Wang Baoqiang’s acting is the pinnacle. Many people can’t understand. What story does the movie "Mr. Tree" tell?

When it comes to Wang Baoqiang, it is difficult for you to associate him with the words of acting.

Because, looking at his role, it seems that there is no technical content.The migrant workers in "No Thieves in the World", Xu Sanuo, the special forces in "Soldier Assault", the sniper in "My Brother is called Shunluo" is smooth, the martial arts killer in "One Man’s Wulin", "People are in the embarrassmentWang Bao in the way, then go to the "Chinatown Detective Case" series.

You will find that Wang Baoqiang seems to be acting every time, and he is the one who looks very smart at a glance.

But you put down these characters to see together, silly roots, Xu Sanduo, Shunlian, Wang Bao, and the "light yellow dress, fluffy hair" in "The King of New Comedy", each character has himself.Unique features, you will never mix these.

Performing each character is like yourself, but it can make you distinguish between not playing. Wang Baoqiang’s acting skills have always been underestimated.

One of the works that can represent Wang Baoqiang’s highest acting skills should be "Hello!Mr. Tree.

This movie was filmed in 2011, only 40 days before and after, but it has won many international awards.The most important thing is to win the Best Director Award and Best Actor Award at the Vladivostok International Film Festival.

On the same day, Wang Baoqiang did not go. The best actor was led by the producer.When he heard the film emperor who got this film festival, Wang Baoqiang first thanked the director Han Jie and the producer Jia Zhangke, and said that Mr. Shushu was indeed my masterpiece.

Later, this "Hello!Many of the shots of Mr. Shu have become a teaching material for performing majors. Wang Baoqiang in it truly shows "textbook -like acting skills".

However, after the award of this movie, many friends came here. After watching it, there was a big question mark in their minds?What exactly did this movie say?Say good is comedy, rural humor, how can you watch more like horror movies?

Don’t worry, take your time, let’s first briefly this movie plot.

The protagonist is called the tree. Wang Baoqiang is a rural person. The car repair in his village is a small job.This person is usually not working well, and he is very embarrassed. He is full of the streets, and he is full of everyone. He always says that he has something to do.

The first impression of this person is a rural margin who is dead but nothing to do, which is our vulgar "second -class".The friend around him called him "tree brother", which seemed to respect, but it was ridiculous.

No one took him seriously.The child ignored him.

They joked several times with the tree. You are so resistant to the mines in the village, you should cut the ribbon.

In the village, the tree returned home empty -handed, and he was seeing his mother burn paper for his dad and his brother.

The tree was originally a brothers, but when he was a child, once, his brother did something wrong and was hung by his dad on the tree. He accidentally killed it.This scene was seen by the tree throughout the process, leaving a deep psychological shadow.

Later, my brother entered the city to work, and the village left the tree and the old mother.

The fucking of the tree burned the paper and said to the tree that the bully in the village occupied his own land and let the tree go to talk to people.The twenty -five or sixteen of the tree is actually not doing anything.He agreed, but he didn’t know how to do it, so he pressed it first.This bully is still a critical person. Remember, his name is the second pig.

That night, the tree dreamed of his dad and his brother, and dreamed that his dad burned his brother’s body in the field.This dream, his father and brother, like the soul, are the shadows that the tree cannot get out for a lifetime.

It didn’t take long for the tree to have a small accident when repairing the car, and accidentally burned the eyes without operating the rules.He was wrapped in gauze on his eyes, but no one visited. He was lying on the bed by himself. Later, his brother who worked in the city came.

The boss felt that he was not working, and came to give him the remaining salary and told him to be fired.

From then on, the tree has really changed from a person who has nothing to do.

After being discharged, the tree was pulled out by a group of friends in the village to drink.There is the two pigs mentioned above.On the wine table, everyone was very cordial, but it was obvious that they were all Han, and he was playing him as a fool.

Erzhu also said that his factory is going to start work. There is a lack of the door. You are okay now. Come and show me the door.

Seems to be arranged, in fact, let him look at the door dog.Moreover, the factory still pressed the land of the tree.The tree hasn’t told him yet.

After drinking half of the wine, someone came in and said, saying that the two pig’s car was stunned.The two pigs came out, and said nothing, the people who were riding the car were just one foot.This person’s understanding is the absence of a small job from the outside world. It is the only friend of the tree and the only person who sees the tree.

The tree couldn’t see it, and I went to the front and said to the two pigs, see my face, even if it is.As a result, the two pigs pushed to the side and returned to him directly, what happened to you.

After finishing the egg, I ca n’t eat this meal anymore, and finally dispersed.

The tree returned to the street and walked blindly.In the friend’s car, the tree saw Zhang Xiaomei, a deaf man in the back seat.He fell in love with the deaf and dumb girl at first sight.

The tree began to find a matchmaker to go to meet Xiaomei.In order to enhance his image in Xiaomei’s heart, the tree also deliberately matched a pair of glasses.A sloppy, with a pair of golden glasses, the image of the tree, contradictory and ironic.

The tree really took this glasses to meet Xiaomei. As a result, one could not be sign language, one could not speak, and this blind date met was really average.

As soon as the camera turned, he got married in the village alone and set off a banquet in the village.

Outside this door, the tree met his good brother to remember the poor, and it was renamed Yixin.Let’s call him Xiaobai.Xiaobai is a childhood playmate.Xiaobai opened a school in the city and got into the car as the principal.Seeing his brothers mixing so well, the tree was a bit uncomfortable.On the wine table, the tree and Xiaobai talked about what he did not work. He thought about whether he could go to Xiaobai to last class and played his legs.Xiaobai agreed.The tree is particularly happy.

After drinking half of the wine, the tree suddenly remembered that the land of his own was still occupied by the second pig, and he held the wine glass and toasting on the table next door. By the way, he talked to the second pig.

But in front of the wedding banquet, when the tree was pulled out and spoke, he stepped on the two pigs.This matter should be one morning.

The eyes of the two pigs were bad. With the opportunity of toast, it was directly full of white.If you do n’t drink the tree, you have to work.If you push me, the second pig is anxious. By this matter, it is said that the tree does not give him face, and you will do it directly.

The tree was holding his head and squeezing his face with his head, and he was a little angry.The words came.

Relying on your brother -in -law to be the village chief, pretend to be a bull.

This sentence made Erzhu really get angry.Everyone in front of the wedding, let the tree kneel down to admit mistakes, and not to admit wrong.

The incident could not be overwhelmed.

The two pigs still do not depend on, and have to let the tree kneel, who persuades is useless.

The tree also recognized at this time:

Brothers, brothers, there are many outsiders just now, and the brother is wrong.

When he said, he bowed his head and kneeled the two pigs.

The second pig still does not understand the air, and goes away:

Seeing you like this, I have noisy eyes.

This kneeling felt that the whole person collapsed, and it became more and more abnormal.

In the evening, when the tree was in trouble with everyone, I learned that Xiaobai had returned to the city long ago, and he didn’t wait for him at all.The tree feels even more collapsed, and friends who have been playing to big since childhood are playing with him.

However, because I couldn’t find a job, the tree still went to the city to find Xiaobai, and wanted to get a job from Xiaobai.Xiaobai watched him pitiful, and finally left him to sweep the floor in his tuition class to do hygiene.

Xiaobai in front of the village is so proud, when I go to the city, there is a tuition class.

With work, with money, the tree has a mind, and wants to find a wife for yourself.Thinking about normal people look down on themselves, the tree still decides to hook up with the deaf dumb people.The gesture of speaking does not work, and the tree has a SMS offensive.

One or two times, the tree successfully got Xiaomei and was ready to return to the village to get married.

When you get married in the village, you will find your brother and borrow the boss’s crown car to be a wedding car for himself.It was the last time I burned my eyes and left that one of 1,000 yuan and left that.Last time I saw that they were married to get married, and the tree felt that he could not lose his share.

The wedding preparation is almost the same, so I waited for my younger brother to open the crown to the door to himself.As a result, Crown did not come back, and his brother only got Passat all the way.

The tree was unwilling, and he scolded his brother in the yard on the eve of the wedding.

If you want your brother to do TM, what’s the use of TM?

However, the tree was fiercely brought up to his brother’s head, but he was pushed down to the ground by his brother.

The tree got up, and he had no air, and he kicked the brazier with a kick, leading to a fire, and the wedding materials prepared by the wedding were burned.My brother rushed out of the house and beat the tree.

The tree was beaten, lying on the bed, and hallucinations began to appear in my head.

The tree saw his father burned his brother’s body in the field. He was holding his father’s neck and asked him why he didn’t wrap himself.

The tree also saw the brother who was strangled by his father back again. He took a sister -in -law and sang and jumped at his wedding. The atmosphere was peaceful.

However, there is a detail in the camera. Although his brother (Wang Dazhi) sings and jumps, the marks on the neck are clearly visible.

With the stimulation, the expression of the tree smiled for a while, feeling that the whole person was not normal.

When I got married the next day, it was obvious that the eyes of the tree were scattered. The whole person was muddy, and the person was going to attend the wedding. I felt that I was still hallucination.

To pick up the bride, the tree saw his brother and sister -in -law sitting in the height and called him.

Back to his home, he also saw his father sitting on his banquet.

By the time of the cave in the cave, the tree saw the scene where his father was killed.A good passionate drama, I couldn’t do it all at once.

The more incorrect the plot is.

On the second day of the tree marriage, the tree said to the person that there was an accident on the mine.Run again to say that you have dirty things on you, and the fairy is going to accept you.Finally, I ran to the village chief’s house, and the fairy told him that he would stop the water after a few days.

As a result, something happened on the mine. The best friend of the tree Xiaozhuang was carried out and was taken to the hospital, but did not rescue.After a few days, the village really stopped the water, and the life and the tree said were not bad.

Everyone thinks that the tree is in the ghost and the gods, and the words are the gods.The second pig was also scared, and found the tree and asked him to help him drive away the dirty things.

In the darkness, just hitting the two pig’s face.The tree said, I invited He Xiangu, you have to bare a head for He Xiangu.

The two pigs stumped their heads, and they were kneeling in front of the tree in front of the tree.

But at this time, Xiaomei could no longer stand the trees’ sloppy and nervous, and packed back and returned to her mother’s house.

The village was about to open the mining, and the villagers moved out of the village into the city.My brother also took his mother.The village chief came to the tree and wanted him to calculate the day of opening, and asked him to cut the ribbon on the mine.

The mining industry, the tree stood in the crowd, and later laughed on the stage to cut the ribbon for rituals.

Xiaomei also returned, she was pregnant with her child, and said to the tree.

Finally, there is a vision, and the tree is alone in the wasteland.

The movie is almost over here.It seems to tell a very ridiculous story.In contradictions, the logic is inconsistent, and the protagonist is crazy.

But in fact, this is not a completely realistic story, using the launch of magical reality.The first half of this movie is reality, and the latter half should be the fantasy of trees.

When the tree appeared fantasies, he was crazy, and the story behind him came up with him.

The absurd and bizarre, just the world of lunatic imagined.

But there is a question here, when is the tree crazy?

There are two time points to pay attention to.

First, the tree kneels to the second pig. At this time, he confirmed that outsiders looked down on him, and his heart had begun to collapse.

The second was a tree with his brother. The wedding supplies burned out. The tree was lying on the bed. He found that even his brother looked down on himself. In the hallucination, he began to see his father and his brother.

These two points are opportunities for tree crazy.

As for, the second pig kneeled under the tree, the tree cut the ribbon to the mining industry, and Xiaomei returned to her, spoke, and became pregnant with his child.It’s all the trees for no reason.

Therefore, there are two sayings about kneeling and fighting about tree crazy.

Some people say that after the tree and his brother hit a fight, he was crazy. After getting married and seeing his father and brother, he was all fantasies of the tree.Because the wedding supplies have been burned, they are not married.

Others said that the tree was crazy after kneeling, including entering the city, falling in love, and getting married.This even worse, it means that his life from hope to shattering is imagination.

Since the imagination of the lunatic is later, what is the reality?

There are also a few shots in the movie.The village was empty, and people moved to the city, and the mother was taken away by her brother.

The tree was squatting on the tree in the village during the day, and returned to the house at night.

The village has no one else, leaving only the lunatic of the tree, living in his fantasy.

It’s miserable.

At the end of the film, there is a particularly horrible long shot.

The tree squatted on the field and looked into the distance.

The world becomes blood -red, and everyone runs into the world in this world.

In the eyes of the tree, this world is a blood -colored hell.

After simply speaking the plot of the movie, let’s talk about where this movie is.

Not to mention the details and metaphors of the movie, just Wang Baoqiang’s role alone reflects many problems.

He is eager to get fair, respected, recognized by others, and become the focus of everyone.But each time the tree was full of hope, it was defeated again and again.

The tree was laughed at by others and looked down on everyone, and even the child knew that he was a fool.

In the end, in the ridicule of others, the tree was really defeated by reality, becoming a fool in the eyes of others, and becoming a lunatic of his world.The village was empty, and he became the only abandonment in the village.

Everyone who sees this movie can find their own shadow from the tree.

We work hard, we struggle, we want to live better.

We dare not give up, because once we give up, we may become "Mr. Tree".

A fool in the eyes of others, a lunatic of his own world.

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