Various pains after pregnancy, are you still patient?Actually you don’t need to work so hard

Wen | Tao Ma

Some time ago, I saw a friend who was pregnant for 7 months.The most helplessness is that in the face of these pains, she can’t do anything, she can only endure it silently.After I talked about her privately, she knew that she was back pain, back pain, and cramps, and none of them was comfortable.In fact, this is not only the phenomenon of friends who exist alone. Most pregnant women will be entangled in various pains, and most pregnant women choose to be patient.In fact, you don’t need to work so hard, these relief methods are really useful.

1. chest pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant women have a slight swelling of the chest.By the third trimester, the breasts of pregnant women are increasing, adipose tissues have increased, and chest pain will also appear. This is a normal phenomenon.

Method: Pregnant women can apply hot towels to places where chest discomfort can be applied, so that the pain in the chest can be relieved.At the same time, pregnant women can also gently massage their chests, which will also help the pain of the chest.In addition, it is also critical to choose a comfortable and soft bra to choose a comfortable and soft bra.

2. Back pain

Under the influence of hormones, pregnant women are prone to backache back pain. Especially in the third trimester, the uterus is increasing, and the center of gravity of pregnant women will move forward.In order to maintain the balance of the body, the waist and back of the pregnant woman will be tensile, which will cause soreness.If the pregnant woman is not in good constitution or calcium deficiency, this feeling will be more obvious.

Method: Pregnant women can alleviate this pain through hot compresses or shower with hot water.If possible, pregnant women can also use the belly to bring decentralized pressure, so that the back of the waist will not be so uncomfortable.If the prospective dad can help massage his back every day, he can also play a good role.

3. pubic pain

This can be said to be the most unbearable pain during pregnancy. In order to allow the fetus to take delivery smoothly, the pregnant woman’s body will secrete relaxin.And this relaxation can cause the ligament between the pelvis to be too relaxed, which makes the pubic bone be overly separated.When pregnant women walk, go down, take heavy objects, and turn around, there will be a pain in the pain.But this is just temporary, and it will disappear after giving birth.

Method: Pregnant women should try to reduce activities such as going up and down.When resting, it is best to take a sideways on the side, which can reduce the pressure on the pelvis and back, which is helpful to alleviate the pain.

4. Leg cramps

Leg cramps are also a symptom of discomfort that most pregnant women will occur, which causes more causes of leg cramps for pregnant women.Generally speaking, if pregnant women are deficient in calcium, they are prone to leg cramps.Like the weight gain of pregnant women, cold legs, etc., can also cause leg cramps.

Relief method: Pregnant women can usually massage more legs and promote blood circulation in the legs.If it is caused by calcium deficiency, you must quickly supplement calcium.In addition, if pregnant women can apply calf, they can also relieve the symptoms of leg cramps.

Tao Ma said: We only list several common pain points during pregnancy. Many pregnant women have other pain to bear in addition to these.But no matter what kind of, pregnant women should not grit their teeth and learn to find some relief methods. You do n’t need to work so hard, and you will have a relatively smooth time during pregnancy.What pain do you encounter after pregnancy?

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