Want to replenish calcium when you are pregnant?Don’t fall into these four misunderstandings!Have you seen the gun?


Netizen Lily has been pregnant for more than 5 months. Since her pregnancy, she has neither pregnancy reactions nor too much physical discomfort. Of course, except for sleeping leg cramps at night.Speaking of cramps, Lily is more troublesome. Every time I scatter, I wake up. I feel that I am missing calcium, so I started to eat calcium tablets … It is a very common phenomenon for pregnant women.Is it scientific if you immediately supplement calcium lack of calcium?Today, I will talk to you about some misunderstandings of calcium supplement!

1. The more calcium supplement during pregnancy, the better

Misunderstanding: Eat more calcium -containing foods or calcium slices, the better.

Harm: Too much calcium intake may interfere with other trace elements to absorb and utilize the human body, and it may also lead to increased risk of kidney stones.

Positive solution: In the "Reference Increases of Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents (DRI)" formulated by the Chinese Nutrition Society, the maximum tolerable intake of adult calcium is 2000 mg per day. This intake is not the recommended standard intake.Generally speaking, the recommended intake of adults is 800 mg per day, and at least 500 mg is generally consumed from the diet.

2. Calcium supplementation at each stage during pregnancy

Misunderstanding: Some people think that pregnant women need to supplement calcium, which is of course right.But is it really necessary to make up for each pregnancy?NO!

Positive solution: The supplement of calcium should start with 4 months of pregnancy. At this time, the bones of the fetus begin to develop, and a large amount of calcium needs to be absorbed.During the development of the fetus, 80%of the calcium reserves in the fetus were accumulated in the third trimester, the highest at 38-39 weeks of pregnancy, and even studies have found that calcium supplementation in the third trimester is better.

3. Take calcium tablets on an empty stomach

Misunderstanding: Some pregnant women eat calcium tablets during an empty stomach.

Positive solution: take it with meals, after meals, between two meals, or before going to bed. It is better to rest for half an hour after dinner, because fully peeds can interfere with oxalic acid and promote the absorption of calcium.In addition, the concentration of blood calcium at night is low, so taking calcium before going to bed is also conducive to the absorption of calcium.But just don’t take calcium tablets on an empty stomach.

4. Pregnant women’s calcium supplement products contain lead

Misunderstanding: Blindly selects lead -containing calcium tablets.

Positive solution: The latest research results show that some "natural" calcium tablets contain a small amount of lead, while lead is harmful to the fetus.Therefore, do not take leading calcium tablets when calcium supplementation.

1. Effective calcium supplementation effect is good

When it comes to calcium supplement, some pregnant mothers believe that "calcium supplementation is to eat a large amount of calcium tablets", which is unscientific.In fact, calcium supplementation and dividing calcium into several times to replenish it, which is actually much better than a large amount of calcium supplement absorption!

2. Calcium supplement time is particular

Because the blood calcium concentration is the lowest in the middle of the night and the morning, half an hour after dinner is the best time for pregnant mothers to supplement calcium.

3. Eat foods that help promote calcium absorption

First of all, a nutrient that helps the absorption of calcium is vitamin D, so you can eat foods containing vitamin D, such as cod liver oil, egg yolk, liver, etc.In addition, calcium supplementation should also increase the intake of phosphorus. If the calcium and phosphorus ratio is lower than 1: 2, imbalances will cause osteoporosis; in addition, drying the sun is also a good way to help promote promoting to promote the promotion of calcium supplementation.Calcium absorption.

Written at the end: Although the fetus grows rapidly, many pregnant mothers have put the problem of calcium supplementation on the agenda.However, in the process of calcium supplement, some pregnant mothers may have some misunderstandings, resulting in poor calcium supplementation.Therefore, when calcium supplementation, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to scientific methods to ensure that calcium supplementation is in place!

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