Week 5

You may have symptoms such as nausea, pregnancy, breast pain, fatigue, and frequent urination like most pregnant mothers.Your sense of smell will become more sensitive, hate smoke, alcohol or caffeine drinks.You who do n’t sleep usually, you will now feel “always sleeping.”Your emotions are easy to change, easy to be anxious, and sometimes cry, from excitement, pride to skepticism, restlessness.Some of these changes are caused by hormones.Although your appearance is not as pregnant now, and the weight and body shape have not changed, your uterus has begun to make various changes.

When the menstruation is late, I suggest you go to the pharmacy to buy the early pregnancy test strip to test it yourself, or go directly to the obstetrics and gynecology department to ask the doctor to check for you.

To tell your doctor how many days your menstrual cycle is generally, otherwise the doctor will mistakenly think that 28 days.In this way, the accuracy is lost.

When you see a doctor for the first time, the doctor will ask you the last menstrual date and calculate the number of late days for you.If it is more than 14 days, I will suspect that I am pregnant.At this time, you will collect urine for you, and then get the inspection subject. There will be results in 5 minutes.If you are confirmed to be pregnant, the doctor will calculate the number of weeks during pregnancy.

Because the embryo in the fifth week is too small, the expectant mothers cannot see even if they do ultrasonic waves, so doctors will postpone 1 week and do a more detailed examination for pregnant women.

After pregnancy, it is not uncommon to find vaginal bleeding.Once you find it, you need to seek medical treatment in time to clarify the cause of bleeding.If it is a pioneering abortion, the doctor will give you a clear specific suggestion.If it is other reasons, the doctor will tell you the relevant precautions.

This week, some expectant mothers have begun to have loss of appetite, sourness, and hate greasy. Don’t worry. These are the changes that have caused the body to adapt to the baby.

You can eat some foods that are easy to digest and light, especially in accordance with your own taste, and avoid excessive greasy and irritating foods.Eat more milk and dairy products, you can add enough calcium; eat more foods such as coarse grains, sweet potatoes, etc., which can improve blood sugar and reduce ketone body; fish is rich in nutrition, delicious, easy to digest, especially suitable for early pregnancy.edible.When the early morning pregnancy response is serious every morning, eat some easy -to -digest foods such as roasted bread, steamed buns, porridge, soy milk, etc., drink plenty of water, and insist on eating to ensure the nutritional needs of early pregnancy.

Recipe recommendation: stir -fry yam

Material: 600 grams of yam

Seasoning: minced onion, salt, chicken essence each moderate amount


1. Peel the yam, cut it into a diamond -shaped tablet, simmer in boiling water, remove the drained water.

2. Hot oil in the pot, pour the yam, stir fry until cooked.

3. Finally add salt, chicken essence and green onion.

Recommended reason: Yam contains protein, vitamins, fat, and amylase ingredients. It also contains indispensable inorganic salts and trace elements such as iodine, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.Stir -fried yam is crispy and light and refreshing. It is also good for the body.Therefore, prospective mothers in the early pregnancy can be eaten often

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