Washing tubes ligated, can I still conceive naturally?Twelve years later, the tubal tube was resumed, and Guilin’s woman and children made her dream again!

With the gradual relaxation of fertility policies, many families have two children’s fertility plans, which makes women who have previously underwhelmed tubal ligation and breeding. Can they have another fertility after the fallopian tube ligation?Can the fallopian tube be connected?

Today, we invite Teacher Wu Guifen, director of the women’s second department of Guilin Maternal and Child Health Hospital, to talk about "fallopian tubes".

A few days ago, Ms. Wei, who was grateful, came to the second department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Guilin City early in the morning to send the banner of "exquisite medical skills, wonderful hands" to Director Wu Guifen, so as to thank Director Wu Guifen and the whole of allThe benevolent and benevolent of the medical staff made her successfully conceive and gave birth to a healthy baby again.

Ms. Wei, 32, received bilateral fallopian tube ligation after birth 12 years ago. As the fertility policy relaxes, the couple eager to have another child.At the beginning of 2020, the couple who begged the hearts could not wait to find Wu Guifen, the director of the Maternal Second Section by a friend, and strongly asked for the tubal reciprocity.Wu Guifen gave full assessment without abnormalities. On February 10, 2020, he personally performed bilateral tubal repetition for him. The operation was very smooth. After the operation, Director Wu also formulated a personalized postoperative conditioning plan and science for Ms. Wei.In the guidance of pregnancy, 2 months later, Ms. Wei successfully conceived. Everything was normal during pregnancy. At 38 weeks of pregnancy on December 30, 2020, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy at a cesarean section with a weight of 3.15 kg.

Fallopian tube

Director Wu Guifen introduced that after the fallopian tube ligation, the sperm and egg cannot be combined, so they cannot conceive.But ligation does not affect women’s ovarian function, so as long as the fallopian tube conformity is performed, it will have the ability to have childbirth.After the fallopian tube conformity is to remove the ends of the fallopian tube again after the fall of the fallopian tube, and at the same time, the scar tissue or inflammation part after ligation will be removed to maximize the protection and retaining normal tissue and organs.

To put it simply, it is to open the passage where the eggs and sperm meets again, so that the sperm and eggs can meet smoothly.

In recent years, with the relaxation of family planning policies, more and more patients who have performed fallopian tubes are required to perform tubal resume surgery.Guilin Maternal and Child Health Hospital is proficient in fallopian tube resurgence technology and high success rate. Many women have been pregnant within one year after surgery.

Wu Guifen recalled that at present, the largest patients with the largest age of fallopian tube surgery at Guilin Maternal and Child Health Hospital are 41 years old and have diabetes with diabetes.Boy boy.Another Ms. Li, weighing 200 pounds. In June 2020, she underwent tubal repetition. She was naturally conceived naturally in 2 months after surgery. So far, she has been pregnant to June.

If you want to undergo "Volcanatian Refining", please think about a few questions carefully

Is my ovarian function okay?Is my husband’s sperm okay?Where is the fallopian tube blocking?

Of course, these issues are also what you need to communicate with your doctor before planning for fallopian tubes, so you have to think carefully.

In this regard, the doctor may give the following suggestions or judgment

要 Age is very important. If necessary, do ovarian reserve function detection ➤ It is necessary to be a routine test for semen and reproductive organs.

Applicable to fallopian tube conformity: After the fallopian tube ligation, the couple is healthy. The woman is best under 40 years old. The menstrual period is normal, which is in line with the country’s family planning policy (requiring a certificate of resurgence or fertility).There is no taboos for surgery. If necessary, the corresponding cause of infertility should be performed, such as the men’s semen examination, etc., to exclude abnormalities and cure before surgery.

Surgery time: 3-7 days after menstruation, different rooms.You can be hospitalized after menstruation, because related examinations must be conducted before surgery.

When can pregnancy after surgery: no contraceptive after surgery can be pregnant with a menstrual cycle

Although tubal sterilization is not always successful, it is a method of surgical reconstruction that improves the success of fertility.Factors that may affect the success rate of fallopian tubes are the age of patients, the time of breeding and sterilization technology.

To this end, Xiaobian also specifically found a authoritative research data (according to clinical follow -up statistics). Here there are two groups of postoperative pregnancy rate data comparison:

"After the fallopian tube sterilization after the operation"

Large -scale case series research (1)

The pregnancy rate of women at 15-30 years old is 73%.

The pregnancy rate of women 30-33 years old is 64%.

The pregnancy rate of women 34-49 years old is 46%.

▲ Most pregnancy occurs within 2 years after the tubal sterilization and re -operation

"Votules of tubal campaign after surgery"

Research on Large Case Series (2)

女 41% of the female sterilization women

输 50% of the women in POMEROY fallopian tubal ligation

胶 75% among women using silicon rubber nourishing ring

的 84% among women who use the fallopian tube clip

There is also one point that cannot be ignored. The length of the fallopian tube is another important factor in successfully performed the success of fallopian tube sterilization.

The pregnancy rate of women with a tubal length ≥ 4cm is 75%

The postoperative pregnancy rate of women with 4 cm of fallopian tubes is only 19%

Xiaobian reminds: If you have this need, you must take the initiative to ask the doctor, actively treat, and treat it rationally.

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