On the window sill, a pool of vomit made a sienal smell. I pinched my nose and took a broom and exhausted it. Finally, I dealt with them.Looking at the wet window sill, I was in contemplation …

On the day of the final exam, everyone was very excited, and the voice of the puppet was almost lifted off the roof.At this moment, Xiao Huang suddenly rushed out of the seat, and ran to the window sill in front of the window sill in three steps to vomit.The classmates on the side were like a frightened bird to fly away from the "severe disaster area".I watched the people in the class thin, what should I do?After hesitating for a while, I decided to let the classmates sweeping the floor deal with it for a while.

Back to the office, about a minute, two small heads outside the office were explored at the door."What’s wrong …" I was puzzled."Teacher. We can’t handle those dirty things …" "Try it out of water." How did you know that two minutes passed, and they stood on the door with another face.I twisted their brows and thought that they were some little girls who didn’t embarrass them to deal with them.

This reminds me of Xiao Wu again, this healthy, sunshine and handsome school bully.In the afternoon of that afternoon, a classmate was born. She was full of vomiting. I did not expect that the classmates complained that the noise made the class exploded like boiling water.I was hesitant to ask the classmates who swept the floor today to deal with the dirt.At this time, Xiao Wu stood very naturally and took the mop to deal with these things. He did quietly and did it very seriously. The classmates in the class looked at him intently.After doing these, he silently cleaned the toilet taken by the mop.

These two things have passed so flat, and now I want to come to my heart.What is education?Do we just educate them at school?I think that education is also to a certain extent to achieve some goals set by educators, but the core of its goal has indeed grown and changed by educating, allowing the educated to learn self -discipline, self -service, and self -education.

In retrospect, I am not right to handle Xiao Wu and this group of sweeping the ground.When Xiao Wu took the initiative to accept these tasks, I should not hesitate to praise myself, so that the classmates will use him as an example.And when the duty group did not take the duty seriously, I could actually hold a class on this matter so that the students realized the meaning of labor.Children understand that students should care and help each other.

Oral education may have little impact on them, which also reminds me of one thing I was studying in college.When I was in college, I was the deputy squad leader in the class.However, a classmate in the class was sick and went to the hospital. The two heads and I sent her to the hospital for care overnight.At that time, the hospital was going to perform a urine test. Her boyfriend helped her into the ward, and the squad leader looked at the urine and turned away.Only when I was standing there, I was tangled inside. I also wanted to turn my head and leave.After thinking about it, I am the monitor. Since I am here, I also shoulder the responsibility of taking care of her. Is this like this?So I silently sent the urine to the doctor.

To praise the classmates in the class and let them take him as an example.The opening of the class will let the classmates in the class recognize the meaning of labor and care about others. I think it is necessary.Through some of my own examples, I think it can play a role of positive aspects.The real cases of real occurrences in the class are definitely better than the educational effects of this book in the book "Dao Law".In a real situation, they can promote their thinking and progress.They can better see themselves, see others, constantly reflect on, and promote their progress.

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