Water secretions in the vagina in the late pregnancy, are you going to give birth?What are the common reasons?

There are water -like secretions in the vagina in the late pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers are worried about whether the amniotic fluid is broken and it is about to give birth. Do you want to go to the hospital for delivery quickly?Don’t worry first, there are generally there are several common reasons:

1. Normal vaginal discharge

During pregnancy, the increase in estrogen levels in pregnant mothers will increase the number of vaginal secretions (such as leucorrhea) of pregnant mothers, and vaginal secretions are usually thin, transparent and no unpleasant smell.

Especially in the late pregnancy, the uterus of the pregnant mother gradually increases, and when the lower paragraph (the connection between the uterine body and the cervix) is extended, the cervix becomes thinner and expanded. The cervical mucus can flow out of the vagina, expressing the secretions of egg white or snot.

This is a normal phenomenon. Cervical duct secretion of cervical mucus can prevent bacteria from entering the uterine cavity during pregnancy.

2. vaginitis

In addition to the fluid, it is also accompanied by symptoms such as vaginal itching, pain or abnormal secretions. It is often merged with vaginitis, such as bacterial vaginitis and fungal vaginitis.

3. Pressure urinary incontinence

Pregnancy increases the risk of urinary incontinence in pregnant women, as uterine increases increased abdominal pressure.In addition, the fetal head will increase pressure on the bottom muscle.In addition, changes in estrogen and progesterone can also lead to stress urinary incontinence.

Because women’s urethra is close to the vagina, leakage of urine is sometimes confused with vaginal discharge.

Generally speaking, urinary incontinence is more common among mothers with many vaginal delivery history, asthma and chronic cough history.

4. Break water

If the vaginal discharge of the mother’s vagina is not controlled in the late pregnancy, the amount is not controlled, it is more likely that the fetal membrane is ruptured, and a large amount of amniotic fluid suddenly flows out of the vagina.The probability of premature fetal membrane breakdown after 37 weeks of pregnancy is 8%, and the probability of premature breaking fetal membrane after pregnancy is 3%after 37 weeks of pregnancy.

5. Other reasons

In addition, fallopian tube problems (such as fallopian tube accumulation, fallopian tube cancer) and urogenital tract fistula can also cause water -based secretions in advanced pregnancy, but usually, they are rare, not only limited to late pregnancy, but also may occur in any other period.Do you understand?

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