Want to prepare for pregnancy?Know the ovulation period

Since the opening of the second child, "1+1 = 4" has become the ideal state of most families, but the process of dream realization is very difficult.In order to fulfill dreams, many families are actively breeding new lives. With it, calculating the "golden stage" for pregnancy-ovulation period has become a "routine work" of many husbands and wives.But, will you really count the "ovulation period"?

What is ovulatory period

The normal menstrual cycle of women is generally (28 ± 7 days), and most of them are 28-30 days. It is normal for advance or delay for 7 days.

The ovulation day of each menstrual period refers to the number of forwards from the first day of the next menstrual (inferring time) for 14 days.The ovulation period refers to the first 5 days of ovulation and 4 days after the time of the ovulation, and the ovulation date for a total of 10 days.

In theory, during the ovulation period, the mature eggs will be picked up by the fallopian tube umbrella after the ovaries are discharged from the ovarian, and the lumen of the fallopian tube will be entered. If at this time, men’s sperm enters the women’s reproductive tract.-3 days of fertilization ability to promote the completion of fertilization.

In fact, most of the fertilization occurs within a few hours after ovulation, and generally does not exceed 24 hours, so the success rate of the success of ovulation during ovulation during ovulation will appear relatively high year -on -year.

How to measure the ovulation period?

➤ cycle inference method

Normal women’s ovulation usually occurs around the 14th day before the next menstruation.For example, the menstrual cycle is 28 days, and ovulation is between the menstrual cycle.

Generally speaking, eggs can only survive in the reproductive tract for about 24 hours.Therefore, this method cannot be used for women with irregular menstrual cycles.At this time, the calculation formula can be calculated according to the ovulation period:

The first day of the ovulation period = the shortest number of menstrual cycles is reduced for 18 days;

The last day of the ovulation period = up to the longest menstrual cycle day to reduce 11 days;

The length of ovulation during ovulation = the first day of the ovulation period on the last day of the ovulation period.

法 Basic body temperature measurement method

Under normal circumstances, the basic body temperature will increase after ovulation, and the fluctuation range is within 0.1 ° C.In other words, if the body temperature is 0.3-0.4 ° C the next day, it indicates that the ovulation day is coming.After ovulation, the body temperature will rise by about 0.3-0.6 ° C, indicating that entering the luteal stage.

In addition, it should be noted that if the basal body temperature rises continuously for more than 14 days, consider whether to get pregnant; if the base temperature increases less than 12 days, you should consider whether there is a lack of luteal function and whether you need to seek medical treatment to adjust the luteal function.

检 Cervical mucus examination method

The ovulation period is affected by estrogen. The cervical mucus is white and transparent, egg -shaped, and a brushed degree of up to 10 cm.After ovulation, the effects of progesterone, cervical secretions will become white and thick.

Therefore, a female friend who is ready to be pregnant may wish to pay attention to the leucorrhea during the ovulation period. If the leucorrhea is transparent for egg white, it is prompted to enter the ovulation period. The next day can be in the same room to increase the surrogacy rate.Essence

检 urine LH test strip test method

When the follicles grow and mature, the increase in estrogen levels will induce the production of luteal formation (referred to as LH), thereby inducing ovulation.At this time, if the urine LH test strip is tested, it is strong positive, indicating that ovulation will be ovulation.Ovulation generally occurs within 24-48 hours of strong positive, and can have the same house for 2 consecutive days to increase the surrogacy rate.However, the duration of urine LH is short, and only before ovulation can be detected.

子 B ultrasound monitoring egg method

B -ultrasound monitoring eggs are the most accurate way.Specifically, you can use Yin-type B-ultrasound to detect follicle development on the 11th day of the menstrual cycle. Determine the number of monitoring times according to the size of the follicles. When the follicle size is 18-20mm, it is considered a mature follicles.Can increase the surrogacy rate.

After speaking so many common calculation methods, we still need to remind everyone that even if the ovulation calculation is accurate, it is also necessary to understand that this is only one of the elements of successful pregnancy, not an absolute factor.If you want to give birth to a healthy baby, you also need to prepare for the diet, regular work, and good living habits in order to make more effort.

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