Want to prepare for pregnancy?These things must be understood in advance


In recent years, many young couples are very anxious about pregnancy:

I only know that I want to replenish folic acid, but I do n’t know that I have to add other nutrients;

I get sick during pregnancy, I don’t know if I can take medicine, I can only carry it hard;

I can’t be pregnant, I suspect that there is a problem with my body, and I am increasingly anxious.

Preparation stage is a good time to adjust your own state, and it is also the key to giving birth to high -quality babies, but it is not a simple matter to prepare for a new life.

Paying attention does not mean understanding, but also requires professional knowledge.

Scientific pregnancy, three things are essential!

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin, an important nutrition to prevent fetal malformations, and can avoid neurotic defects in the fetus.

Because the fetus is formed in the first 4 weeks, the state of folic acid is not possible to improve immediately after supplementing, and it will be effective for taking it for a while.

Therefore, it is recommended to replenish the pregnancy preparation stage 3 months before pregnancy.

The Chinese Nutrition Society also suggested in the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines" that women of childbearing age should be supplemented at 0.4 mg of folic acid daily from 3 months before pregnancy, and it continues until the end of pregnancy.

3 to 6 months before pregnancy, both men and women should conduct pre -pregnancy examinations.

It can pass a series of examinations and medical history inquiries to discover the potential risks of expectant mothers, future babies and pregnancy. There are problems with problems in advance to avoid getting into dilemma after pregnancy and improve the efficiency and quality of pregnancy.

Preparation during pregnancy is similar to the healthy medical examination.

It should be noted that TORCH examination is recommended before pregnancy, also called four eugenics and five eugenics.

It can understand whether there are long -distance infections, antibodies, etc., which is more meaningful than checking after pregnancy.

In addition to regular schedules and balanced nutrition, because the survival time of eggs is limited, grasping the opportunity of the same room is the key to determining the success or failure of pregnancy.

Studies have found that within 24 hours of ovulation or 1 to 2 days before ovulation, the same room has the highest perpetational power.

You can grasp the ovulation period and increase the chance of conception by testing the basic body temperature, ovulation test strip, B -ultrasound, and detecting the level of progesterone in the middle period of luteum.

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