Want to prepare a good baby?Quit smoking and alcohol, don’t take medicine … 4 major precautions should be kept in mind

If you want to have a healthy baby, the first thing you want to do is to prepare for pregnancy, but many age couples do not understand what is the right pregnancy. Some people even think that pregnancy is just a woman’s affairs.Pay attention to many details, otherwise there is a great chance that it will affect the baby’s health.

1. Quit smoking and drinking

Although most people know that cigarettes and alcohol are not good for human health, many people still maintain the habit of smoking and drinking, especially men who are struggling for their careers.During pregnancy, male friends are better to quit smoking and drink for at least three months, because harmful substances in cigarettes, such as caramel and nicotine, and alcohol, may affect the chance of conception and the health of the baby.

2. Be cautious for medication

During pregnancy, not only expectant mothers should pay special attention to medication, but also to be cautious in the use of medication, because some drugs will have a certain impact on the growth and development of the fetus.Some men who know about medicine have a protective layer between testicular tissue and testicles, so they do not care about medication. I do n’t know that such behavior sometimes affects the fetus, because some drugs can pass through the protective layer, which affects it, which affects it, which affects the influence, which will affect the influence, which will affect the influence, which will affect the influence of the protective layer, which will affect the protective layer, which will affect the influence.The combination of fertilized eggs may be affected even if the combination is successful.

3. Actively adjust diet and living habits

If you want to have a healthy and smart baby, male friends must actively adjust their diet and living habits.Try to eat less foods such as barbecue and eat more green vegetables, such as spinach, celery, etc., because these vegetables are rich in nutrients, such as vitamins and various trace elements.In addition, eat more fish, because fatty acids in fish meat have a lot of benefits for sperm health.In addition, men who are preparing for pregnancy have to change their bad habits, such as going to sauna often because the healthy growth of sperm needs to be carried out in a cool environment.

4. Avoid sitting for a long time

The generation of sperm.Therefore, the prospective dad should squeeze out the body during work, such as pour a glass of water, or give up the elevator to walk the stairs.

There are still many things to do for men to prepare for pregnancy. For example, do necessary physical examinations. Do physical examination during pregnancy can prevent the appearance of malformations and reduce the chance of some congenital diseases.Eat more foods that can improve men’s fertility, and replenish nutrition supplements reasonably. For example, oysters and abalone are good choices.

The zinc element in oysters is very rich. Zinc elements can not only make sperm healthier and more active, but also promote the synthesis of male hormones. Abalone can improve men’s sperm quality and increase the number of sperm.Therefore, it effectively improves the fertility function of men, especially for men who affect sperm quality due to age, and the effect of abalone is more obvious. In addition, men in the preparation during pregnancy can also eat some lotus seeds or pumpkin.

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