Week 7 of pregnancy: This week, you have changed a lot with the fetus, but do you know these changes?

Week 7 of pregnancy: This week, you and your little baby have changed a lot.

You may encounter different symptoms this week: emotional fluctuations, excessive saliva, cramps, and desire and disgust of food.

1. How big is the fetus in the 7th week?

From crown to hip, babies are generally 4 mm to 5 mm earlier this week.But by this weekend, the baby’s body shape will double to 1.1 cm to 1.3 cm.

It is about the size of a small blueberry. The body has begun to differentiate. The nose, mouth, eyes, and ears begin to form. The baby’s arm and legs are longer. A small heart has begun to swell from the body.At this stage, the heart is divided into the right ventricle and left ventricle, and it has been beating.

2. Suggestions for healthy pregnancy in the 7th week

The emotions of the pregnant mother in the seventh week may be more sensitive, easy to get angry, and strong emotional fluctuations may cause harm to themselves and the fetus, so the people around them must include the pregnant mother.

Emotional fluctuations: Putting emotional fluctuations in pregnant women is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, especially between the 6th and 10th weeks, and then the third month.

Emotional instability may be fatigue, physical pressure, and metabolism changes. Of course, there are reasons for changes in hormone estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy.

The way to deal with emotional fluctuations is to express all your feelings, and get the support and care of your family and friends, so that you can persist.

Calcium intake: Calcium is very beneficial, because it can prevent high blood pressure, reduce the risk of signs of eclampsia (also known as pre -eclampsion), maintain bone health, and help your baby strong bones and teeth.

Calcium -rich foods: milk, dairy products, broccoli, spinach, almonds, salmon, and cereals, many products without lactose.

Increase saliva: During the first three months of pregnancy, excessive saliva is completely normal, and pregnant mothers do not need to worry.It is usually accompanied by nausea and pregnancy, and this symptom will soon fade.

3. Week 7 ultrasonic examination

With the growth of the fetus and legs, the baby’s brain hemisphere is also developing.The baby’s intestines are developing, and the intestines will fall to the correct position of the baby’s abdomen.

Like the intestine, the appendix also exists, and the pancreas that produce insulin is also under development.

Although the fetus looks a bit like a tadpole on the ultrasonic, in fact, this "little tadpole" is growing rapidly!

4. Week 7: Abdomen

This week, due to your weight gain and increased blood volume, you will feel bloated abdomen, and of course it looks a bit bloated.

As your abdomen, chest, and thighs begin to expand, you may feel itchy, and stretch marks also begin to appear at this time!

5. The symptoms and changes of the body in the 7th week

Spasm: Although your baby may only have blueberries now, your uterus is already expanding. The ligament that supports the uterus will stretch in this case. You may feel a slight spasm.

Weight gain or decrease: At this time, your weight is increasing, and you may be thinner.Because pregnancy vomiting usually leads to weight loss in the early stages of pregnancy, you don’t have to worry if you find weight loss.With the growth and development of your baby, you will undoubtedly gain weight, remember to drink plenty of water.

Desire and disgust of food: Now you may start to eat some foods.Or, you can see or smell its smell now, and you will feel nauseous or even disgusted.

6. 7 weeks of pregnancy twins

Because you are pregnant with twins, your body may be greater than that of a baby’s appetite.But it should be noted that nutrition is the first. With twins, it does not mean that you want to eat three people.

Under normal circumstances, just like you are pregnant with a baby, remember to eat small meals and eat often.

In the early days of pregnancy, whether it is a baby or a polyphony, it will experience stomach burning.Twins or multi -fetal pregnancy seems to have stronger stomach burning.

After eating, sit or take a walk appropriately, so that it can help the food digestion and prevent the burning sensation in the esophagus.

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