Want to prevent back pain after birth, first understand what is going on with backache and back pain and nutrition during each pregnancy?

I believe that those who have had a baby and the confinement will be directed by the older generation. Pay attention to wear more clothes and do not let the back of the back cold. Otherwise, you will have back pain in the future?Or you can’t do this movement now, it is easy to hurt the waist bone. If you hurt your waist bone at this time, it will be troublesome. You can think of a mother in the past.The story of bed and so on, is the postpartum back pain and back pain really because of the cold after delivery?Or is it caused by postpartum exercise?In fact, not for this, the following analysis.

With everyone’s attention to health, researchers also have a new understanding of this aspect. Some scientific research has shown that postpartum backache is due to calcium loss, which affects bone loss.It will stimulate bone cortex pain nerves and make us feel pain, and this is the pain of skeletal skeletal, not muscle pain. Therefore, postpartum backache and back pain are not caused by cold or exercise.Improper exercise is just a factor that affects calcium synthesis. The root cause of postpartum back pain is the lack of calcium.

From the statement of the older generation, it can be speculated that when they return to their age, eating or drinking during pregnancy should be good. At that time, I did not realize that pregnancy should be supplemented with calcium or other nutrients.The elderly still persuaded us not to accept this nutrition product. Do n’t take these medicines messy during pregnancy. It ’s not good to eat these. Now their thoughts have not accepted nutrition, and even mixed nutrition products and medicines.At that time, whether it was pregnancy or breastfeeding, there was definitely no additional calcium supplement except for a normal diet.When the baby grows in the belly, it is already needed calcium. After the birth of it, we have to breastfeed again, which will secrete a lot of milk. In addition to moisture in milk, there are a lot of calcium.More than pregnancy.When the body’s overdraft calcium exceeds a certain amount and the outside world does not replenish it in time, it will cause bone loss. If you add cold or excessive exercise at this time, the synthesis of calcium is not so much., Will make the calcium loss in the bone more serious, and the symptoms of back pain and back pain will be more obvious.Afraid of the well rope, so they will tell the younger generation about their encounters, and tell us to pay attention to it.

How to prevent postpartum back pain?Naturally, the root causes must be found, that is, we must adhere to calcium supplementation during pregnancy, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. At the same time, it can be done.More than 7%.During pregnancy, you can take it from food and take more foods rich in calcium, but by the middle and late pregnancy, as the baby grows up, the amount of calcium requires increase.Intractional 1000mg of calcium, while breastfeeding and even some people need to consume 1500mg daily to maintain normal use of the body.Many of them are very concerned about supplementing nutrition during pregnancy, but after breastfeeding, they are not replenished again. In fact, breastfeeding is also very important because the milk secreted by the mother contains a lot of calcium.The bone calcium will be mobilized to synthesize milk, and even the mother’s calcium deficiency will not hesitate. Therefore, in order to maintain the bone no loss and avoid the occurrence of various sub -health symptoms, pay special attention to calcium supplement during breastfeeding.At the same time, pay attention to supplement vitamin D, sun -exposed the sun, to ensure that the sufficient calcium in the milk and their own bone calcium will not be lost.Common calcium -rich foods are: beans and soy products, milk and dairy products, kelp, seaweed, hair vegetables, black fungus, black sesame, etc.

Each postpartum physical condition and nutritional status are different, resulting in different calcium supplements. It is best to listen to the advice of doctors or private nutritionists to supplement them to avoid the so -called postpartum backache, not suffering, not suffered from suffering, not suffered, not suffered from suffering, not suffered, not suffered from suffering, not suffered, not suffered from suffering, not suffered, not suffered from suffering.The influence of the older generation of people dare not exercise, and dare to turn on air conditioning or bathing in confinement.

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