Want to get pregnant without calculating the ovulation period?Teach you 5 calculations, don’t miss the time

Many female friends should know that they want to have a healthy baby in pregnancy, and they must know when they are ovulation, so that they can work hard during this time so that they can conceive a healthy baby.But there are many female friends in life who want to get pregnant but they are not late, and they do not know how to know when they will ovulate.In fact, there are many methods of ovulation. As long as you choose the one that suits you, you can know clearly.

1. Menstruation calculation algorithm.This may be the main arrival of many women’s estimates during ovulation. Generally, the ovulation day before the menstruation of women next to the next menstrual period, and 5 days before this ovulation day and 4 days later. These 10 days will be called it calledDuring ovulation, the chance of pregnancy in the same room will be higher during this period.However, although this method is simple and direct, the disadvantage is unreliable.Because ovulation is affected by a variety of factors, a phenomenon of advance or delay, especially women with inaccurate menstrual cycle, this ovulation test method is even more inaccurate.

Second, leucorrhea color and ovulation sensation detection method.Some women will find that during ovulation, the amount of white belt will become more, and there will also be transparent egg white brushes, and some may also cause pain.Although this is also the most direct detection method, its disadvantage is to confuse gynecological diseases.Because some gynecological diseases will also change with white bands and symptoms such as small abdominal pain, it is easy to confuse ovulation.

Third, ovulation test strip testing method.Although this method is simple and convenient, there are many types of ovulation test strips on the market, which is prone to product errors. Because some users operate properly during the use of test strips, the results are not allowed.Therefore, the accuracy of ovulation test strips is only 75%.

Fourth, measure body temperature method.This method is economical.But it is easily affected by objective factors.Generally, women will decrease during ovulation, and they will rise after the eggs are discharged.Therefore, the accuracy of this method is relatively high, but the characteristics need to be observed for about 3 menstrual periods.Therefore, this method is more troublesome and requires confident women to persist.

Fifth, ultrasound testing method.This measurement method is the most accurate, but the disadvantage is that it is too expensive and time -consuming.The most accurate B -ultrasound to detect ovulation is currently a relatively intuitive method, especially for women who irregular menstruation or women who need to be ovulation, can accurately measure the development of follicles, and can also understand ovarian function and endometrium.EssenceHowever, the B -ultrasound detection method needs to go to the hospital for testing for a week, which is more time -consuming and costs.

Warm reminder, no matter what kind of ovulation method, it has advantages and disadvantages. Female friends can choose according to their own situation, but it should be noted that for ovulation, you must not be too anxious. If you have patience, you will be pregnant successfully.Essence

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