Want to have a healthy and smart baby?But it is not only simple to eat folic acid. You must know the 9 major pregnancy preparation skills!

When it comes to pregnancy, many people think of eating folic acid, but is it really as simple as eating folic acid?NO, want to have a healthy and smart baby, you still need to understand these skills!

Smoking and alcohol have great harm to sperm, so before the baby is planning, men must quit smoking addiction and addiction. It is best to quit for half a year before considering the baby.healthy.

In addition to quitting smoking and drinking, it should be far away from some bad environments, such as public smoking areas, bars and other places. Even if you quit smoking, second -hand smoke still hurts your body.When he was herself, the man and the woman should pay attention.

Before pregnancy, the man and the woman must insist on exercising every day, improve physical immunity, resist virus infections, and have a healthy body.Parents’ health is healthy, and the baby can be healthy.If you have cold symptoms during pregnancy, you must be cautious when taking medicine.Because most of the western medicine is chemicals, it hurts to the body.

Usually develop a good habit of not picky eaters, eat more vitamin -rich foods such as fruits and vegetables, and supplement the various trace elements needed by the body.At the same time, eat more foods that can improve sperm eggs during the diet.

During the preparation of pregnancy, the man and the woman’s body should not be too heavy. If the weight is severe, you can first push the pregnancy time and try to reduce the weight to the standard weight before considering pregnancy.Because the woman’s weight is seriously exceeded, it also has a certain impact on the development of the fetus in the mother.

The impact of mentality on fertility is also crucial. If the work pressure is very stressed every day, and mood is depressed, this will also affect the growth of the fetus.Therefore, when preparing to get pregnant, both the couple must maintain a good attitude and welcome the arrival of a healthy and smart baby.

Many small couples have the habit of raising pets, raising a kitten and puppy at home, and life is more interesting.However, if you are preparing to get pregnant, you still cannot raise pets. Because pets may carry bacteria itself and have a certain impact on the fetus, pets can temporarily ask friends to support them when preparing pregnancy.

Preparation before pregnancy is important, and the intimate care after pregnancy is also very important, especially the diet of pregnant women during pregnancy.After all, a baby’s birth takes about ten months. During pregnancy, you must eat more foods containing calcium, iodine -containing, and trace elements required for the growth of your baby. This will help the child’s health grow in the mother’s health.

According to research, women are 24 to 30 years old and men are 27-35 years old, which is the best age of childbearing.Because at this time, the physical condition of both men and women reached its peak, and the development of reproductive organs was relatively complete. Both sperm and eggs were better, which was conducive to cultivating the next generation of healthy.

Editor: In fact, it is not so easy to bred a healthy and smart baby. Of course, it is not as difficult to imagine. As long as the relevant pregnancy measures are taken, I believe that all parents can ask for benevolence and pay for it.

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