care of the little baby?’After many women learn that they will have a contradictory mood after they are pregnant, on the one hand, I look forward to the birth of the baby. I am very happy to be promoted to a mother, but at the same time, I will not help but worry about her role.The requirements are high, and it may be easier to feel anxious and nervous.

1. Understand pregnancy knowledge, pregnant leave

For many novice mothers, although I have heard my friends share their pregnancy experience before, when I have become the main character, the first actual process of pregnancy will inevitably feel nervous and scared.

A good way to reduce anxiety during pregnancy is to first understand the physical and mental changes that may occur during pregnancy. What will happen to the preview and prepare pre -preparing.Professional knowledge, as much as possible, can reduce some anxiety about ‘unknown’.

For pregnant women who are still at work, it is also recommended to learn about the relevant provisions of the maternity leave early. After the maternity leave is over, many people will still return to the company to work and make planning in advance, which will also help to re -adapt to work life.

2. Find friends and relatives, add mothers group

In the process of pregnancy and production, pregnant mothers will experience many psychological tests. The support and encouragement of relatives and friends can bring the power of the expectant mothers.Expectant mothers can chat with relatives and friends with pregnancy experience, talk about the mood during pregnancy, or discuss questions related to pregnancy, and even discuss with their mother or mother -in -law if they think that they permit.

In addition, expectant mothers can also join the mother group to see more about other people’s pregnancy experience.For example, when pregnant women are pregnant, they can know that 7 or 8 expectant mothers are also facing the uncomfortableness of pregnancy. Naturally, the pregnant mother will not be so nervous and helpless. After all, the prospective dad can not feel the same at this time.

Because in the mother group, everyone is also experiencing pregnancy, or has experience of pregnancy and production, so it will form a group power, making expectant mothers more supportive and reasonable.

3. Let the soul rest and reserve time for yourself every day

During the pregnancy, in addition to developing regular schedules and balanced diet to maintain emotional stability, pregnant mothers may wish to rest for the soul, and reserve at least some time for themselves every day to engage in favorite rest and entertainment.It helps expectant mothers to maintain a relatively relaxed state.

Signs of depression

Many mothers are easily nervous when they are pregnant. If they do not find a suitable way of venting, any small events in life may become emotional detonation points, so that the unhappy mood will turn into depression.How should pregnant mothers notice their mood changes?

Use emotion self -evaluation table

Moms mothers may use the simple meter of the "Mood Thermometer" to monitor their psychological conditions during a week. Because the meter table is convenient, as long as the Internet can be queried, pregnant mothers can use more.

Signal with depression

Although the general psychology occasionally feels low and stressful, the body will still have a natural adjustment function.Symptoms remain more than two weeks, and even have the idea of having to hurt yourself or hurting others, and seek medical treatment in time.

However, how to distinguish the symptoms of physiological discomfort is caused by pregnancy, or is it physiological because of psychology?Take pregnancy vomiting as an example. For example, if pregnant women have severe pregnancy vomiting and poor appetite, obstetricians will give vomiting to relieve symptoms. After appropriate physiological treatment, pregnant women can usually eat something, and they have some things, and they have anyThe desire to eat is just unable to eat, but if pregnant women lose their appetite because of emotional problems, even if they take antitoxin, they still have no help to eat, and they usually last longer, and they don’t even want to eat.

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