Want to vomit?Listen to what the doctor says!

Yesterday, she was shopping on the street and met an old acquaintance Xiao He. She said that she was pregnant, but she was annoyed from time to time after she was pregnant. When she was at work, her colleagues were annoying when they returned home from get off work.I have been struggling with this and ask me if I have a good way to face it.

After I learned about the situation in detail with Xiaohe, I said that this snoring situation is normal, and many people will have this symptom, don’t worry too much about entanglement.At the same time, I told Xiaoshi, a few cases I encountered all the knowledge points that I generally care about, Director of the Occupational King shared:

1. Why do pregnant women snoring?

1. It may be because the uterus continues to increase with the development of the fetus, and at the same time, the stomach of the pregnant woman’s body is pushed to the top, and the intestines are pushed to the top and both sides.In addition, the placenta in the abdomen of pregnant women can secrete a very sexual hormone, and progesterone can be the weakened tension of the smooth gastrointestinal muscle and the weakened gastrointestinal peristalsis, which causes delay in the discharge time in the stomach.Feeling, snoring.

2. It may also be because pregnant women drink less water during pregnancy, less fresh fruits and vegetables they eat, or reduce the amount of exercise, and too much food for each meal, which causes gastrointestinal dysfunction of pregnant women, which causes gastrointestinal indigestion.The peristalsis weakened, and the phenomenon of snoring eventually appeared.

2. I ca n’t hit it -hiccups want to vomit

1. Pregnant women can’t hit

This situation is generally due to the increasing uterine to hold the stomach of the pregnant woman, which causes the stomach to be uncomfortable, and the phenomenon of snoring cannot be hit.It is recommended that pregnant women drink more drinks such as honey and white radish water, which helps to exhaust. Eat less and eat less foods that are prone to flatulence. In this case, it may be significantly reduced without snoring.

In addition, this phenomenon may be caused by the coolness of pregnant women. It is recommended to drink more hot boiling water and hot drinks. Pay more attention to the warmth of pregnant women’s stomachs and eat less raw foods that are prone to flatulence.For example, cold milk, soy products, etc.

2. Maternal woman hiccups want to vomit

When pregnant women have symptoms of snoring and want to vomit, it is recommended to drink more hot water or ginger slices, which may relieve the symptoms of vomiting.In addition, pay more attention to the decompression of pregnant women, because the pressure in the heart is too large, which will cause the symptoms of pregnancy.Choose a comfortable dining environment as much as possible to increase the appetite of pregnant women.Eat more alkaline fresh fruits and vegetables, etc., to prevent gastric acid poisoning of pregnant women, you can also eat more dry foods to reduce the reaction of pregnancy.

3. Method of hiccups in pregnant women

1. Focusing on eyeballs: When pregnant women are snoring, they can gently press on the eyeballs with their palms. After that, there will be gases to discharge in the stomach of the pregnant woman. The snoring phenomenon may stop immediately.If the hiccup of the pregnant woman is not very good, it is not good to press the eyeball, and the pregnant woman can be slightly harder and rub it several times. The snoring phenomenon will generally be eliminated.However, eye diseases such as glaucoma and high myopia, and patients with heart disease should not use this method.

2. Pull the tongue: When pregnant women are snoring, you can also use a clean gauze to wrap your tongue, and gently pinch your tongue with the most convenient fingers. At this time, the pregnant woman will feel that there is a gas from the abdomen.stop.

3. Drink temperature boiling water: When pregnant women are snoring, the method used by the older generation is to drink a sip of warm water and swallow it seven times. After the last time the swallow, the snoring phenomenon may stop.

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