Want to take contraceptives but are afraid of affecting pregnancy?The doctor analyzes you three drugs, and the degree of influence is different

There are many ways to contraception, some are reliable, and some are not reliable.Some are men’s responsibility for contraception, and some are women’s responsibility for contraception.Many boys are unwilling to wear condoms, women do not want to go to the ring, nor do they want to have sterilized surgery, they will choose to take contraceptives to contraception.Many people want to know whether taking contraceptives will affect women’s pregnancy after women, will it affect women’s fertility. What should be paid attention to when wanting to get pregnant, the types of contraceptives are different, and the answers to these questions will be different.

1. Short -effect oral contraceptive pills

Short -acting oral contraceptives are suitable for long -term contraception and are conventional contraceptive methods.As long as short -acting oral contraceptives take correctly, the success rate of contraceptive success is high, which can reach more than 99%.The most important thing is that it will not affect women’s future pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant, you can stop the medicine.After discontinuation, ovulation will be restored, which will not affect women’s fertility, nor will it affect the development and health of the fetus.

2. Long -term contraceptive pill

There are many types of long -acting contraceptives, including long -acting oral contraceptives, contraceptives, and buried contraceptives.These contraceptive methods can be used for a long time, which is relatively convenient for a long time.However, the side effects of long -term oral contraceptives are relatively large, and now few women have used this contraceptive method.Even if the drug is stopped, there will be some residues in the body. If you want to get pregnant, you need to stop taking it for half a year. In this six months, do not get pregnant with other contraceptive methods. After half a year, prepare for pregnancy.

3. Emergency contraceptive pill

Compared with short -acting oral contraceptives, the drugs of emergency contraceptives are mostly more than 10 times more doses of oral contraceptives.Frequent use of emergency contraceptives will interfere with the function of the ovarian, which will cause women’s menstrual disorders, and will also affect women’s liver health and adversely affect women’s fertility.If taking emergency contraceptives fails and accidentally getting pregnant, you can leave your child, but you need to check regularly and do more examinations.

1. The preferred short -acting oral contraceptive pill

It can also be seen from the above that short -acting oral contraceptives have great advantages and will not affect women’s future pregnancy.Compared with long -acting oral contraceptives with large side effects, emergency contraceptives that have adverse effects on physical health after frequent use, short -acting oral contraceptives will be safer.

2. Take contraceptives correctly

Emergency contraceptives need to be taken in an emergency within 72 hours without contraceptives or contraceptives. The earlier the effect, the better.Short -acting oral contraceptives need to be taken every day for 21 days.Long -term contraceptives do not need to take it every day. Take twice in the first month, and once a month after.Different types of contraceptives have different methods of use. Correctly take it to make it better efficacy.

3. Pay more attention to diet

Do not drink often during taking contraceptives, or drink tea often because it will affect the effect of the drug.Do not use Drugs such as Liping and antibiotics, which will affect the concentration of the drug and reduce the efficacy of contraceptives.To understand the contraindications of contraceptives, do not do things that affect the effect of contraceptive pills.

There is a adverse effect on women’s pregnancy. It depends on the type of contraceptive pills and the method of taking.Do not generalize in this matter. The impact of different types of contraceptives on women’s fertility is different. Specific types of specific analysis must be analyzed.It is recommended that women use oral short -acting contraceptives to contraception. Compared with the other two contraceptives, they have greater advantages.

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