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If it was not under the sickness, wearing eight thick sweaters, two pieces of wool pants, and two pairs of cotton socks, there was no difference between Ms. Liu and other beautiful ladies embroidered.Ms. Liu is 45 years old. During the 16 years, Ms. Liu, who lives in Dazhou, is getting more and more afraid of cold, and the thicker crossing. Even in the hot summer, seven or eight sweaters will be worn.cold.

Zhou Bo, director of the Heart Medical Center Department of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, believes that Ms. Liu’s situation is considered as a physical disorder, which is very complicated and related to the genetic background and social environment.Before, Ms. Liu thought that it was caused by her abortion, but she had nothing to do with this.

In the past sixteen years, "afraid of cold"

Dazhou Women’s Yan Yanyan Wraps 8 pieces of sweaters in summer

On July 19, at the Heart Medical Ward of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, a reporter from the Chengdu Business Daily client saw Ms. Liu, 45, and sitting at the edge of the bed, she looked good, with thin eyebrows.But in a ward with a high temperature, Ms. Liu kept wrapped her quilt on her body.Under the illness, Ms. Liu opened the corner of the clothes, one, two, three … enough for eight sweaters, and two pieces of wool pants and two pairs of socks.Patients with sleeves look particularly special.

Ms. Liu told the Chengdu Business Daily client reporter that in the summer around 2002, she took medicine because of a cold, and then found that she was pregnant. She was worried about affecting the child and had to choose a miscarriage.After the operation, he blown the fan and lost the liquid."At that time, there was nothing to feel in summer. In winter, I felt that I was more afraid of cold than before, and wearing more."

But what Ms. Liu did not expect was that, then, she became more and more afraid of cold, worn more every year, and later developed, even in summer, she needed to wrap thick cotton jackets, sweaters, pants, winterWhen you wear 10 pairs of socks, you ca n’t wear shoes, you can only wear men’s shoes.Although a bed with a bed in summer, we must wear a sweater, because it will be cold when I get up at night to go to the toilet.

In the summer, wearing thick clothes made her look very different in the crowd and suffered from physical and mental torture.Ms. Liu said that at the beginning, she looked at a doctor and thought that she was weak and weak. After taking a lot of Chinese medicine, she could not improve.Later, because of his shortage of breath, he felt uncomfortable with his body muscles, and even attempted suicide, some doctors said it was depression.

"Some people say that I am psychologically." Ms. Liu said that she also tried to take off her thick clothes and replace it with normal temperature, but as long as it takes off, in half an hour, she will be too cold to tremble.If you want to vomit, you follow the cold, fever, sneezing, and sometimes the treatment is not good for half a month.I had to put on my clothes again.

Psychological stress

"Some people think I am neurotic"

In addition to being dressed thickly, Ms. Liu is miserable, and there is a problem that will sweat."Take a few steps and move, and the clothes are wet." Ms. Liu said that every day when she goes to work, she will put on a towel on the back of the chest and sweat, holding a large bag of clothes.Wet clothes.

When I got home, the first thing was to change clothes.Sweating, you can urinate frequently. You have to run the toilet at almost an hour, because you wear thick, just wear and take off your clothes, and your urination is longer than others to solve the stool.Lazy.

Not only is physical uncomfortable, Ms. Liu told reporters that her behavior is not understood: "Everyone thinks that I am a thoughtful problem, and some people think that I am neurotic, infectious disease, and unwilling to contact me." Ms. Liu saidThe incomprehension of the people around me made her psychological pressure greater.

For more than sixteen years, Ms. Liu has been seeking medical treatment around the disease.At the same time, after her father died, Ms. Liu also had to bear the medical expenses of her elderly mother. After her husband was laid off, she had heart disease. Children in high school had tuition and living expenses. Therefore, after the illness, Ms. Liu had to continue to work.

"In the office, some colleagues booked 10 boxes of box lunch. In order to save money, I have eaten 4 yuan for two days." Ms. Liu said, colleagues do not know why they do n’t eat them.Takeaway, I thought I didn’t like to eat, but it was actually too expensive.Even the bus fee of one dollar from get off work, he couldn’t bear it, and chose to go to work.

In 2013, Ms. Liu went to the Heart Medical Division of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. After living in the hospital for a while, Director Zhou Bo said that she could not be hospitalized in a short time. She suggested that she regularly see the clinic.But Ms. Liu said that after taking the medicine for eight or nine months, she did not continue to return to Chengdu for economic pressure.At the beginning of July this year, Ms. Liu came to the provincial hospital again. Originally, she intended to take a clinic to get some medicines, but she was arranged to be hospitalized because of her illness and severe anemia.

"I feel that I don’t have to improve now, so I want to know, what is my disease?" During the interview, Ms. Liu kept emphasizing that she felt that her illness had not improved, and she eagerly wanted good results.


Body -form disorder is not so -called mental disorder

Regarding Ms. Liu’s situation, Zhou Bo, director of the Heart Medical Center Department of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, believes that "her situation is considered as a physical disorder, the reason is very complicated, and the genetic background and social environment.The fan is actually not related to this.

"At that time, the situation may be postpartum depression, and then the physical symptoms were manifested as a manifestation, and it continued slowly. Zhou Bo analyzed that Ms. Liu’s hormones and temperature were normal." She felt cold, but she did not have a fever. There was no fever.The body temperature is not high. Sometimes it feels hot, but her body temperature is still within the normal range. It is because her sensor has a problem. The problem of hot and cold feel is still a psychological problem.The general treatment time is half a month. The physical therapy is generally stimulated by meridian and electrical stimulation. The function of her brain is changed by micro current and magnetic fields."

Zhou Bo explained that the current anemia, uterine fibroids and other issues that Ms. Liu may be a cause of physical disease.Due to physical symptoms, Ms. Liu’s emotional instability is actually not the mental confusion that ordinary people say."This kind of treatment is very important. The second treatment must be annoyed, and it should be slowly." The doctor said.

Zhou Bo said that the current treatment measures are drug treatment, the second aspect is psychotherapy, and the third aspect is physical therapy."This patient has been treated in our treatment and has been cured. Like normal people, she thinks that it is okay, and she stops the medicine. After stopping the drug, it will cause recurrence."Let the patient know what is going on with this disease, and then avoid the patient’s misunderstanding and fear of the disease, help the patient to analyze the cause together, and after experiencing what life events have led to a form of physical symptoms as a form of expression, but it is often in it inIn this process, patients may have obstacles.

Zhou Bo said that in fact many people have obstacles to complaints, that is, when there is pain and emotional problems, they are unwilling to express their emotions. Even if they express emotions, everyone around you think you should be stronger.It seems that it is a weak manifestation if you are painful and uncomfortable. In this cultural context, it is even more willing to express his emotions with the uncomfortable body of the body.

Zhou Bo said that in fact, the so -called psychological problems do not need to be uncomfortable in language. In fact, a large number of people in the clinic are manifested by physical discomfort.Ms. Liu is in the form of fear of cold, and some people are presented in digestive systems, cardiovascular, dizziness, headache and other issues.The doctor suggested that once there is pressure and emotional problems in work and life, it is best not to deliberately suppress yourself, and to eliminate these negative effects through appropriate and effective methods such as talking, exercise.

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